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ANZSCO 134212 临床护理主任 Nursing Clinical Director - FLYabroad

134212 临床护理主任职业描述 Job description - FLYabroad

Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates nursing programs and clinical services in a hospital, aged care or other health service facility, maintains standards of nursing care, provides leadership to ensure an appropriately skilled nursing and midwifery workforce, and contributes to health service planning. Registration or licensing may be required. Previously referred to in ASCO as:1292-11 Director of Nursing

134212 临床护理主任职位别名 - FLYabroad

134212 护理主任 Director of Nursing (A)
134212 高级护理管理人员 Senior Nurse Manager (A)
134212 助理护理主任 Assistant Director of Nursing (S)
134212 副护理主任 Deputy Director of Nursing (S)
134212 执行护理主任 Executive Director of Nursing (S)

134212 临床护理主任技术等级 Skill level - FLYabroad

临床护理主任的技能等级为1 (ANZSCO Skill Level 1)。

134212 临床护理主任所属职业列表 - FLYabroad

SOL - 澳洲技术移民职业列表 Skilled Occupation List - FLYabroad
LSO - 新西兰技术移民职业列表 LIST OF SKILLED OCCUPATIONS - FLYabroad - Part A

134212 临床护理主任澳洲技术移民职业评估 Skills assessment authority - FLYabroad

ANMAC - 澳洲技术移民护士评估 Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council:A类雅思4个7,至少3年全日制本科学历。

134212 临床护理主任州担保情况 - FLYabroad

近期担保过 134212 护理临床主任 Nursing Clinical Director 职业的州包括:

* 北领地 Northern Territory
* 新南威尔士 New South Wales
* 塔斯马尼亚 Tasmania

134212 临床护理主任新西兰技术移民紧缺职业加分要求 - FLYabroad


134212 临床护理主任执业注册要求(不代表移民要求) - FLYabroad

Registration or licensing is required.

West Australia
All other states

相关职业 - FLYabroad

134211 医疗主管 Medical Superintendent
134213 初级卫生机构管理者 Primary Health Organisation Manager
134214 福利中心经理 Welfare Centre Manager
134299 卫生和福利服务经理NEC Health and Welfare Services Managers nec

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