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3144 治疗和评估的其他专业职业 Other professional occupations in therapy and assessment- FLYabroad NOC


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## 3144 治疗和评估的其他专业职业 Other professional occupations in therapy and assessment- FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL A


This unit group includes specialized therapists not elsewhere classified who use techniques such as athletic, movement, art or recreational therapy to aid in the treatment of mental and physical disabilities or injuries. They are employed by establishments such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres, extended health care facilities, clinics, recreational centres, nursing homes, industry, educational institutions and sports organizations, or they may work in private practice.

## 3144 治疗和评估的其他专业职业头衔范例 Example Titles- FLYabroad NOC

* 艺术治疗师 art therapist
* 运动治疗师 athletic therapist
* 运动治疗师认证(CAT) certified athletic therapist (CAT)
* 认证运动学家 certified kinesiologist
* 戏剧治疗师 drama therapist
* 运动生理学家 exercise physiologist
* 人类运动学家 human kineticist
* 运动学家 kinesiologist
* 运动治疗师 movement therapist
* 音乐治疗师 music therapist
* 康乐治疗师 recreational therapist
* 注册舞蹈治疗师(DTR) registered dance therapist (DTR)

## 3144 治疗和评估的其他专业职业主要职责 Main duties- FLYabroad NOC

本单元组的治疗师和其他专业人士执行部分或全部下列职责:Therapists and other professionals in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

* 评估病人和审查医师,物理治疗师,精神科医生,心理咨询师,教师及其他专业人士报告,以确定患者的现有的和潜在的运作水平
Assess patients and review reports from physicians, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, counsellors, teachers and other professionals to determine patients' current and potential functioning level

* 单独或通过一个多学科小组的方法准备个性化和小组治疗计划,该计划基于对健康的关注,以及医师或其他医疗专业人员的建议
Prepare individualized and group treatment plans either independently or through a multidisciplinary team approach, based on health concerns and on recommendations from physicians or other health professionals

* 设计专门的治疗方案,维持,恢复或加强运动,肌肉骨骼系统在运动,工作与休闲中的功能与性能。
Design specialized therapy programs to maintain, rehabilitate or enhance movement, musculoskeletal functioning and performance in sports, work and recreation

* 采用以下的方法和技术,如艺术,戏剧和音乐疗法或舞蹈,娱乐,运动或其他运动疗法,通过开展专门的治疗过程,实施治疗计划
Implement treatment plans by carrying out specialized therapy sessions employing approaches and techniques such as art, drama and music therapy or dance, recreational, sports or other movement therapy

* 在治疗过程中观察,记录观察结果和分析患者,记录患者的治疗效果,书写进度报告,并与其他卫生专业人员咨询,评估治疗计划
Observe, record observations and analyze patients during treatment sessions, write progress reports on patient outcomes and consult with other health professionals to evaluate treatment plans

* 可能向客户提供促进健康和伤害预防,管理和治疗等教育。
May provide education to clients regarding health promotion and injury prevention, management and treatment

* 可能在各自的专业领域进行研究。
May conduct research in respective field of specialization.

## 3144 治疗和评估的其他专业职业任职要求 Employment requirements- FLYabroad NOC

* 运动学家通常需要运动学或人类动力学硕士学位。
Kinesiologists usually require a master's degree in kinesiology or human kinetics.

* 运动学家认证在加拿大运动学联盟适用。
Certification for kinesiologists is available through the Canadian Kinesiology Alliance.

* 运动治疗师需要运动疗法学士学位,或运动损伤管理的专业化健康科学学位。
Sport therapists require a bachelor's degree in sport therapy, or a degree in health sciences with a specialization in sports injury management.

* 艺术治疗师需要心理学学士学位和艺术治疗硕士学位。
Art therapists require a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in art therapy.

* 音乐治疗师需要心理学的学士学位和音乐治疗硕士学位。
Music therapists require a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's degree in music therapy.

* 舞蹈治疗师需要心理学的学士学位,通常需要艺术,戏剧或运动疗法硕士学位。
Dance therapists require a bachelor's degree in psychology, and usually require a master's degree in art, drama or movement therapy.

* 娱乐治疗师通常要求专注于休闲治疗的娱乐学士学位。
Recreational therapists usually require a bachelor's degree in recreation with a specialization in therapeutic recreation.

