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9445 面料,毛皮及皮革裁剪者 Fabric, fur and leather cutters - FLYabroad NOC


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## 9445 面料,毛皮及皮革裁剪者 Fabric, fur and leather cutters - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL C


Fabric cutters cut fabric to make parts for garments, linens and other articles. Fur cutters cut fur pelts to make parts for garments and other fur articles. Leather cutters cut leather to make parts for shoes, garments and other leather articles. Fabric cutters are employed by clothing and textile manufacturers and other manufacturers of fabric products. Fur cutters are employed by furriers and fur products manufacturers. Leather cutters are employed by shoe and other leather products manufacturers.

## 9445 面料,毛皮及皮革裁剪者头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 服装裁剪者 clothing cutter
* 面料裁剪者 fabric cutter
* 毛皮裁剪者 fur cutter
* 手套裁剪者 glove cutter
* 皮革裁剪者 leather cutter
* 取样裁剪者 sample cutter
* 鞋裁剪者 shoe cutter

## 9445 面料,毛皮及皮革裁剪者主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

### 面料裁剪者执行部分或全部下列职责:Fabric cutters perform some or all of the following duties:

* 使用电动或手动刀具,切割机或电脑数值控制( CNC )切割设备,将图案放置在面料顶层,并按照图案剪裁面料
Place patterns on top of layers of fabric and cut fabric following patterns, using electric or manual knives, cutters or computer numerically controlled (CNC) cutting devices

* 调整切割技术,适应面料类型和服装款式
Adjust cutting technique to type of fabric and style of garment

May cut fabric samples.

### 毛皮裁剪者执行部分或全部下列职责:Fur cutters perform some or all of the following duties:

* 使用皮货商专用刀具和切割机,沿对角线条将毛皮裁剪成指定的长度和形状
Cut fur skins in diagonal strips to specified length and shape of pelt using furrier's knives and cutters

* 给毛皮编号,表明其在样图上的位置
Number pelts to indicate their location on pattern

* 可排序或匹配外观,并可能准备皮草样品。
May sort or match skins, and may prepare fur samples.

### 皮革裁剪者执行部分或全部下列职责:Leather cutters perform some or all of the following duties:

* 按规范要求,选择皮革制品和鞋部件的皮革和切割模具
Select leather and cutting dies for leather goods and shoe parts according to specifications

* 将皮革放置到裁床机上,根据外观纹理,外观瑕疵和外观弹力,最大限度地使用材料
Position leather on cutting bed of machine, maximizing usage according to skin grain, skin flaws and skin stretch

* 操作遥控器或冲床拉伸皮革
Operate clicker or punch press to stretch leather

* 操作机器切割皮革或手工削减单一皮革,制成皮皮革制品
Operate machine to cut leather or cut single leather skins by hand to make leather products

* 可能切割皮革样品。
May cut leather samples.

## 9445 面料,毛皮及皮革裁剪者任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 通常需要中学教育。
Some secondary school education is usually required.

* 面料,毛皮或皮革样品裁剪者必须具有面料,毛皮或皮革裁剪者的经验。
Experience as a fabric, fur or leather cutter is required for fabric, fur or leather sample cutters.

* 为本单元组的职位提供一些在职培训。
Some on-the-job training is provided for occupations in this unit group.

* 为皮草裁剪者提供几年的在职培训。
Several years of on-the-job training are provided for fur cutters.

## 9445 面料,毛皮及皮革裁剪者附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 本单元组的不同种类的裁剪师之间有很小的流动性。
There is little mobility among the different kinds of cutters in this unit group.

