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MBA 澳大利亚医学委员会机构介绍 - FLYabroad

澳大利亚的医生在从业前,必须在澳大利亚医学委员会(Medical Board of Australia)注册

MBA 澳大利亚医学委员会注册分类 - FLYabroad

1. 一般注册 General registration
2. 专家注册 Specialist registration
3. 临时注册 Provisional registration
4. 有限制的注册 Limited registration
5. 非从业注册 Non-practising registration

其中有限制的注册 Limited registration
适合想要在澳大利亚注册的海外资格的医疗从业者 Limited registration is available to medical practitioners whose medical qualifications are from a medical school outside of Australia or New Zealand.
These medical schools must be listed in the current online version of the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research. Approved courses of study means that the applicant must be able to demonstrate that they have completed a medical curriculum of at least four academic years, leading to an entitlement to registration in the country issuing the degree to practise clinical medicine.

MBA 澳大利亚医学委员会要求 - FLYabroad

All applicants must be able to demonstrate English language skills at IELTS academic level 7 or the equivalent, and achieve the required minimum score in each component of the IELTS academic module, OET or alternatives specified in the standard.
2.身份证明 All applicants are required to comply with the Board’s 'Proof of Identity' requirements.
3.职业发展注册标准 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) registration standard
所有的医疗从业者都需要参加CPD计划 All medical practitioners who are engaged in any form of medical practice are required to participate regularly in continuing professional development (CPD) that is relevant to their scope of practice.
4.近期的执业 Recency of practice registration standard
医疗从业者需提供他们注册领域的近期从业记录。To ensure that they are able to practise competently and safely, medical practitioners must have recent practice in the fields in which they intend to work during the period of registration for which they are applying.
5.专业责任保险 Professional indemnity insurance registration standard
All registered medical practitioners who undertake any form of practice must have professional indemnity insurance (PII), or some alternative form of indemnity cover that complies with this standard, for all aspects of their medical practice.
6.犯罪档案 Criminal history registration standard
委员会有权核查从业者的犯罪历史。 The Board has the power to check the criminal history of registered medical practitioners.
Medical practitioners will be required, at annual renewal (section 109 of the National Law), and at any time during the registration period (section 130 of the National Law) to advise the Board of any charges for offences punishable by 12 months imprisonment or more, and any convictions or findings of guilt for offences punishable by imprisonment.

MBA 澳大利亚医学委员会注册方式 - FLYabroad

国际医学毕业生注册方法 Pathways to Registration for IMGs(International Medical Graduates)
1.通过主管部门 Competent Authority pathway

a. 适合于:有初级医疗资格证书、或在下列国家完成了指定的培训和评估的国际医学毕业生 International Medical Graduates (IMGs) applying for limited registration who have a primary medical qualification from - or have completed specified training and assessment in - the United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, Canada or New Zealand may be eligible for the Competent Authority pathway.
b.要求:提供AMC颁发的免修学分证明 Applicants who are eligible for this pathway must provide the Board with a Certificate of Advanced Standing issued by the Australian Medical Council (AMC), together with their application.
c.医疗从业者可以通过主管部门申请的限制注册的岗位种类 Limited registration categories that medical practitioners in the Competent Authority pathway can apply for are
* 医院岗位 Hospital based position
Limited registration for postgraduate training or supervised practice
* 专家 Specialist Position
Limited registration for area of need - if working in a specialist role
* 一般医师 General Practice
Limited registration for area of need if working in general practice
d.持有免修学分证明的留学生,在医院完成了1年的督导实习后可以申请一般医师 IMGs who have an Advanced Standing Certificate may be eligible to progress to General Registration after they have completed 12 months of satisfactory supervised practice in a hospital-based position.
e. 当给个人授予注册证书时,要求同时附上监督报告。Supervision and reporting requirements will be defined by the Board when granting registration to individual practitioners. These requirements will be tailored to the skills and experience of individual practitioners and designed to ensure all registrants are able to provide safe care to the Australian community.

2.专家途径 Specialist pathway

* 海外培训专家,部分资格已经经过澳大利亚学校的认证 Overseas trained specialists whose qualifications have been partially recognised by an Australian/Australasian specialist college
* 海外培训专家去紧缺专家地区工作 Overseas trained specialists seeking work as an Area of Need specialist
* 海外培训的专家想要在澳大利亚进行短期的培训 Overseas trained specialists and specialists-in-training who wish to undertake training in Australia for a limited period (for example, one year)
b.需要在AMC认可的学校评估 Applicants must have been assessed by an AMC accredited specialist college.
c.可以申请的岗位 * 一般医师 General Practice position(Limited registration for area of need - if working in an area of need general practice role.)
* 专家紧缺地区医师 Area of need specialist position(Limited registration for area of need - if working in an area of need specialist role. )
申请者需要接收去偏远地区工作的要求 .Applicants must have been accepted into the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) or Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) specialist pathway

3.标准途径 Standard pathway
a.适用于不符合上列要求的申请者 This applies to IMGs who are not eligible for registration under the Competent Authority and Specialist pathway
b.有限制注册要求:Assessment requirement for entitlement to apply for limited registration
通过了AMC的MCQ考试 Applicants must have passed the AMC Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination.
* 一般医师 General Practice position
* 医院医师 Hospital based position
d.一般注册要求 Assessment required to achieve AMC Certificate to be entitled to general registration
通过AMC的临床考试 Applicants must have passed the AMC Clinical Examination.
MBA 澳大利亚医学委员会注册费用- FLYabroad

Application for general registration :$670
Application for specialist registration:$670
Application for limited registration:$670

MBA 澳大利亚医学委员会联系方式 - FLYabroad

Postal address:
Medical Board of Australia
Doctor Joanna Flynn
Chair, Medical Board of Australia
G.P.O. Box 9958
Melbourne VIC 3001

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