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## 5252 教练 Coaches - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Coaches prepare and train individual athletes or teams for competitive events. They are employed by national and provincial sports organizations, professional and amateur sports teams, sports clubs and universities or they may be self-employed. This unit group also includes sports scouts who identify and recruit athletes for professional sports teams. They are employed by professional sports organizations.

## 5252 教练头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 教练 coach
* 花样滑冰教练 figure skating coach
* 足球球探 football scout
* 体操教练 gymnastics coach
* 主教练 head coach
* 曲棍球教练 hockey coach
* 曲棍球球探 hockey scout
* 国家队主教练 national team coach
* 足球教练 soccer coach
* 体育的球探 sports scout
* 游泳教练 swimming coach
* 排球教练 volleyball coach

## 5252 教练主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

### 教练执行部分或全部下列职责:Coaches perform some or all of the following duties:

* 确定运动员或团队的强项和弱项
Identify strengths and weaknesses of athletes or teams

* 规划,制定和实施培训和练习时间
Plan, develop and implement training and practice sessions

* 培育和发展运动员潜在的技能和能力
Nurture and develop athletes' potential skills and abilities

* 开发,规划和统筹有竞争力的时间表和方案
Develop, plan and co-ordinate competitive schedules and programs

* 激励和准备运动员或团队以便参加竞争活动或游戏
Motivate and prepare athletes or teams for competitive events or games

* 制定竞争战略,制定比赛计划,在游戏或体育赛事中指导运动员和球员
Formulate competitive strategies, develop game plans and direct athletes and players during games or athletic events

* 分析和评估运动员或团队的表演,并修改培训计划。
Analyse and evaluate athletes' or teams'
performances and modify training programs.

### 体育球探执行部分或全部下列职责:Sports scouts perform some or all of the following duties:

* 为专业运动队物色和招聘运动员
Identify and recruit developing athletes for professional sports teams

* 观察和评估潜能运动员的技能和绩效,并审查其过去的记录
Observe and evaluate prospective athletes' skills and performance, and review their past records

* 对提供给专业团队雇主的评估和建议的侦察报告进行归档。
File reports on scouting assessments and recommendations with professional team employers.

## 5252 教练任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

### 教练 Coaches

* 所有运动项目的个人和团队的体育教练通常都需要完成国家教练证书课程。
Completion of the National Coaching Certificate program is usually required for individual and team sports coaches in all sports.

* 省级教练通常需要3级国家教练证书。
National Coaching Certificate Level 3 is usually required for provincial coaches.

* 国家队运动员的教练通常需要4级国家教练证书。
National Coaching Certificate Level 4 is usually required for coaches of national team athletes.

* 可能需要体育教育学位。
A degree in physical education may be required.

* 必需具备体育经验和体育技术知识。
Experience in and technical knowledge of the sport is required.

### 体育球探 Sports scouts

* 必需具备体育经验和体育技术知识。
Experience in and technical knowledge of the sport is required.

## 5252 教练其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 运动员 Athletes [5251](5251)
* 运动治疗师(其他专业的职业治疗和评估) Athletic therapists (in [3144](3144)Other professional occupations in therapy and assessment )
* 项目领导人和教官在娱乐,体育和健身 Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness [5254](5254)
* 体育官员和裁判 Sports officials and referees [5253](5253)

## 5252 教练职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 业余田径队教练 amateur athletics team coach
* 业余运动队教练 amateur sports team coach
* 业余田径队教练 amateur track and field team coach
* 运动拳击教练 athletic boxing trainer
* 田径教练 athletics coach
* 田径队教练 athletics team coach
* 棒球教练 baseball coach
* 棒球经理教练 baseball manager-coach
* 棒球球探 baseball scout
* 棒球队教练 baseball team coach
* 篮球球探 basketball scout
* 篮球队教练 basketball team coach
* 雪橇教练 bobsled coach
* 雪橇教练 bobsleigh coach
* 拳击教练 boxing trainer
* 教练 coach
* 教练,业余田径队 coach, amateur athletics team
* 教练,业余运动队 coach, amateur sports team
* 教练,业余田径队 coach, amateur track and field team
* 田径教练, coach, athletics
* 田径队教练, coach, athletics team
* 教练,棒球 coach, baseball
* 棒球队教练, coach, baseball team
* 篮球队教练, coach, basketball team
* 教练,雪橇 coach, bobsled
* 教练,雪橇 coach, bobsleigh
* 花样滑冰教练, coach, figure skating
* 足球教练, coach, football
* 足球队教练 coach, football team
* 教练,体操 coach, gymnastics
* 教练,曲棍球 coach, hockey
* 曲棍球队的教练, coach, hockey team
* 小辈曲棍球教练, coach, junior hockey
* 教练,曲棍球 coach, lacrosse
* 教练,曲棍球队 coach, lacrosse team
* 教练,雪橇 coach, luge
* 国家队教练, coach, national team
* 教练,专业运动队 coach, professional sports team
* 教练,专业的团队 coach, professional team
* 省队教练, coach, provincial team
* 滑雪教练, coach, ski
* 体育教练, coach, sports
* 教练,游泳 coach, swim
* 教练,游泳 coach, swimming
* 专业运动员的教练团队 coach, team of professional athletes
* 教练,网球 coach, tennis
* 教练,田径 coach, track and field
* 教练,田径运动员 coach, track and field athletes
* 教练,田径队 coach, track and field team
* 排球教练, coach, volleyball
* 自行车教练 cycling coach
* 花样滑冰教练 figure skating coach
* 足球教练 football coach
* 足球球探 football scout
* 足球队主教练 football team coach
* 体操教练 gymnastics coach
* 主教练 head coach
* 曲棍球教练 hockey coach
* 曲棍球球探 hockey scout
* 曲棍球队教练 hockey team coach
* 指导员,雪橇 instructor, luge
* 小辈曲棍球教练 junior hockey coach
* 跆拳道教练 kickboxing trainer
* 曲棍球教练 lacrosse coach
* 曲棍球球探 lacrosse scout
* 曲棍球队教练 lacrosse team coach
* 雪橇教练 luge coach
* 雪橇教练 luge instructor
* 经理兼教练,棒球 manager-coach, baseball
* 国家队主教练 national team coach
* 专业体育侦察员 professional sports scout
* 专业运动队教练 professional sports team coach
* 专业队教练 professional team coach
* 省队教练 provincial team coach
* 侦察兵,棒球 scout, baseball
* 球探篮球 scout, basketball
* 球探足球 scout, football
* 侦察兵,曲棍球 scout, hockey
* 侦察,曲棍球 scout, lacrosse
* 侦察兵,专业运动 scout, professional sports
* 侦察兵,体育 scout, sports
* 滑雪教练 ski coach
* 足球教练 soccer coach
* 体育教练 sports coach
* 体育的球探 sports scout
* 游泳教练 swim coach
* 游泳教练 swimming coach
* 队的教练,专业运动员 team coach, professional athletes
* 网球教练 tennis coach
* 田径运动员的教练 track and field athletes coach
* 田径教练 track and field coach
* 田径队教练 track and field team coach
* 教练,运动拳击 trainer, athletic boxing
* 教练,拳击 trainer, boxing
* 教练,跆拳道 trainer, kickboxing
* 排球教练 volleyball coach
* 水球教练 water-polo coach

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