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4168 独特的政府项目官员 Program officers unique to government - FLYabroad NOC


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## 4168 独特的政府项目官员 Program officers unique to government - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL A


Program officers in this unit group are primarily concerned with the administration and operation of government institutions, such as Parliament, and activities unique to the operations of government, such as international relations, federal-provincial affairs, elections and tribunals.

## 4168 独特的政府项目官员头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 武官 attaché
* 选举官 elections officer
* 联邦与省政府关系人员 federal-provincial relations officer
* 外国服务人员 foreign service officer
* 政府间事务主任 intergovernmental affairs officer
* 官员,议长办公室 officer, office of the Speaker
* 官员,皇家委员会 officer, royal commission
* 官员,站立或专责委员会 officer, standing or select committee
* 礼宾官 protocol officer
* 选举主任 returning officer
* 调查主任 tribunal officer

## 4168 独特的政府项目官员主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

独特的政府项目官员执行部分或全部下列职责:Program officers unique to government perform some or all of the following duties:

* 针对政府决策对加拿大或国外其他国家的政府产生的社会,经济和政治的影响,向政治家或外交官提出建议
Advise politicians or diplomats on the social, economic and political effects of government decisions on other governments in Canada or abroad

* 与其他市级,省级或联邦政府官员共同计划政府间会议和专题会议
Plan intergovernmental meetings and conferences with officers of other municipal, provincial or federal governments

* 统筹选举组别内的物流和管理,并确保选举和表决程序紧随其后
Co-ordinate the logistics and administration of elections within constituencies and ensure that electoral and voting procedures are followed

* 协调立法委员会,皇家委员会或法庭的行政支援服务
Co-ordinate administrative support services for legislative committees, royal commissions or tribunals

* 作为成员参加董事会或审裁处
Participate as a member of a board or tribunal

* 计划后勤工作,并监督外国政要和知名人士正式访问加拿大的外交协议
Plan logistics and oversee diplomatic protocol of official visits to Canada by foreign politicians and dignitaries

* 向外国的政府和国民解释加拿大外交和国内政策,代表加拿大在国外行事。
Explain Canadian foreign and domestic policies to governments and nationals of foreign countries, and act on behalf of Canada abroad.

## 4168 独特的政府项目官员任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 通常需要大学本科学历。
A bachelor's degree is usually required.

* 可能需要硕士学位。
A master's degree may be required.

* 可能需要多年的研究员,顾问或程序管理员经验。
Several years of experience as a researcher, consultant or program administrator may be required.

* 通过竞争性考试,接受外国服务人员。
Foreign service officers are accepted on the basis of competitive examination.

## 4168 独特的政府项目官员其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 行政人员 Administrative officers [1221](1221)
* 法院人员和治安法官 Court officers and justices of the peace [1227](1227)
* 经济学家和经济政策研究人员和分析师 Economists and economic policy researchers and analysts [4162](4162)
* 就业保险,移民,边境服务和收入人员 Employment insurance, immigration, border services and revenue officers [1228](1228)
* 行政助理 Executive assistants [1222](1222)
* 社会政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员 Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers [4164](4164)

## 4168 独特的政府项目官员职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 原住民土地声称联络官 Aboriginal land claims liaison officer
* 武官 attaché
* 董事会成员 - 政府服务 board member – government services
* 副回国人员 deputy returning officer
* 外交官 diplomat
* 选举委员会官员 election commission officer
* 选举官 elections officer
* extraparliamentary佣金人员 extraparliamentary commission officer
* 联邦和政府间事务的研究人员 - 政府服务 federal and intergovernmental affairs research officer – government services
* 联邦与省政府关系人员 federal-provincial relations officer
* 第一秘书,外国的服务 first secretary, foreign service
* 外国服务人员 foreign service officer
* 政府官员 government official
* 卫生监督董事会成员 health authority board member
* 众议院下议院委员会主任 House of Commons committee officer
* 众议院下议院人员 House of Commons officer
* 政府间事务主任 intergovernmental affairs officer
* 立法委员会主任 legislative committee officer
* 联络官员,原住民土地要求 liaison officer, Native land claims
* 故土声称联络官 Native land claims liaison officer
* 官员,选举委员会 officer, election commission
* 官员,联邦与省政府关系 officer, federal-provincial relations
* 官员,外国服务 officer, foreign service
* 官员,下议院 officer, House of Commons
* 官员,下议院委员会 officer, House of Commons committee
* 官员,政府间事务 officer, intergovernmental affairs
* 官员,劳资关系委员会 officer, labour relations commission
* 官员,立法委员会 officer, legislative committee
* 官员,立法会 officer, legislative council
* 官员,议长办公室 officer, office of the Speaker
* 官员,下议院议长办公室 officer, Office of the Speaker of the House of Commons
* 人员,官方语言佣金 officer, official languages commission
* 官员,总理办公室(省政府) officer, Premier's Office (provincial government)
* 官员,总理办公室(联邦政府) officer, Prime Minister's Office (federal government)
* 枢密院办公室官员, officer, Privy Council Office
* 官员,协议 - 政府服务 officer, protocol – government services
* 人员,公共查询 officer, public inquiries
* 官员,区域委员会 - 政府服务 officer, regional committee – government services
* 官员,区域市政局 officer, regional council
* 官员,皇家委员会 officer, royal commission
* 官员,参议院委员会 officer, Senate committee
* 主任,常委 officer, standing committee
* 官员,站立或专责委员会 officer, standing or select committee
* 专案组人员 officer, task force
* 人员,领土议会 officer, territorial council
* 人员,仲裁庭 officer, tribunal
* 官方语言推广人员 official languages promotion officer
* 假释委员会成员 parole board member
* 礼宾官 protocol officer
* 难民董事会成员 refugee board member
* 研究人员 - 联邦和政府间事务 research officer – federal and intergovernmental affairs
* 选举主任 returning officer
* 皇家委员会官员 royal commission officer
* 副书记,外国的服务 second secretary, foreign service
* 选择委员会主任 select committee officer
* 参议院委员会主任 Senate committee officer
* 常委人员 standing committee officer
* 专案组人员 task force officer
* 领土议会官员 territorial council officer
* 三等秘书,外国的服务 third secretary, foreign service
* 审裁处主席 tribunal chairperson
* 审裁处成员 tribunal member
* 调查主任 tribunal officer
* 法庭人员 - 政府服务 tribunal officer – government services

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