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0811 天然资源生产和渔业经理 Managers in natural resources production and fishing - FLYabroad NOC


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## 0811 天然资源生产和渔业经理 Managers in natural resources production and fishing - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL 0


This unit group includes managers who plan, organize, direct, control and evaluate the operations of establishments in forestry and logging, mining and quarrying, oil and gas drilling, production and servicing operations, and commercial fishing.

## 0811 天然资源生产和渔业经理头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 采矿总监 director of mining
* 经理,钻井作业 manager, drilling operations
* 经理,捕捞作业 manager, fishing operations
* 林业业务经理 manager, forestry operations
* 经理,气场操作 manager, gas field operations
* 经理,油井维修 manager, oil well servicing
* 矿长 mine manager
* 矿场经理 quarry manager
* 海岸队长 - 钓鱼 shore captain – fishing

## 0811 天然资源生产和渔业经理主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

天然资源生产和渔业管理人员执行部分或全部下列职责:Managers in natural resources production and fishing perform some or all of the following duties:

* 监督和分析林业,伐木,采矿,采石,或石油和天然气业务的经营或伐木,采矿,石油和天然气行业的服务,或商业捕鱼等的运营情况。
Oversee and analyze operations in forestry, logging, mining, quarrying, or oil and gas operations or in services to logging, mining and oil and gas industries, or in commercial fishing

* 必要时向高级管理人员推荐操作更换,确保满足生产配额和程序。
Recommend operational changes to senior management when necessary to ensure that production quotas and procedures are met

* 准备生产报告,以备高级管理人员进行审查,
Prepare production reports for review by senior management

* 赋予与其他经理设置生产配额,计划开采场地和制定政策的去除原料
Confer with other managers to set production quotas, to plan extraction sites and to develop policies for the removal of raw materials

* 评估生产基地效率,以确定人员,设备和技术的充足,并在必要时更改工作时间表或设备
Evaluate efficiency of production sites to determine adequacy of personnel, equipment and technologies used, and make changes to work schedule or equipment when necessary

* 确保遵守安全法规
Ensure adherence to safety regulations

* 雇用人员和监督人员的培训需求
Hire personnel and oversee training needs of staff

* 可指示外围活动,如构建施工便道或临时宿舍。
May direct peripheral activities such as the construction of access roads or temporary living quarters.

## 0811 天然资源生产和渔业经理任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 林业管理者通常需要林业科学或森林工程的学士学位。
Forestry managers usually require a bachelor's degree in forestry science or forest engineering.

* 采矿及采石业管理者通常需要采矿工程或地球科学的学士学位。
Mining and quarrying managers usually require a bachelor's degree in mining engineering or earth sciences.

* 石油和天然气的经理通常需要地质学,地球科学或石油工程的学士学位。
Oil and gas managers usually require a bachelor's degree in geology, earth sciences or petroleum engineering.

* 通常需要多年特定行业主管经验,并可能取代正规教育的要求。
Several years of experience in a supervisory occupation in the particular industry are usually required and may substitute for formal education requirements.

## 0811 天然资源生产和渔业经理附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 随着经验积累,可能晋升为各自的行业的高级管理职位。
Progression to senior management positions in the respective industries is possible with experience.

## 0811 天然资源生产和渔业经理其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 承包商和主管,石油和天然气钻探和服务 Contractors and supervisors, oil and gas drilling and services [8222](8222)
* 董事,第一产业的研究(建筑和科学管理) Directors of research in primary industry (in [0212](0212) Architecture and science managers )
* 渔船船长和高级船员 Fishing masters and officers [8261](8261)
* 农业经理人 Managers in agriculture [0821](0821)
* 高级管理人员 - 建筑,交通运输,生产和公用事业 Senior managers - construction, transportation, production and utilities [0016](0016)
* 主管,伐木和林业 Supervisors, logging and forestry[8211] (8211)
* 主管,采矿和采石业 Supervisors, mining and quarrying [8221](8221)

## 0811 天然资源生产和渔业经理职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 采矿总监 director of mining
* 采矿业务总监 director of mining operations
* 钻井业务经理 drilling operations manager
* 捕捞作业经理 fishing operations manager
* 林业和伐木经理 forestry and logging manager
* 林业业务经理 forestry operations manager
* 气场业务经理 gas field operations manager
* 测井生产经理 logging production manager
* 采矿业务经理 manager of mining operations
* 经理,钻井作业 manager, drilling operations
* 经理,捕捞作业; manager, fishing operations
* 经理,林业和伐木 manager, forestry and logging
* 林业业务经理, manager, forestry operations
* 经理,气场操作 manager, gas field operations
* 经理,生产记录 manager, logging production
* 经理,矿山 manager, mine
* 经理,石油钻井 manager, oil well drilling
* 经理,油井维修 manager, oil well servicing
* 经理,泥炭沼泽 manager, peat bog
* 经理,生产 - 煤炭开采 manager, production – coal mining
* 经理,采石场 manager, quarry
* 管理者,原材料生产 manager, raw materials production
* 经理,林地 manager, woodlands
* 矿长 mine manager
* 矿监 mine superintendent
* 采矿业务主管 mining operations director
* 采矿业务经理 mining operations manager
* 石油和天然气钻探总督 oil and gas drilling superintendent
* 石油和天然气田的生产经理 oil and gas fields production manager
* 油井钻探经理 oil well drilling manager
* 油井服务经理 oil well servicing manager
* 泥炭沼泽经理 peat bog manager
* 生产经理 - 煤炭开采 production manager – coal mining
* 生产部经理,石油和天然气田 production manager, oil and gas fields
* 矿场经理 quarry manager
* 采石经理 quarrying manager
* 采石业务经理 quarrying operations manager
* 原料生产经理 raw materials production manager
* 岸边的队长 - 钓鱼 shore captain – fishing
* 管理者,矿山 superintendent, mine
* 院长,石油和天然气钻探 superintendent, oil and gas drilling
* 管理者,煤矿井下 superintendent, underground mine
* 管理者,树林 superintendent, woods
* 地下矿山管理者 underground mine superintendent
* 地下开采监督 underground mining superintendent
* 林地经理 woodlands manager
* 树林主管 woods superintendent

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