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1312 保险理算员和索赔审查员 Insurance adjusters and claims examiners - FLYabroad NOC


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## 1312 保险理算员和索赔审查员 Insurance adjusters and claims examiners - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Insurance adjusters investigate insurance claims and determine the amount of loss or damages covered by insurance policies. They are employed in claims departments of insurance companies or as independent adjusters. Insurance claims examiners examine claims investigated by insurance adjusters and authorize payments. They are employed at head offices or branches of insurance companies.

## 1312 保险理算员和索赔审查员头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 理算员 adjuster
* 索赔审查员 claims examiner
* 索赔代表 claims representative
* 保险理算员 insurance adjuster

## 1312 保险理算员和索赔审查员主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

### 保险理算员执行部分或全部下列职责:Insurance adjusters perform some or all of the following duties:

* 调查保险理赔的情况,确定索赔的有效性
Investigate circumstances surrounding insurance claims to determine validity of claim

* 检查汽车,家庭或其他财产损失
Inspect automobile, home or other property damage

* 录取口,咨询索赔者,事故目击者,医生和其他有关人士,检查记录或报告
Take statements and consult with claimants, accident witnesses, doctors and other relevant individuals and examine records or reports

* 确定保单所涵盖的损失或损害赔偿金额
Determine amount of loss or damages covered by insurance policies

* 协商解决索赔
Negotiate settlement of claims

* 准备理算报告。
Prepare adjustment reports.

### 保险索赔检查员执行部分或全部下列职责:Insurance claims examiners perform some or all of the following duties:

* 审查,检查,计算,并授权由保险理算员调查的保险索赔
Review, examine, calculate and authorize insurance claims investigated by insurance adjusters

* 检查理算员的报告和类似的保险索赔或先例,以确定保险保障程度
Examine adjusters' reports and similar insurance claims or precedents to determine extent of insurance coverage

* 确保索赔的有效性,按照公司常规及程序进行结算
Ensure claims are valid and settlements are made according to company practices and procedures

* 咨询律师,医生或其他有关人士,讨论保险理赔
Consult lawyers, doctors or other relevant individuals to discuss insurance claims

* 批准汽车,消防,生活,残疾,牙科或其他保险索赔。
Approve automobile, fire, life, disability, dental or other insurance claims.

## 1312 保险理算员和索赔审查员任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 必需完成中学学业。
Completion of secondary school is required.

* 大学本科学历,大专以上文凭或中学后教育
A bachelor's degree, college diploma or some post-secondary education

* 或多年的理赔部门业务员经验,或其他一般保险经验。
Several years of experience as a clerk in the claims department or other general insurance experience are required.

* 必需具备多年的在职培训以及保险业课程和培训计划。
Several years of on-the-job training and completion of insurance industry courses and training programs are required.

* 独立理算员要求具备由就业省份或地区保险监督官颁发的省级许可证。
Independent adjusters require a provincial licence issued by the Superintendent of Insurance in the province or territory of employment.

## 1312 保险理算员和索赔审查员附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 完成加拿大保险协会的教育计划,或其省级同行赋予保险理算员和索赔审查员作为特许保险专业(CIP)的专业人士,作为特许保险专业研究员(FCIP),还需要学习更多的其他大学课程。
Completion of educational programs through the Insurance Institute of Canada or its provincial counterparts entitles insurance adjusters and claims examiners to professional recognition as a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP), and with additional university courses, as a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP).

## 1312 保险理算员和索赔审查员其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 主管,金融和保险工作人员 Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers [1212](1212)

## 1312 保险理算员和索赔审查员职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 理算员 adjuster
* 理算员 - 保险 adjuster – insurance
* 见习理算员 - 保险 adjuster trainee – insurance
* 汽车索赔技术理算员 automobile claims technical adjuster
* 意外伤害保险理算员 casualty insurance adjuster
* 理赔 - 保险 claims adjuster – insurance
* 索赔审批 - 保险 claims approver – insurance
* 理赔顾问 claims consultant
* 索赔审查员 claims examiner
* 索赔审查员 - 保险 claims examiner – insurance
* 理赔调查员 claims investigator
* 理赔调查员 - 保险 claims investigator – insurance
* 声称代表 claims representative
* 声称代表 - 保险 claims representative – insurance
* 伤残索赔检查员 - 保险 disability claims examiner – insurance
* 救灾理赔 - 保险 disaster relief claims adjuster – insurance
* 现场理算员 - 保险 field adjuster – insurance
* 火灾保险公估 fire insurance adjuster
* 货运理算员 - 保险 freight adjuster – insurance
* 团体寿险索赔审查员 - 保险 group life claims examiner – insurance
* 健康和牙科的索赔审查员 - 保险 health and dental claims examiner – insurance
* 保险理算员 insurance adjuster
* 保险巡视员 insurance inspector
* 负债理算员 - 保险 liability adjuster – insurance
* 损失检查员 - 保险 loss examiner – insurance
* 海洋理赔员 - 保险 marine claims adjuster – insurance
* 船舶保险公估 marine insurance adjuster
* 医疗估损 - 保险 medical claims assessor – insurance
* 机动车辆理赔 - 保险 motor vehicle claims adjuster – insurance
* 产品检查员 production examiner
* 物业理算员 - 保险 property adjuster – insurance
* 公共理算员 - 保险 public adjuster – insurance
* 铁路理赔员 - 保险 railroad claims adjuster – insurance
* 结算管理联营公司 settlement management associate
* 结算专家 settlement specialist
* 人员理算员 - 保险 staff adjuster – insurance
* 电话理算员 - 保险 telephone adjuster – insurance
* 见习理算员 - 保险 trainee adjuster – insurance
* 工人补偿理算员 - 保险 workers' compensation adjuster – insurance

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