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3114 兽医 Veterinarians - FLYabroad NOC


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## 3114 兽医 Veterinarians - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL A


Veterinarians prevent, diagnose and treat diseases and disorders in animals and advise clients on the feeding, hygiene, housing and general care of animals. Veterinarians work in private practice or may be employed by animal clinics, farms, laboratories, government or industry.

## 3114 兽医头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 农场兽医 farm veterinarian
* 小动物兽医专家 small animal veterinary specialist
* 兽医 veterinarian
* 兽医检查员 veterinary inspector
* 兽医病理学家 veterinary pathologist
* 兽医生理学家 veterinary physiologist
* 兽医 veterinary surgeon
* 动物园兽医 zoo veterinarian

## 3114 兽医主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

兽医执行部分或全部下列职责:Veterinarians perform some or all of the following duties:

* 通过体检或实验室检查,诊断个别动物,牛群羊群的疾病或异常情况
Diagnose diseases or abnormal conditions in individual animals, herds and flocks through physical examinations or laboratory tests

* 通过处方开药,接骨,包扎伤口或手术来治疗生病或受伤的动物
Treat sick or injured animals by prescribing medication, setting bones, dressing wounds or performing surgery

* 给动物接种疫苗来预防和治疗疾病
Vaccinate animals to prevent and treat diseases

* 执行常规,应急和验尸检查
Perform routine, emergency and post-mortem examinations

* 向客户提供动物的食,住,行,繁殖,卫生和一般护理工作
Advise clients on feeding, housing, behaviour, breeding, hygiene and general care of animals

* 提供一系列的兽医服务,包括产科,牙科和安乐死
Provide a range of veterinary services including obstetrics, dentistry and euthanasia

* 监督动物卫生技术专家和动物保健工作者
May supervise animal health technologists and animal care workers

* 可能负责动物医院,诊所整体运作或对农场的移动服务
May be responsible for overall operation of animal hospital, clinic or mobile service to farms

* 可进行兽医与动物营养,保健品的开发和疾病的预防和控制等领域的研究
May conduct veterinary research related to areas such as animal nutrition, health care products development and disease prevention and control

* 可强制执行疾病控制和食品生产包括动物或动物类食品检测的政府法规。
May enforce government regulations in disease control and food production including animal or animal-based food inspection.

## 3114 兽医任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 完成两年预兽医大学学习或健康科学的大学课程
Two years of pre-veterinary university studies or completion of a college program in health science

* 4至5年的兽药大学学位
A four to five year university degree in veterinary medicine

* 必需完成国家认证考试。
Completion of national certification examinations are required.

* 必需持有省级执业许可证。
A provincial licence to practice is required.

* 进入研究职位可能需要研究生学习。
Entry into research positions may require post-graduate study.

## 3114 兽医附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 进行研究工作的兽医的职责可能类似于一些生物学家。
The duties of veterinarians performing research may be similar to those of some biologists.

## 3114 兽医其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 动物卫生技术人员和兽医技术人员 Animal health technologists and veterinary technicians [3213](3213)
* 生物学家和相关的科学家 Biologists and related scientists [2121](2121)

## 3114 兽医职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 解剖学家,兽医 anatomist, veterinary
* 动物病理学家 animal pathologist
* 禽流兽医 avian veterinarian
* 玩赏动物兽医 companion animal veterinarian
* 牙医,兽医 dentist, veterinary
* 流行病学家,兽医 epidemiologist, veterinary
* 马兽医 equine veterinarian
* 农场兽医 farm veterinarian
* 食用动物兽医 food animal veterinarian
* 检验员,兽医 inspector, veterinary
* 内科,兽医 internist, veterinary
* 实验动物兽医 laboratory animal veterinarian
* 微生物学家,兽医 microbiologist, veterinary
* 寄生虫学家,兽医 parasitologist, veterinary
* 病理学家,动物 pathologist, animal
* 病理学家,兽医 pathologist, veterinary
* 药理,兽医 pharmacologist, veterinary
* 生理学家,兽医 physiologist, veterinary
* 家禽兽医 poultry veterinarian
* 预防医学兽医 preventive medicine veterinarian
* 放射科医生,兽医 radiologist, veterinary
* 小动物兽医 small animal veterinarian
* 小动物兽医专家 small animal veterinary specialist
* 外科医生,兽医 surgeon, veterinary
* 兽医 veterinarian
* 执业兽医 veterinarian practitioner
* 兽医,玩赏动物 veterinarian, companion animals
* 兽医,农场 veterinarian, farm
* 兽医,食品动物 veterinarian, food animals
* 兽医,实验动物 veterinarian, laboratory animals
* 兽医,预防医学 veterinarian, preventive medicine
* 兽医解剖学家 veterinary anatomist
* 兽医细菌学家 veterinary bacteriologist
* 兽医牙医 veterinary dentist
* 兽医流行病学 veterinary epidemiologist
* 兽医检查员 veterinary inspector
* 兽医内科 veterinary internist
* 兽医实验室诊断专家 veterinary laboratory diagnostician
* 兽医微生物学家 veterinary microbiologist
* 兽医寄生虫学家 veterinary parasitologist
* 兽医病理学家 veterinary pathologist
* 兽医药理 veterinary pharmacologist
* 兽医生理学家 veterinary physiologist
* 兽医放射科医生 veterinary radiologist
* 兽医专家,小动物 veterinary specialist, small animals
* 兽医 veterinary surgeon
* 兽医病毒学家 veterinary virologist
* 动物园兽医 zoo veterinarian

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