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ANZSCO 253915 病理学家 Pathologist - FLYabroad


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ANZSCO 253915 病理学家 Pathologist - FLYabroad

253915 病理学家职业描述 Job description - FLYabroad

病理学家负责通过检查身体组织、血液和其他体液的变化查找疾病原因和进程,做组织、血液和身体分泌物的样本测试。需要注册或许可。 Identifies the cause and processes of disease and illness by examining changes in body tissue and in blood and other body fluids, and conducts tests on samples of tissues, blood and body secretions. Registration or licensing is required.

Previously referred to in ASCO as: 2312-23 Medical Practitioner - Pathologist

253915 病理学家职位别名 - FLYabroad

253915 临床细胞病理医生 Clinical Cytopathologist (S)
253915 法医科医生 Forensic Pathologist (S)
253915 免疫科医生 Immunologist (S)

253915 病理学家技术等级 Skill level - FLYabroad

病理学家的技能等级为1 (ANZSCO Skill Level 1)。

253915 病理学家所属职业列表 - FLYabroad

SOL - 澳洲技术移民职业列表 Skilled Occupation List - FLYabroad
LSO - 新西兰技术移民职业列表 LIST OF SKILLED OCCUPATIONS - FLYabroad - Part A

253915 病理学家澳洲技术移民职业评估 Skills assessment authority - FLYabroad

AMB - 澳大利亚医学委员会 Australian Medical Board

253915 病理学家州担保情况 - FLYabroad

近期担保过 253915 病理学家 Pathologist 职业的州包括:

* 南澳 South Australia
* 西澳 West Australia
* 新南威尔士 New South Wales
* 塔斯马尼亚 Tasmania

253915 病理学家新西兰技术移民紧缺职业加分要求 - FLYabroad

在新西兰医学委员会有相关的:临时职业的或职业的执业范围内的注册。(此领域绝对紧缺技能资质:医学和外科双学士。) NZ registration within a relevant provisional vocational or vocational scope of practice with the Medical Council of New Zealand.(Qualifications in this area of absolute skill shortage are: a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)

253915 病理学家执业注册要求(不代表移民要求) - FLYabroad

Registration or licensing is required.

AMB - 澳大利亚医学委员会 Australian Medical Board

相关职业 - FLYabroad

253911 皮肤科医生 Dermatologist
253912 急诊医学专家 Emergency Medicine Specialist
253913 产科医生和妇科医生 Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
253914 眼科医生 Ophthalmologist
253917 诊断和介入放射科专家 Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologist
253918 放射肿瘤科专家 Radiation Oncologist
253999 其他医疗执业人员 Medical Practitioners nec

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