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Conjugal partner 婚姻伙伴


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婚姻伙伴,夫妻伙伴 普通法伴侣,也叫共同同居伙伴

婚姻伙伴 Conjugal partner 是一个特殊的关系,可以是同性也可以是异性。维持这种关系主要是因为由于不可抗的原因使他们无法成为法律上的配偶和普通法伴侣。


以下是加拿大官方对 Conjugal partner 的解释:

This category is for partners—either of the opposite sex or same sex—in exceptional circumstances beyond their control that prevent them from qualifying as common-law partners or spouses by living together.

A conjugal relationship is more than a physical relationship.It means you depend on each other,there is some permanence to the relationship and there is the same level of commitment as a marriage or a common-law relationship.

You may apply as a conjugal partner if:

     * you have maintained a conjugal relationship with your sponsor for at least one year and you have been prevented from living together or marrying because of:
         A. an immigration barrier
         B. your marital status (for example, you are married to some one else and living in a country where divorce is not possible) or
         C. your sexual orientation(for example, you are in a same-sex relationship and same-sex marriage is not permitted where you live)

     * you can provide evidence there was a reason you could not live together(for example, you were refused long-term stays in each other’scountry).

You should not apply as a conjugal partner if:

     * You could have lived together but chose not to. This shows that you did not have the level of commitment required for a conjugal relationship.(For example,one of you may not have wanted to give up a job or a course of study, or your relationship was not yet at the point where you were ready to live together.)
     * You cannot provide evidence there was a reason that kept you from living together.
     * You are engaged to be married.In this case,you should either apply as a spouse once the marriage has taken place or apply as a common-law partner if you have lived together continuously for at least 12 months.


普通法伴侣 Common-law partner
非独立子女、受抚养子女、受供应子女 Dependent children
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