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## 1525 调度员 Dispatchers - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL C


Dispatchers operate radios and other telecommunication equipment to dispatch emergency vehicles and to co-ordinate the activities of drivers and other personnel. They are employed by police, fire and health departments, other emergency service agencies, taxi, delivery and courier services, trucking and utilities companies, and other commercial and industrial establishments.

## 1525 调度员头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 911调度员 911 dispatcher
* 报警系统调度 alarm system dispatcher
* 救护车调度 ambulance dispatcher
* 应急车辆调度 emergency vehicle dispatcher
* 入站/出站货运统筹 inbound/outbound freight co-ordinator
* 移动设备调度员的 mobile equipment dispatcher
* 无线电报务员 radio operator
* 出租车调度 taxi dispatcher
* 拖车调度 tow truck dispatcher
* 卡车调度 truck dispatcher
* 水电维修人员调度 utilities maintenance crew dispatcher

## 1525 调度员主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

调度员执行部分或全部下列职责:Dispatchers perform some or all of the following duties:

* 接收紧急援助请求或服务和联系救护车,警察和消防部门,拖卡车和实用船员
Receive requests for emergency assistance or service and contact ambulances, police and fire departments, tow-trucks, and utility crews

* 利用各种计算机辅助通信调度设备,处理和传输信息和说明,统筹车辆运营商,人员和设备的活动
Process and transmit information and instructions to co-ordinate the activities of vehicle operators, crews and equipment using a variety of computer-aided communications and dispatching equipment

* 根据书面的时间表和工作要求,或紧急情况下调度人员
Dispatch personnel according to written schedules and work orders, or as required by emergency situations

* 针对路线和交通问题给车辆运营商提供建议,如施工,事故,拥堵,天气条件,重量和大小的限制和其他信息
Advise vehicle operators of route and traffic problems such as construction, accidents, congestion, weather conditions, weight and size restrictions and other information

* 操作无线电设备,与船舶,飞机,采矿工人,海上石油钻井平台,伐木场和其他远程操作进行交流
Operate radio equipment to communicate with ships, aircraft, mining crews, offshore oil rigs, logging camps and other remote operations

* 监控工人工作量和位置
Monitor personnel workloads and locations

* 使用电脑或手动的方法,维护车辆驾驶员的工作记录,并确保准确地完成时间和工资汇总表
Maintain vehicle operator work records using computerized or manual methods and ensure time sheets and payroll summaries are completed accurately

* 使用计算机和手工维护有关行驶里程,燃料的使用,维修及其他开支的记录,并生成报告。
Maintain computer and manual records of mileage, fuel use, repairs and other expenses, and generate reports.

## 1525 调度员任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 必需完成中学。
Completion of secondary school is required.

* 警方和急救调度员必须完成正式的在职培训。其他调度通常需要一些非正式的在职培训。
Police and emergency dispatchers are required to complete formal on-the-job training. Other dispatchers usually undergo some informal on-the-job training.

* 警方及紧急调度员和其他无线运营商通常需要省级无线电操作员证书。
Police and emergency dispatchers and other radio operators usually require provincial radio operator's certificates.

## 1525 调度员其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 空中交通管制和相关的职业 Air traffic controllers and related occupations [2272](2272)
* 公交调度员(主管,汽车运输和其他地面交通运营) Bus dispatchers (in [7305](7305) Supervisors, motor transport and other ground transit operators )
* 铁路交通管制和海上交通监管 Railway traffic controllers and marine traffic regulators [2275](2275)
* 主管调度(主管,供应链,跟踪和调度协调职业) Supervisors of dispatchers (in [1215](1215) Supervisors, supply chain, tracking and scheduling co-ordination occupations )

## 1525 调度员职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 911调度员 911 dispatcher
* 航空公司报务员 airline radio operator
* 报警系统调度 alarm system dispatcher
* 报警系统操作员 alarm system operator
* 救护车调度 ambulance dispatcher
* 船调度 boat dispatcher
* 汽车指派业务员 car assignments clerk
* 汽车调度,煤矿 car dispatcher, coal mine
* 煤矿车调度 coal mine car dispatcher
* 通信专家调度 communications specialist dispatcher
* 调度员,911 dispatcher, 911
* 调度,消防部门 dispatcher, fire department
* 调度员,燃气服务队 dispatcher, gas service crews
* 调度员,邮件服务 dispatcher, mail service
* 调度,矿山 dispatcher, mine
* 调度,移动设备 dispatcher, mobile equipment
* 调度,机动车辆 dispatcher, motor vehicles
* 调度员,报纸 dispatcher, newspapers
* 调度员,油井服务 dispatcher, oil well services
* 调度,厂房及设备 dispatcher, plant
* 调度员,警察 dispatcher, police
* 调度员,的士 dispatcher, taxis
* 调度,拖车 dispatcher, tow trucks
* 调度员,卡车 dispatcher, trucks
* 调度员,水电维修人员 dispatcher, utilities maintenance crews
* 钻机报务员 drilling rig radio operator
* 紧急医疗调度 emergency medical dispatcher
* 紧急服务调度员 emergency services dispatcher
* 应急车辆调度 emergency vehicle dispatcher
* 火灾报警运营商 fire alarm operator
* 消防部门调度 fire department dispatcher
* 燃气服务人员调度 gas service crew dispatcher
* 公路无线电话运营商 highway radio-telephone operator
* 入站/出站货运统筹 inbound/outbound freight co-ordinator
* 邮件服务调度 mail service dispatcher
* 维修服务调度 maintenance services dispatcher
* 矿井调度 mine dispatcher
* 移动设备调度员 mobile equipment dispatcher
* 监测站运营商 monitoring station operator
* 机动车辆调度 motor vehicle dispatcher
* 报纸调度 newspaper dispatcher
* 油井服务调度 oil well service dispatcher
* 试点服务调度 pilot services dispatcher
* 植物调度 plant dispatcher
* 交警部门调度 police department dispatcher
* 保护信号运营商 protective signal operator
* 无线电调度 radio dispatcher
* 无线电报务员 radio operator
* 无线电操作员,钻井平台 radio operator, drilling rig
* 无线电话运营商 radio-telephone operator
* 无线电话运营商,公路 radio-telephone operator, highways
* 服务调度 service dispatcher
* 出租车调度 taxi dispatcher
* 电信运营商 telecommunications operator
* 拖车调度 tow truck dispatcher
* 故障排除服务调度 troubleshooting services dispatcher
* 卡车调度 truck dispatcher
* 拖轮调度 tugboat dispatcher
* 水电维修人员调度 utilities maintenance crew dispatcher
* 水务调度 water service dispatcher
* 堆场业务员 yard clerk

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