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6532 户外运动和娱乐向导 Outdoor sport and recreational guides - FLYabroad NOC


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## 6532 户外运动和娱乐向导 Outdoor sport and recreational guides - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL C


Outdoor sport and recreational guides organize and conduct trips or expeditions for sports enthusiasts, adventurers, tourists and resort guests. They are employed by private companies and resorts or may be self-employed.

## 6532 户外运动和娱乐向导头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 皮划艇向导 canoeing guide
* 花花公子牧马人 dude wrangler
* 钓鱼向导 fishing guide
* 热气球运动员 hot air balloonist
* 狩猎向导 hunting guide
* 登山向导 mountain climbing guide
* 户外向导 outdoor guide
* 旅行用品商 outfitter
* 漂流向导 rafting guide

## 6532 户外运动和娱乐向导主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

户外运动和休闲向导执行部分或全部下列职责:Outdoor sport and recreational guides perform some or all of the following duties:

* 计划旅行或探险行程,并安排运送或运输个人或团体到现场
Plan itinerary for trip or expedition and arrange transportation or transport individuals or group to site

* 组装和检查必要的设备和用品,如野营装备,救生筏,救生衣,钓具和食品
Assemble and inspect necessary equipment and supplies, such as camping gear, rafts, life jackets, fishing tackle and food

* 领导或护送个人或团体,并就安全和应急措施,技术和设备的使用提供建议。
Lead or escort individuals or groups and advise on safety and emergency measures, techniques and the use of equipment

* 提供活动向导,如皮划艇,漂流和登山
Provide instruction for activities such as canoeing, rafting and mountain climbing

* 就具体法规,如狩猎和捕鱼的法律和划船法规,给出建议,遵守环境准则,并防止侵犯
Advise on specific regulations such as hunting and fishing laws and boating regulations, follow environmental guidelines and prevent violations

* 在紧急情况下提供急救
Provide first aid in emergency situations

* 为团体准备餐饮并搭建营地。
May prepare meals for group and set up camp.

## 6532 户外运动和娱乐向导任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 本单元组就业要求具备特定的地形或水体知识,向导活动的能力和相关的许可证。
Knowledge of a particular terrain or body of water, demonstrated ability in the guided activity and relevant licences are required for employment in this group.

* 热气球飞行员需要完成10小时的空勤预备学校,16个小时的飞行员的指挥经验,并取得由加拿大运输部颁发的气球飞行员执照。
Hot air balloon pilots require completion of 10 hours of ground school, 16 hours of pilot-in-command experience and a Balloon Pilot Licence issued by Transport Canada.

* 可能需要急救和CPR(心肺复苏术)的认证。
Certification in first aid and CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) may be required.

## 6532 户外运动和娱乐向导附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 户外运动和休闲向导的工作通常具有季节性。
Outdoor sport and recreational guides usually work on a seasonal basis.

## 6532 户外运动和娱乐向导其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 娱乐,体育和健身计划领导人和教官 Program leaders and instructors in recreation, sport and fitness [5254](5254)
* 旅游和旅行向导 Tour and travel guides [6531](6531)

## 6532 户外运动和娱乐向导职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 飞艇驾驶员 airship pilot
* 高山向导 alpine guide
* 气球飞行员 balloon pilot
* 皮划艇向导 canoeing guide
* 飞船飞行员 dirigible pilot
* 狗拉雪橇向导 dogsledding guide
* 花花公子牧马人 dude wrangler
* 钓鱼向导 fishing guide
* 淡水钓鱼向导 freshwater angling guide
* 导游,狩猎和捕鱼 guide, hunting and fishing
* 登山向导 guide, mountain climbing
* 导游,户外 guide, outdoor
* 向导,舾装 guide, outfitting
* 向导,泛舟 guide, rafting
* 向导,泛舟 guide, whitewater rafting
* 登山向导 hiking guide
* 骑马向导 horseback riding guide
* 热空气气球 hot air balloonist
* 狩猎和捕鱼向导 hunting and fishing guide
* 狩猎和捕鱼的运动用品 hunting and fishing outfitter
* 狩猎向导 hunting guide
* 登山向导 mountain climbing guide
* 登山向导 mountain guide
* 登山向导 mountaineering guide
* 户外向导 outdoor guide
* 旅行用品 outfitter
* 舾装向导 outfitting guide
* 漂流向导 rafting guide
* 攀岩向导 rock climbing guide
* 雪地车操作向导 snowmobile operations guide
* 诱捕向导 trapping guide
* 泛舟向导 whitewater rafting guide
* 冬季露营向导 winter camping guide
* 牧马人,度假牧场 wrangler, dude ranch

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