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1228 就业保险,移民,边境服务和税收官员 Employment insurance, immigration, border services and revenue officers - FLYabroad NOC


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## 1228 就业保险,移民,边境服务和税收官员 Employment insurance, immigration, border services and revenue officers - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


This unit group includes government officers who administer and enforce laws and regulations related to immigration, employment insurance, customs and tax revenue. They are employed by government agencies.

## 1228 就业保险,移民,边境服务和税收官员头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 边境服务人员 border services officer
* 海关检查员 customs inspector
* 稽查 customs officer
* 就业保险代理人 employment insurance agent
* 就业保险福利管制​​人员 employment insurance benefits control officer
* 移民代理 - 政府服务 immigration agent – government services
* 移民审查官员 immigration examining officer
* 税收官 revenue officer
* 税收征管人员 tax collection officer
* 税务执法人员 tax enforcement officer

## 1228 就业保险,移民,边境服务和税收官员主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

###就业保险人员执行部分或全部下列职责:Employment insurance officers perform some or all of the following duties:

* 确定申请就业保险福利人员的资格
Determine the eligibility of persons applying for employment insurance benefits

* 查清失业原因和可适用的工作等问题的事实真相
Ascertain the facts on such issues as reasons for loss of employment and availability for work

* 当怀疑有欺诈或滥用行为时,监控索赔利益的支付,并对索赔进行调查。
Monitor the payments of benefits throughout the duration of a claim and investigate claimants when there appears to be fraud or abuse.

###入境处人员执行部分或全部下列职责:Immigration officers perform some or all of the following duties:

* 通过检查文件和进行面谈,确定申请进入加拿大的人选。
Determine admissibility of persons seeking entry into Canada by examining documents and conducting interviews

* 授予加拿大移民身份,承认身份或拘留或驱逐出境
Grant landed-immigrant status, admit persons or order detention or deportation

* 定位并逮捕被推定为侵犯移民法的人员
Locate and apprehend persons presumed to be infringing on immigration laws

* 通过寻求接受国的授权,并确保必要的旅行证件,从而协助解除被驱逐身份
Assist in the removal of deported people by seeking authorization from receiving countries and securing necessary travel documents

* 有关移民上诉案件中作为证人出现。
Appear as a witness in cases related to immigration appeals.

###边境服务官员和海关检查员执行部分或全部下列职责:Border services officers and customs inspectors perform some or all of the following duties:

* 提问出入境人员,以确定受理的商品并进行关税评估
Question persons at border points to determine the admissibility of goods and assess duty

* 检查行李检测未申报的商品或违禁物品
Inspect baggage to detect undeclared merchandise, or contraband

* 通知制造商和托运人有关海关,法律和程序的相关事宜
Inform manufacturers and shippers of customs and laws and procedures

* 观察受海关法律影响的物品的制造,并进行考核
Observe fabrication of articles affected by customs laws and conduct appraisals

* 登陆来自国外的运输载体进行检查,以确定货物的性质,以确保遵守海关和商业法律
Board carriers arriving from foreign countries to determine nature of cargo to ensure compliance with customs and commerce laws

* 检查邮寄的进口货物
Inspect goods imported by mail

* 根据海关法或其他某些指定的刑法罪行,可以逮捕和拘留可能涉嫌犯有刑事罪行的个人,直到警察干预为止。
May arrest and detain individuals suspected of having committed a criminal offence under the Customs Act or certain other designated Criminal Code offences until police intervention is possible.

###海关税收人员执行部分或全部下列职责:Excise tax revenue officers perform some or all of the following duties:

* 审核会计记录,以确定税收,免税,支付的相关税费,是否符合申报规定及存在欺诈行为
Audit accounting records to determine income, exemptions, payable taxes, compliance with reporting regulations and existence of fraud

* 检查会计制度及组织的内部管理
Examine accounting systems and internal controls of organizations

* 为缴税商品提供咨询报告和评价方法
Provide advice on reporting and evaluation methods for goods subject to taxation

* 准备简报,协助搜差和扣押记录,并准备诉讼案件费用。
Prepare briefs and assist in searching and seizing records, and in preparing charges for court cases.

## 1228 就业保险,移民,边境服务和税收官员任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 通常需要大学本科学历或大专文凭。
A bachelor's degree or college diploma is usually required.

* 可能需要几年的相关行政或监管经验。
Several years of related administrative or regulatory experience may be required.

* 必需完成政府专门培训。
Completion of specialized government training is required.

## 1228 就业保险,移民,边境服务和税收官员附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 随着经验积累,可能晋升为这些领域的管理岗位。
Progression to managerial positions in these fields is possible with experience.

