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2153 城市和土地使用规划师 Urban and land use planners - FLYabroad NOC


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## 2153 城市和土地使用规划师 Urban and land use planners - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL A


Urban and land use planners develop plans and recommend policies for managing land use, physical facilities and associated services for urban and rural areas and remote regions. They are employed by all levels of government, land developers, engineering and other consulting companies, or may work as private consultants.

## 2153 城市和土地使用规划师头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 社区和城市规划师 community and urban planner
* 环境规划师 environmental planner
* 土地利用规划师 land use planner
* 市政规划师 municipal planner
* 园区规划师 park planner
* 规划人员 planner
* 娱乐策划 recreation planner
* 区域规划师 regional planner
* 城市规划师 urban planner

## 2153 城市和土地使用规划师主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

城市规划和土地使用规划师执行部分或全部下列职责:Urban and land use planners perform some or all of the following duties:

* 对人口,经济,法律,政治,文化,社会学,物理和其他影响土地使用的因素进行编译和分析数据
Compile and analyze data on demographic, economic, legal, political, cultural, sociological, physical and other factors affecting land use

* 与市级,省级和联邦当局,公民领袖,社会科学家,律师,土地开发商,公众和特殊利益集团协商,制定和发展土地用途或社区计划
Confer with municipal, provincial and federal authorities, civic leaders, social scientists, lawyers, land developers, the public and special interest groups to formulate and develop land use or community plans

* 为分区,住宅小区,交通运输,公用事业,社区设施,公园,农业和其他土地用途准备并建议土地开发概念和规划
Prepare and recommend land development concepts and plans for zoning, subdivisions, transportation, public utilities, community facilities, parks, agricultural and other land uses

* 为环境保护,如野生动物保护区,国家和省级公园和流域的保护准备规划方案
Prepare plans for environmental protection, such as wildlife preserves, national and provincial parks, and protection of watersheds

* 向公民,农村和区域当局展示计划,并举行公开会议向广大市民和特殊利益集团展示计划,建议或规划研究,
Present plans to civic, rural and regional authorities and hold public meetings to present plans, proposals or planning studies to the general public and special interest groups

* 审查和评估土地利用和发展规划的建议,并准备建议
Review and evaluate proposals for land use and development plans and prepare recommendations

* 处理土地开发许可证的应用,管理土地使用规划和分区法律
Process application for land development permits and administer land use plans and zoning by-laws

* 制定相对于未来的土地利用和保护环境的远景目标和政策
Formulate long-range objectives and policies relative to future land use and the protection of the environment

* 监督和统筹城市规划工作的技术员及技师。
Supervise and co-ordinate work of urban planning technicians and technologists.

## 2153 城市和土地使用规划师任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 必需具有城市和区域规划,地理,建筑,工程或相关学科的大学本科学历。
A bachelor's degree in urban and regional planning, geography, architecture, engineering or a related discipline is required.

* 这些学科之一的硕士学位亦可。
A master's degree in one of these disciplines may be required.

* 通常要求是加拿大规划师学会会员。
Membership in the Canadian Institute of Planners is usually required.

* 一些省份要求是省规划院的成员。
Membership in a provincial planning institute may be required in some provinces.

* 一些雇主要求是由加拿大绿色建筑委员会提供的能源与环境设计(LEED)认证领导。
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification is offered by the Canada Green Building Council and may be required by some employers.

## 2153 城市和土地使用规划师附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 随着经验积累,可能晋升到规划领域的管理岗位。
Progression to management positions in planning is possible with experience.

## 2153 城市和土地使用规划师其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 建筑师 Architects (2151)
* 建筑和科学管理者 Architecture and science managers (0212)
* 工程经理 Engineering managers (0211)
* 土地测量员 Land surveyors (2154)

## 2153 城市和土地使用规划师职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 城市规划师 city planner
* 城市规划师 - 土地使用 city planner – land use
* 社区和城市规划师 community and urban planner
* 社区规划师 community planner
* 社区娱乐策划师 community recreation planner
* 环境规划师 environmental planner
* 遗产规划师 - 土地使用 heritage planner – land use
* 文物工作策划师 heritage work planner
* 土地利用规划师 land use planner
* 土地使用专家 land use specialist
* 远距离的策划者 - 土地使用 long-range planner – land use
* 集体运输服务分析师 mass transit services analyst
* 市政公园规划师 municipal park planner
* 市政规划师 municipal planner
* 邻里规划师 neighbourhood planner
* 园区规划师 park planner
* 公园,市政规划师 park planner, municipal
* 规划人员 planner
* 规划师,社区康乐 planner, community recreation
* 规划师,城市和地区 planner, urban and regional
* 规划分析师 - 土地使用 planning analyst – land use
* 娱乐策划师 recreation planner
* 区域规划师 regional planner
* 资深策划人 - 土地使用 senior planner – land use
* 网站策划师 site planner
* 城市规划师 town planner
* 交通规划师 transportation planner
* 运输路线规划分析师 transportation route planning analyst
* 城市和区域规划师 urban and regional planner
* 城市规划师 urban planner
* 城市改造规划师 urban renovation planner
* 分区人员 - 土地使用 zoning officer – land use

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