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## 0211 工程经理(0211 Engineering managers)- FLYabroad 加拿大NOC - LEVEL 0

Engineering managers plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities of an engineering department, service or firm. They are employed by a wide range of private sector and government establishments and by consulting engineering and scientific research companies.

## 0211 加拿大工程经理头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 主管,工程研究和发展 director, engineering research and development
* 电气工程服务经理 electrical engineering service manager
* 工程部经理 engineering department manager
* 工程经理 engineering manager
* 经理,通信工程服务 manager, telecommunications engineering service
* 生产工程经理 production engineering manager

## 0211 工程经理主要职责 Main Duties - FLYabroad NOC

* 计划,组织,引导,控制和评价工程部门,工程服务体系或者工程公司的具体活动和进程
Plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the activities and operations of an engineering department, service or firm

* 为部门,实验室或者公司的工程和技术工作制定发展具体的政策,标准和流程并负责执行
Develop and implement policies, standards and procedures for the engineering and technical work performed in the department, service, laboratory or firm

* 与客户沟通协商,确定规格,阐述技术方案并提交工程报告和成果
Consult and negotiate with clients to prepare specifications, explain proposals and present engineering reports and findings

* 分配,协调和检查公曾部门或者项目组的技术工作
Assign, co-ordinate and review the technical work of the department or project teams

* 招聘相关人员并监督相关工作人员在特定领域能力的发展和维持
Recruit personnel and oversee development and maintenance of staff competence in required areas

* 直接参与相关技术项目或者部门工程任务的设计,发展和监督
May participate directly in the design, development and inspection of technical projects or in the engineering work of the department

## 0211 工程经理任职要求 Employment Requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 工程专业学士学位 A bachelor's degree in engineering is usually required.

* 在工程规范方面,包括工程监督方面有广泛的经验 Extensive experience in an engineering discipline, including supervisory experience, is required.

* 拥有省级或者国家颁发的职业工程师证书 Registration as a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers is usually required.

## 0211 工程经理附加信息 Additional Information - FLYabroad NOC

* 在其他技术管理岗位,科研或者高级管理职位任职并有工程相关经验亦可。
Mobility to other technical managerial positions, or to research or senior management positions is possible with experience.

## 0211 工程经理其他分类 Classified Elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 建筑和科学经理 Architecture and science managers ([0212](0212))
* 计算机信息系统经理 Computer and information systems managers ([0213](0213))
* 施工经理 Construction managers([0711](0711))
* 工程师和高级工程师 Engineers and supervisors of engineers (in 21 Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences )
* 交通经理 Managers in transportation ([0731](0731))
* 制造经理 Manufacturing managers ([0911](0911))
* 公用设施经理 Utilities managers ([0912](0912))

## 0211 工程经理职称头衔 All Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 航空工程服务经理 aerospace engineering service head
* 土木工程部门经理 civil engineering division manager
* 主管,工程服务,质量保证 director engineering service, quality assurance
* 主管,工程服务,安全服务 director engineering service, safety service
* 主管,工程研发 director, engineering research and development
* 主管,工程服务质量控制部门 director, engineering service quality control department
* 电气工程服务经理 electrical engineering service manager
* 工程交付首席 engineering delivery chief
* 工程部经理 engineering department manager
* 工程经理 engineering manager
* 工程研发主管 engineering research and development director
* 工程服务小组经理 engineering service group manager
* 工程服务经理 engineering service manager
* 工程服务项目经理 engineering service project manager
* 工程服务质保主管 engineering service quality assurance director
* 工程服务质保经理 engineering service quality assurance manager
* 工程服务质量控制部门主管 engineering service quality control department director
* 工程服务质量控制经理 engineering service quality control manager
* 工程服务质量系统经理 engineering service quality system manager
* 工程服务安全服务主管 engineering service safety service director
* 工程服务负责人 engineering service superintendent
* 工业工程部经理 industrial engineering department manager
* 经理,工程服务,质保 manager engineering service, quality assurance
* 经理,土木工程方向 manager, civil engineering division
* 经理,电气工程服务 manager, electrical engineering service
* 经理,工程 manager, engineering
* 经理,工程部门 manager, engineering department
* 经理,工程服务 manager, engineering service
* 经理,工程服务部门 manager, engineering service group
* 经理,工程服务质量控制 manager, engineering service quality control
* 经理,工业工程部门 manager, industrial engineering department
* 经理,机械工程服务 manager, mechanical engineering service
* 经理,生产工程 manager, production engineering
* 经理,通信工程服务 manager, telecommunications engineering service
* 经理,交通工程服务-通信 manager, traffic engineering service – telecommunications
* 机械工程服务经理 mechanical engineering service manager
* 生产工程经理 production engineering manager
* 主管,工程服务 superintendent, engineering service
* 通信工程服务经理 telecommunications engineering service manager
* 交通工程服务经理-通信 traffic engineering service manager – telecommunications

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