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ANZSCO 2531 全科医疗从业者 Generalist Medical Practitioners - FLYabroad


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ANZSCO 2531 全科医疗从业者 Generalist Medical Practitioners - FLYabroad

ANZSCO 2531 全科医疗从业者职责概述 - FLYabroad

• 全科医疗从业者诊断和治疗病人身体和心理疾病、异常和损伤,对病人提出有关预防疾病方面的建议并推荐其去找专科医师、其他健康护理人员、社会、福利及支持人员。 GENERALIST MEDICAL PRACTITIONERS diagnose and treat physical and mental illnesses, disorders and injuries, recommend preventative action and refer patients to specialist Medical Practitioners, other health care workers, and social, welfare and support workers.

ANZSCO 2531 全科医疗从业者技能要求 Indicative Skill Level - FLYabroad

• 本组中大多数职业都要求具有与学士学位或更高资格相当的技能水平以及接受一年以上的医院培训(ANZSCO1级水平)。需要注册或许可证。 Occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification and at least one year of hospital-based training (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).Registration or licensing is required.

ANZSCO 2531 全科医疗从业者主要职责 Tasks Include - FLYabroad

• 对病人进行检查和询问,确定病因,记录病人病例 conducting examinations and questioning patients to determine the nature of disorders and illnesses, and recording patients' medical information
• 对病人进行测试、X射线和其他诊断程序,结合测试结果进行诊断 ordering laboratory tests, X-rays and other diagnostic procedures, and interpreting findings to assist in diagnosis
• 为病人提供全面的护理,制定治疗方案、用药和其他治疗措施 providing overall care for patients, and prescribing and administering treatments, medications and other remedial measures
• 监督病人的病情进展和对治疗的反应 monitoring patients' progress and response to treatment
• 在饮食、运动和其他有助于预防和治疗疾病的生活习惯方面对病人提出建议 advising on diet, exercise and other habits which aid prevention and treatment of disease and disorders
• 向病人传达专科医师的治疗信息 referring patients to, and exchanging medical information with, specialist Medical Practitioners
• 向政府相关机构报告出生、死亡和法定传染病人数 reporting births, deaths and notifiable diseases to government authorities
• 安排病人住院治疗 arranging the admission of patients to hospitals

ANZSCO 2531 全科医疗从业者职位列表 List of occupations - FLYabroad

253111 全科医疗从业者 General Medical Practitioner

• 替代职位: Alternative Title:
• 全科医师 General Practitioner
• 诊断、治疗和预防人类身体及心理的异常和损伤。需要注册或许可证。 Diagnoses, treats and prevents human physical and mental disorders and injuries. Registration or licensing is required.
• 技能等级:1 Skill Level: 1
• 职业方向: Specialisation:
• 医疗官员(海军)Medical Officer (Navy)

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