* 本单元组的职业通常需要监督的实际培训。
Supervised practical training is usually required for occupations in this unit group.

* 通常需要专业领域的创意或技术化能力。
Creative or technical ability in the field of specialization is usually required.

* 可能需要适当的国家专业协会或省级部门的认证或会员身份。
Certification or membership with the appropriate national professional association or provincial counterpart may be required.

## 3144 治疗和评估的其他专业职业附加信息 Additional information- FLYabroad NOC

* 本单元组不同职业之间没有流动性。
There is no mobility between the different occupations in this unit group.

## 3144 治疗和评估的其他专业职业其他分类 Classified elsewhere- FLYabroad NOC

* 家庭,婚姻和其他相关的辅导员 Family, marriage and other related counsellors [4153](4153)
* 职业理疗师 Occupational therapists [3143](3143)
* 物理治疗师 Physiotherapists [3142](3142)
* 娱乐,体育健身的政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 Recreation, sports and fitness policy researchers, consultants and program officers [4167](4167)
* 在治疗和评估的技术助理(其他技术职业治疗和评估) Technical assistants in therapy and assessment (in [3237](3237) Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment )

## 3144 治疗和评估的其他专业职业职称头衔 All titles- FLYabroad NOC

* 分析师,运动 - 医疗 analyst, movement – medical
* 艺术治疗师 art therapist
* 艺术治疗师主管 art therapists' supervisor
* 艺术治疗顾问 art therapy consultant
* 艺术治疗师(教育除外) art therapy teacher (except education)
* 运动治疗师 athletic therapist
* 运动教练 - 治疗 athletic trainer – therapy
* 生物运动学家 biokineticist
* 认证运动治疗师 CAT (certified athletic therapist)
* 运动治疗师认证(CAT) certified athletic therapist (CAT)
* 认证运动学家 certified kinesiologist
* 顾问,艺术治疗 consultant, art therapy
* 舞蹈治疗师 dance therapist
* 舞蹈治疗师主管 dance therapists' supervisor
* 舞蹈治疗研究员 dance therapy researcher
* 舞蹈运动治疗师 dance-movement therapist
* 舞蹈运动疗法研究员 dance-movement therapy researcher
* 戏剧治疗师 drama therapist
* 戏剧治疗师主管 drama therapists' supervisor
* DTR(注册舞蹈治疗师) DTR (registered dance therapist)
* 运动生理学家 exercise physiologist
* 运动治疗师 exercise therapist
* 人类运动学家 human kineticist
* 运动人类学家 kinanthropologist
* 运动社会学家 kinesiologist
* 运动分析师 - 医疗 movement analyst – medical
* 运动治疗师 movement therapist
* 音乐治疗师 music therapist
* 音乐治疗师主管 music therapists' supervisor
* 音乐疗法研究员 music therapy researcher
* 康乐治疗师 recreational therapist
* 注册舞蹈治疗师(DTR) registered dance therapist (DTR)
* 注册运动社会学家 registered kinesiologist
* 补救体操运动员 remedial gymnast
* 辅导的体操教师(教育除外) remedial gymnastics teacher (except education)
* 补救体操运动员主管 remedial gymnasts' supervisor
* 补救治疗师 remedial therapist
* 研究员,舞蹈治疗 researcher, dance therapy
* 研究员,舞蹈运动疗法 researcher, dance-movement therapy
* 研究员,音乐疗法 researcher, music therapy
* 自发的美术老师 - 治疗 spontaneous art teacher – therapy
* 主管,艺术治疗 supervisor, art therapists
* 主管,舞蹈治疗师 supervisor, dance therapists
* 主管,戏剧治疗师 supervisor, drama therapists
* 主管,音乐治疗师 supervisor, music therapists
* 主管,补救体操运动员 supervisor, remedial gymnasts
* 治疗行乐 therapeutic recreationist
* 治疗师,艺术 therapist, art
* 治疗师,舞蹈 therapist, dance
* 治疗师,舞蹈运动 therapist, dance-movement
* 治疗师,戏剧 therapist, drama
* 治疗师,运动 therapist, movement
* 治疗师,音乐 therapist, music

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