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6732 专业清洁工 Specialized cleaners - FLYabroad NOC


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## 6732 专业清洁工 Specialized cleaners - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL D


Specialized cleaners clean and refurbish building exteriors, carpets, chimneys, industrial equipment, ventilation systems, windows and other surfaces, using specialized equipment and techniques. They are employed by specialized cleaning service companies or they may be self-employed.

## 6732 专业清洁工头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 汽车推销员 auto detailer
* 建筑外墙清洁工 building exterior cleaner
* 地毯清洁工 carpet cleaner
* 烟囱清洁 chimney cleaner
* 货运汽车清洁 freight car cleaner
* 炉清洁工 furnace cleaner
* 实验室设备清洁工 laboratory equipment cleaner
* 喷砂工 sandblaster
* 化粪池清洁 septic tank cleaner
* 内饰清洁工 upholstery cleaner
* 车辆清洁 vehicle cleaner
* 通风系统清洁工 ventilation system cleaner
* 窗户清洁工 window cleaner

## 6732 专业清洁工主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

以下是本单元组一些职业的主要职责总结:The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:

* 地毯和内饰清洁工使用清洗机,在客户处所或在地毯和内饰清洗场所,清洁地毯,地垫和软垫家具。
Carpet and upholstery cleaners operate cleaning machines to clean carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture on customers' premises or in carpet and upholstery cleaning establishments.

* 烟囱清洁工人使用手工工具和工业清洁工,清洁烟囱和壁炉的油烟和木馏油。
Chimney cleaners clean soot and creosote from chimneys and fireplaces using hand tools and industrial vacuum cleaners.

* 炉和通风系统清洁工使用手工工具和工业清洁工,清洁住宅和商业楼宇的熔炉管道,通风口和过滤器。
Furnace and ventilation system cleaners clean ducts, vents and filters of furnaces in residences and commercial buildings using hand tools and industrial vacuum cleaners.

* 喷砂清洁工使用喷砂,加压蒸汽或水力喷砂设备,清理建筑外墙,油罐,烟囱和工业设备。
Sandblasters clean building exteriors, tanks, chimneys and industrial equipment using sandblasting, pressurized steam or hydroblasting equipment.

* 车用清洁工清理汽车,公共汽车,有轨电车,火车车厢,地铁车厢的内部和外部。
Vehicle cleaners clean the interior and exterior of automobiles, buses, streetcars, railway cars and subway cars.

* 玻璃清洁工清洗和清洁室内和室外的窗户和其他低层和高层建筑的玻璃表面。
Window cleaners wash and clean interior and exterior windows and other glass surfaces in low-rise and highrise buildings.

## 6732 专业清洁工任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 本单元组的各职业没有具体的教育要求。
There are no specific education requirements for occupations in this unit group.

* 通常提供在职培训。
On-the-job training is usually provided.

* 本单元组的一些职业可能需要相关职位的以往经验。
Previous experience in a related position may be required for some occupations in this unit group.

## 6732 专业清洁工附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 经过额外的培训或经验积累可能晋升到主管职位。
Progression to supervisory positions is possible with additional training or experience.

## 6732 专业清洁工其他分类 Classified elsewhere

* 清洁领班 Cleaning supervisors [6315](6315)
* 校工,照顾者和管理者 Janitors, caretakers and building superintendents [6733](6733)
* 轻型清洁工 Light duty cleaners [6731](6731)

## 6732 专业清洁工职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 酸槽清洁工 acid tank cleaner
* 风管清洁工 air duct cleaner
* 空调风管清洗技术人员 air duct cleaning technician
* 汽车护理工作者 auto care worker
* 汽车推销员 auto detailer
* 汽车清洁工 automobile cleaner
* 锅炉清洁 boiler cleaner
* 建筑外墙清洁 building exterior cleaner
* 建设砂光工 building sander
* 公交清洁 bus cleaner
* 公交清洗 bus washer
* 汽车护理工作者 car care worker
* 汽车推销员 car detailer
* 汽车洗涤工 car scrubber
* 洗车服务员 car wash attendant
* 洗车清洗工 car washer
* 地毯清洁工 carpet cleaner
* 粪坑清洁工 cesspool cleaner
* 烟囱清洁 chimney cleaner
* 烟囱清扫工 chimney sweep
* 清洁工和维修工,百叶帘 cleaner and repairer, venetian blinds
* 清洁,建筑外墙 cleaner, building exteriors
* 清洁工,地毯 cleaner, carpets
* 清洁,烟囱 cleaner, chimneys
* 清洁工,漏鼓式 cleaner, drain-roto
* 清洁,壁炉 cleaner, fireplaces
* 清洁,货运车 cleaner, freight cars
* 清洁工,炉 cleaner, furnace
* 清洁,实验室设备 cleaner, laboratory equipment
* 清洁工,地毯 cleaner, rugs
* 清洁,化粪池 cleaner, septic tank
* 清洁工,游泳池 cleaner, swimming pool
* 清洁工,水箱 cleaner, tank
* 清洁,车辆 cleaner, vehicle
* 清洁工,通风系统; cleaner, ventilation system
* 清洁工,窗口 cleaner, window
* 推销员,自动 detailer, auto
* 推销员,汽车 detailer, car
* 漏鼓式清洁工 drain-roto cleaner
* 壁炉清洁 fireplace cleaner
* 货运汽车清洁 freight car cleaner
* 炉清洁 furnace cleaner
* 玻璃清洁工 glass cleaner
* 实验室设备清洁工 laboratory equipment cleaner
* 实验室设施清洁 laboratory facilities cleaner
* 搬运工 - 自动清洗 lot porter – auto cleaning
* 铁路汽车清洁 railway car cleaner
* 岩石或砖喷砂 rock or brick sandblaster
* 地毯清洁工 rug cleaner
* 喷砂工 sandblaster
* 喷砂建筑清洁工 sandblasting building cleaner
* 化粪池清洁 septic tank cleaner
* 专门的清洁工 specialized cleaner
* 专门的清洁工 - 汽车美学 specialized cleaner – automobile aesthetics
* 蒸汽清洁工 steam cleaner
* 蒸汽爆破工 steamblaster
* 建筑蒸汽爆破清洗工 steamblasting building cleaner
* 有轨电车清洁工 streetcar cleaner
* 地铁车厢清洁 subway car cleaner
* 游泳池清洁 swimming pool cleaner
* 坦克汽车清洁 tank car cleaner
* 槽清洁工 tank cleaner
* 运输车辆洗涤 transportation vehicle scrubber
* 卡车清洗工 truck washer
* 内饰清洁工 upholstery cleaner
* 增值税清洗工 vat washer
* 车辆清洁 vehicle cleaner
* 百叶帘清洁和维修工 venetian blinds cleaner and repairer
* 通风系统清洁工 ventilation system cleaner
* 窗户清洁工 window cleaner
* 车窗清洗 window washer