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3212 医学实验室技师及病理学家助理 Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists assistants - FLYabroad NOC


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## 3212 医学实验室技师及病理学家助理 Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists' assistants - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Medical laboratory technicians conduct routine medical laboratory tests and set up, clean and maintain medical laboratory equipment. They are employed in medical laboratories in hospitals, clinics, research facilities, post-secondary educational institutions and government research laboratories. Pathologists' assistants assist at autopsies and examinations of surgical specimens or perform autopsies under a pathologist's supervision. They are usually employed in hospitals and universities.

## 3212 医学实验室技师及病理学家助理头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 医学实验室助理 medical laboratory assistant
* 医疗实验室技术员 medical laboratory technician
* 病理科助理 pathology assistant
* 刺络医师 phlebotomist
* 刺骼辅助师 phlebotomy aidephlebotomy aide

## 3212 医学实验室技师及病理学家助理主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

### 医学实验室技师主要职责 - FLYabroad NOC

* 收集患者的血液、组织和其他标本;Collect blood, tissue and other samples from patients
* 记录患者样本并进行测试Log patient samples and prepare them for testing
* 设立医疗实验室器材;Set up medical laboratory equipment
* 进行常规实验室检查和标本分析Conduct routine laboratory tests and sample analyses
* 保证测试技术的质量;Perform quality assurance of testing techniques
* 清洁并维护医疗实验室和其中设备。Clean and maintain medical laboratory and medical laboratory equipment.

### 病理学家助理主要职责 - FLYabroad NOC

* 通过患者病历并安排射线超声检验来准备验尸;Prepare for autopsies by obtaining patients' medical records and arranging for radiographic examinations
* 在病理学家监督性协助操作尸检和手术标本考试;Assist with or perform autopsies and surgical specimen examinations under pathologists' supervision
* 为化学分析解剖、考核、称量并拍摄器官和标本,并收集组织标本;Dissect, examine, weigh and photograph organs and specimens, collect tissue samples for chemical analysis and record findings
* 根据已确定的安全程序舍弃相关标本;Discard specimens according to established safety procedures
* 清洁并维护仪器、设备和用品。Clean and maintain instruments, equipment and supplies
* 为殡仪馆准备尸体以进行尸检;May prepare bodies for release to funeral homes following completion of autopsies
* 监督并培训初级病理学家和停尸房工作人员。May supervise and train junior resident pathologists and morgue attendants

## 3212 医学实验室技师及病理学家助理任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 医学实验技术员或助理需要完成医学实验科学方面的专科课程
Medical laboratory technicians/assistants require completion of a college certificate program in medical laboratory science.

* 医学实验技术员或助理通过加拿大医学实验科学协会的认证
Certification by the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science may be required for medical laboratory technicians/assistants.

* 实验室和X射线技术人员需要完成实验室和X射线技术人员项目
Combined laboratory and X-ray technicians require completion of a combined laboratory X-ray technology program.

* 病理学家助理需要在生命科学方面,主要在职培训的中学课程或者大学学位
Pathologists' assistants require some post-secondary courses or a university degree in life sciences and Specialized on-the-job training.

## 3212 医学实验室技师及病理学家助理其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 非医疗实验室生物技术人员 Biological technicians in non-medical laboratories (in [2221](2221) Biological technologists and technicians )
* 非医疗实验室化学技术人员C hemical technicians in non-medical laboratories (in [2211](2211) Chemical technologists and technicians )
* 化学实验技术专家 Medical laboratory technologists ([3211](3211))

## 3212 医学实验室技师及病理学家助理职称头衔 Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 医学实验室助手 aide, medical laboratory
* 医学实验室助理 assistant, medical laboratory
* 病历助理 assistant, pathology
* 医学实验室生化技师 biochemical technician – medical laboratory
* 医学实验室生物技术员 biological technician – medical laboratory
* 血库技师 blood bank technician
* 癌症研究技术员 cancer research technician
* 临床实验室技术员 clinical laboratory technician
* 联合实验及X光技师 combined laboratory and x-ray technician
* 社区医学实验室卫生技术人员 community health technician – medical laboratory
* 细胞学技师 cytology technician
* 医学实验室流行病学工作者 epidemiology worker – medical laboratory
* 医疗实验室帮手 helper, medical laboratory
* 医学实验室血液学技术员 hematology technician – medical laboratory
* 组织学技师 histology technician
* 医疗实验室助理 laboratory assistant – medical
* 医疗实验室技术员 laboratory technician – medical
* 医学实验室助手 medical laboratory aide
* 医疗实验室助理 medical laboratory assistant
* 医学实验室帮手 medical laboratory helper
* 医学实验室技术助理 medical laboratory technical assistant
* 医学实验室技术员 medical laboratory technician
* 太平间服务主管 morgue attendant supervisor
* 病理学助理 pathology assistant
* 抽血者 phlebotomist
* 放血助手 phlebotomy aide
* 肾技师 renal technician
* 医学实验室技术助理 technical assistant – medical laboratory
* 病理技术助理 technical assistant – pathology
* 血库技术员 technician, blood bank

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