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ANZSCO 2122 作家,书籍和剧本编辑 Authors, and Book and Script Editors - FLYabroad


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ANZSCO 2122 作家,书籍和剧本编辑 Authors, and Book and Script Editors - FLYabroad

ANZSCO 2122 作家,书籍和剧本编辑职责概述 - FLYabroad

• 作家,书籍和剧本对出版的文学作品,电影、电视、电台剧本,舞台作品进行撰写、编辑、评估,
AUTHORS, AND BOOK AND SCRIPT EDITORS write, edit and evaluate literary works for publication and scripts for film, television, radio and stage productions.

ANZSCO 2122 作家,书籍和剧本编辑技能要求 Indicative Skill Level - FLYabroad

• 本组中大多数职业都要求具有与学士学位或更高资格相当的技能水平。五年以上相关工作经验可以代替正规资格要求。这一职业需要很高的创作才华、个人对工作的执着和兴趣,或有任职资格或经验(ANZSCO 1级水平)。 In Australia and New Zealand: Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. At least five years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualification. Some occupations in this unit group require high levels of creative talent or personal commitment and interest as well as, or in place of, formal qualifications or experience (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

ANZSCO 2122 作家,书籍和剧本编辑主要职责 Tasks Include - FLYabroad

• 为书面作品、像小说、戏剧、音乐剧、画面制作、教育文本、信息文本和多媒体产品,确定主题思想 creating and developing ideas and themes for written works, such as novels, plays, musicals, screen productions, educational texts, information texts and multimedia products
• 通过原始和辅助资料、采访和其他媒介,研究课题主旨 researching subject matter through original and secondary materials, interviews and other media
• 规划、组织和编写素材 planning, organising and writing material
• 审核和评估小说、传记、短篇小说、诗集、教育文本和其他书籍的手稿,保证主题、情节和人物性格的发展与风格保持一致。 reviewing and evaluating manuscripts of novels, biographies, short stories, poems, educational texts and other books, and ensuring coherence of style and development of theme, plot and characterisation
• 就正要出版的作品和出版合同向出版商提供建议 advising publishers about potential of works for publication and conditions of publication contract
• 就版税、出版日期、印刷数量等出版细节问题进行磋商 negotiating publication details such as royalties, publication dates and numbers of copies to be printed
• 对电影、电视、电台和其他舞台作品的故事情节和其它材料进行审查和评估 reviewing and assessing stories and other material for film, television, radio and stage productions
• 指导供播音员播报的剧本的准备工作,对音乐剧、时事、体育新闻和其他事件进行介绍和联系 directing the preparation of scripts to be read by announcers to introduce and connect parts of musicals, news, sports and special events programs

ANZSCO 2122 作家,书籍和剧本编辑职位列表 List of occupations - FLYabroad

212212 书籍和剧本编辑 Book or Script Editor

• 评估书籍或剧本的手稿,确定是否适合出版,并对电影、电视或电台节目的资料进行编辑和监督。 Evaluates manuscripts of books or scripts to determine suitability for publication or production, and edits and supervises material in preparation for publication or for production on film, television, radio or stage.
• 技术等级:1 Skill Level: 1
• 职业方向 Specialisations
• 剧作家 Dramaturge
• 剧本协调员 Script Coordinator

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