* 随着经验的积累,可能晋升到主管职位。
Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

## 9445 面料,毛皮及皮革裁剪者其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 修鞋匠和鞋匠 Shoe repairers and shoemakers [6343](6343)
* 裁缝,裁缝,皮货和女帽 Tailors, dressmakers, furriers and milliners [6342](6342)

## 9445 面料,毛皮及皮革裁剪者职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 偏置裁剪机使用者 - 面料,毛皮及皮革制品制造 bias-cutting machine tender – fabric, fur and leather products manufacturing
* 帆布裁剪者 - 布制品制造业 canvas cutter – fabric products manufacturing
* 布料裁剪者 - 布制品制造业 cloth cutter – fabric products manufacturing
* 布裁剪机操作员 - 面料产品制造 cloth-cutting machine operator – fabric products manufacturing
* 服装裁剪者 clothing cutter
* 服装裁剪者 - 服装制造 clothing cutter – clothing manufacturing
* 袖口裁剪机使用者 cuff-cutting machine tender
* 裁剪者 - 皮革制品制造 cutter – leather products manufacturing
* 裁剪者,鞋部件 - 鞋类制造 cutter, shoe parts – footwear manufacturing
* 裁剪者操作员 - 服装制造 cutting machine operator – clothing manufacturing
* 模切裁剪者 - 面料,毛皮及皮革制品制造 die cutter – fabric, fur and leather products manufacturing
* 面料裁剪者 fabric cutter
* 面料裁剪者 - 布制品制造业 fabric cutter – fabric products manufacturing
* 织物标记者 fabric marker
* 毛毡裁剪者,机 felt cutter, machine
* 毛皮裁剪者 fur cutter
* 服装标志者 garment marker
* 手套裁剪者 glove cutter
* 手工裁剪者 - 服装制造 hand cutter – clothing manufacturing
* 手工裁剪者 - 面料,毛皮及皮革制品制造 hand cutter – fabric, fur and leather products manufacturing
* 手工皮革裁剪者 - 皮革制品制造 hand leather cutter – leather products manufacturing
* 线束制造商,皮革 harness maker, leather
* 皮革裁剪者 leather cutter
* 皮革裁剪者 - 皮革鞋类制造 leather cutter – leather footwear manufacturing
* 皮革服装裁剪者 - 制造 leather garment cutter – manufacturing
* 皮革线束制造商 leather harness maker
* 皮革标记者 leather marker
* 皮革印刷工人/男/女 leather pressman/woman
* 皮革步枪盒制造商 leather rifle case maker
* 皮箱制造商 leather trunk maker
* 皮革剥离机操作者 - 皮革制品制造 leather-stripping machine tender – leather products manufacturing
* 机毛毡切割者 machine felt cutter
* 标记者和切割工,室内装饰 marker and cutter, upholstery
* 主图案裁剪者 master pattern cutter
* 貂尾分切工 - 毛皮制品制造业 mink tail slitter – fur products manufacturing
* 裁剪师 pattern cutter
* 步枪盒制造商,皮革 rifle case maker, leather
* 鞍马裁剪者 - 皮革制品制造 saddle cutter – leather products manufacturing
* 帆布裁剪者 - 布制品制造业 sailcloth cutter – fabric products manufacturing
* 取样裁剪者 sample cutter
* 取样裁剪者 - 面料,毛皮及皮革制品制造 sample cutter – fabric, fur and leather products manufacturing
* 鞋裁剪者 shoe cutter
* 鞋部件裁剪者 - 鞋类制造 shoe parts cutter – footwear manufacturing
* 沙发套裁剪者 - 织物制品制造业 slipcover cutter – fabric products manufacturing
* 分切工和复卷工 slitter and rewinder
* 分切工,复卷工 slitter-rewinder
* 剥线机操作者 - 皮革制品制造 stripping machine tender – leather products manufacturing
* 微调工 - 皮革制品制造 trimmer – leather products manufacturing
* 主干设备制造商,皮革 trunk maker, leather
* 内饰标记工和裁剪者 upholstery marker and cutter
* 贴边制造商 - 帽制造业 welt maker – hat manufacturing
* 贴边修边机操作者 - 帽制造业 welt-trimming machine tender – hat manufacturing

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