## 1228 就业保险,移民,边境服务和税收官员其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 财务审计师和会计师 Financial auditors and accountants [1111](1111)
* 负责移民或就业保险(政府管理者 - 卫生和社会政策的制定和计划管理) Managers responsible for immigration or employment insurance (in [0411](0411) Government managers - health and social policy development and program administration )
* 负责税收或关税(政府管理者 - 经济分析,政策制定和计划管理) Managers responsible for taxation revenue or customs (in [0412](0412) Government managers - economic analysis, policy development and program administration )
* 其他财务人员 Other financial officers [1114](1114)
* 社会政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers [4164](4164)

## 1228 就业保险,移民,边境服务和税收官员职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 仲裁官 - 就业保险 adjudication officer – employment insurance
* 仲裁官 - 移民 adjudication officer – immigration
* 审裁官 - 就业保险 adjudicator – employment insurance
* 法官 - 就业保险 appeal judge – employment insurance
* 上诉人员 appeal officer
* 上诉官 - 征税 appeal officer – taxation
* 海关估价师 appraiser, customs
* 评估人员 - 税收 assessing officer – taxation
* 评估单位主管 - 税项 assessing unit head – taxation
* 评估员,税收 assessor, tax
* 审计评审 - 税收 audit reviewer – taxation
* 行李检查,海关 baggage inspector, customs
* 边境服务人员 border services officer
* 案件的审查人员 - 移民 case review officer – immigration
* 公民登记考官 citizenship registration examiner
* 索赔仲裁官 - 就业保险 claims adjudication officer – employment insurance
* 索赔审判员 - 就​​业保险 claims adjudicator – employment insurance
* 索赔处理人员 - 移民 claims processing officer – immigration
* 收款代理人 - 政府服务 collection agent – government services
* 收集人员 - 税收 collection officer – taxation
* 采集单元头 - 政府服务 collection unit head – government services
* 覆盖范围和解释税务人员 - coverage and interpretation officer – taxation
* 海关和消费考官的 customs and excise examiner
* 海关估价师 customs appraiser
* 海关行李检查员 customs baggage inspector
* 海关关长 customs collector
* 报关员 customs examiner
* 海关查验主管 customs inspection supervisor
* 海关检查员 customs inspector
* 海关督察监督员 customs inspectors supervisor
* 海关调查员 customs investigator
* 稽查 customs officer
* 就业保险代理人 employment insurance agent
* 就业保险金的理赔调查员 employment insurance benefit claims investigator
* 就业保险福利管制​​人员 employment insurance benefits control officer
* 就业保险人员 employment insurance officer
* 考官,公民登记 examiner, citizenship registration
* 消费税代理 excise duty agent
* 消费税人员 excise duty officer
* 消费税主管 excise duty supervisor
* 消费考官 excise examiner
* 消费税收征管的主管 excise tax collection supervisor
* 消费税集热器 excise tax collector
* 消费税督察 excise tax inspector
* 消费税人员主管 excise tax officers supervisor
* 现场核数师 - 税收 field auditor – taxation
* 商品及服务税(GST)收集人员 goods and services tax (GST) collection officer
* 商品及服务税(GST)收集人员 GST (goods and services tax) collection officer
* 移民法“执法人员 Immigration Act enforcement officer
* 移民代理 - 政府服务 immigration agent – government services
* 移民上诉人员 immigration appeal officer
* 移民考官 immigration examiner
* 移民审查官员 immigration examining officer
* 移民检查员 immigration inspector
* 移民官 - 政府服务 immigration officer – government services
* 移民官员主管 immigration officers supervisor
* 海关督察, inspector, customs
* 调查员,税务 investigator, taxation
* 市政税吏 municipal tax collector
* 税务办公室核数师 - office auditor – taxation
* 干事,审判 - 就业保险 officer, adjudication – employment insurance
* 干事,审判 - 移民 officer, adjudication – immigration
* 人员,就业保险 officer, employment insurance
* 主任,入境事务 - 政府服务 officer, immigration – government services
* 人员,税务 officer, taxation
* 区域索赔和福利人员 - 就​​业保险 regional claims and benefits officer – employment insurance
* 税收代理 revenue agent
* 营收代理 revenue officer
* 税收恢复人员 revenue recovery officer
* 税收监督员 revenue supervisor
* 继任义务核数师 - 税收 succession duty auditor – taxation
* 主管,报关报检 supervisor, customs inspection
* 监事,消费税人员 supervisor, excise tax officers
* 监事,移民官员 supervisor, immigration officers
* 税务上诉主任 tax appeal officer
* 估税 tax assessor
* 税务审计师 - 政府服务 tax auditor – government services
* 税收征管人员 tax collection officer
* 税务执法人员 tax enforcement officer
* 税务口译人员 tax interpretation officer
* 税务调查员 tax investigator
* 税务人员 tax officer
* 税务回收人员 tax recovery officer
* 税务调查员 taxation investigator
* 税务人员 taxation officer

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