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1227 法院人员和治安法官 Court officers and justices of the peace - FLYabroad NOC


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## 1227 法院人员和治安法官 Court officers and justices of the peace - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Court officers co-ordinate the administrative and procedural functions of federal, provincial and territorial courts, such as scheduling trials and overseeing the maintenance of court records. Justices of the peace administer oaths, issue subpoenas, summonses and warrants and perform other court-related duties such as conducting bail hearings. They are employed by federal and provincial courts.

## 1227 法院人员和治安法官头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 最高法院登记处 Supreme Court registrar
* 法院服务统筹 co-ordinator of court services
* 宣誓书处长 commissioner of affidavits
* 婚姻处长 commissioner of marriages
* 法院管理员 court administrator
* 法院书记员主管 court clerk supervisor
* 法院人员 court officer
* 法院司法常务官 court registrar
* 副司法常务官 - 法院 deputy registrar – courts
* 司法管理员 judicial administrator
* 法院管理员 judicial court administrator
* 司法人员 judicial officer
* 治安法官 justice of the peace
* 经理,法院服务 manager, court services
* 破产登记员 registrar of bankruptcy
* 审讯统筹 - 法院 trial co-ordinator – courts

## 1227 法院人员和治安法官主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

### 法院人员执行部分或全部下列职责:Court officers perform some or all of the following duties:

* 统筹管理服务,并制定法院工作人员的工作重点
Co-ordinate administrative services and establish work priorities for court staff

* 安排法庭审判时间,并安排审前会议和听证会
Schedule court trials and arrange pre-trial conferences and hearings

* 呼叫法院的法律秩序,宣读指控和接受被告请求
Call courts of law to order, read charges and take pleas from defendants

* 记录法庭开始,审判程序及宣判结果
Record court commencement, trial proceedings and judgements

* 收集和记录警长费,转录费和其他诉讼行政及服务费
Collect and record sheriff fees, transcription fees and other court administrative and services fees

* 监督维护司法法庭记录
Oversee the maintenance of judicial court records

* 协助编制年度预算
Assist in preparing annual budgets

* 可能成为治安法官。
May be justices of the peace.

### 治安法官执行​​部分或全部下列职责:Justices of the peace perform some or all of the following duties:

* 发出传票,传唤及认股权证,其中包括搜查令
Issue subpoenas, summonses and warrants, including search warrants

* 接收宣誓书,声明和主张
Receive affidavits, declarations and affirmations

* 主持宣誓
Administer oaths

* 进行保释聆讯
Conduct bail hearings

* 依据法官命令释放被告,并解释权利和义务
Release defendants on judges' orders and explain rights and obligations

* 听取循简易程序定罪的法庭证据,并可能主持由司法管辖区的首席法官裁定的刑事罪行的审判或在联邦,省或地区的法规
Hear evidence at trials on summary conviction offences and may preside over trials of criminal offences at the discretion of the chief judge of the jurisdiction or as provided for in federal, provincial or territorial statutes

* 执行民事婚姻。
Perform civil marriages.

## 1227 法院人员和治安法官任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 法院人员通常需要法律,商业或公共管理大学学位或公共管理或法律研究大专文凭。
Court officers usually require a university degree in law, business or public administration or a college diploma in public administration or legal studies.

* 法院干警和治安法官需要完成的司法注册登记,治安法官或其他法院培训计划。
Completion of a justice registrar, justice of the peace or other court training program is required for court officers and justices of the peace.

* 通常需要几年的法院书记员或其他法院服务职业经验。
Several years of experience as a court clerk or in another court service occupation are usually required.

* 各省的治安法官由理事会或本区域副州长,联邦政府委派的领土委员指派。
Justices of the peace in the provinces are appointed by the lieutenant governor in council and, in the territories, by federally appointed territorial commissioners.

## 1227 法院人员和治安法官附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 随着经验极了,也可能晋升为高级职位,如高级法院管理员。
Progression to senior positions such as senior court administrator is possible through experience.

* 治安法官的职责和责任根据他们的权利级别有显著差异。在小社区有偿服务的基础上,他们可能会被聘请为兼职。他们的职责范围包括接收宣誓书及类似的文件,法庭主持,聆讯和裁定省/地区和联邦法律下起诉。
The duties and responsibilities of justices of the peace vary significantly depending on the level of their authority. They may be employed part-time on a fee-for-service basis in small communities. Their duties range from receiving affidavits and similar documents, to presiding in courts and hearing and determining prosecutions under provincial/territorial and federal laws.

## 1227 法院人员和治安法官其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 行政人员 Administrative officers [1221](1221)
* 法院书记员 Court clerks [1416](1416)
* 律师助理和相关职业 Paralegal and related occupations [4211](4211)
* 警长和法警 Sheriffs and bailiffs [4421](4421)

## 1227 法院人员和治安法官职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 法院管理员 administrator of the court
* 管理员,法院 administrator, court
* 助理副司法常务官 - 法院 assistant deputy registrar – courts
* 助理司法常务官 - 法院 assistant registrar – courts
* 公民法官 citizenship judge
* 遗嘱认证业务员 clerk of probate
* 法院诉讼员 clerk of proceedings – courts
* 法庭书记员 clerk of the court
* 王室书记员 - 法院 clerk of the Crown – courts
* 干事,最高法院 clerk, Supreme Court
* 宣誓书处长 commissioner of affidavits
* 婚姻处长 commissioner of marriages
* 法院服务统筹 co-ordinator of court services
* 县法院司法常务官 county court registrar
* 法院管理员 court administrator
* 法院书记员主管 court clerk supervisor
* 法院副管理员 court deputy administrator
* 法院上诉过户登记 court of appeal registrar
* 法院人员 court officer
* 法院司法常务官 court registrar
* 法院服务经理 court services manager
* 法院主管 court supervisor
* 法庭官员 courtroom officer
* 契税记录 deed recorder
* 契税过户登记 deed registrar
* 法庭副管理员 deputy administrator of the court
* 副法院司法常务官 deputy court registrar
* 副土地注册处处长 deputy land registrar
* 副司法常务官 - 法院 deputy registrar – courts
* 区法院司法常务官 district court registrar
* 征用人员 expropriation officer
* 家庭法院管理员 family court administrator
* 家事法庭登记处 family court registrar
* 家庭法院主管 family court supervisor
* 司法管理员 judicial administrator
* 法院管理员 judicial court administrator
* 司法人员 judicial officer
* 司法人员 - 法院 judicial officer – courts
* 司法服务管理员 judicial services administrator
* 正义和平 justice of the peace
* 土地注册处处长 land registrar
* 法律服务人员 - 法院 legal services officer – courts
* 经理,法院服务 manager, court services
* 人员,法院 officer, court
* 法院的首席书记 prothonotary
* 王座过户登记 Queen's Bench registrar
* 事迹记录员 recorder of deeds
* 遗嘱记录员 recorder of wills
* 过户登记处 - 法院 registrar – courts
* 破产登记员 registrar of bankruptcy
* 事迹登记员 registrar of deeds
* 遗嘱认证登记员 registrar of probate
* 遗嘱登记官 registrar of wills
* 注册表人员 - 婚姻 registry officer – marriages
* 小额索偿法庭登记员 small claims court registrar
* 小额钱债法庭主管 small claims court supervisor
* 在最高法院任职 Supreme Court clerk
* 最高法院登记处 Supreme Court registrar
* 代孕法院司法常务官 surrogate court registrar
* 法庭统筹 - 法院 trial co-ordinator – courts

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