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0 管理职位 Management Occupations


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0 管理职位 Management Occupations

大类 00 Major Group 00

高级管理职位 Senior Management Occupations
001 议员及高级管理 Legislators and Senior Management

0011 议员 Legislators
0012 高级政府管理官员 Senior Government Managers and Officials
0013 高级经理 - 财务,通信及商业服务 Senior Managers - Financial, Communications and Other Business Services
0014 高级经理 - 健康,教育,社会和社团组织 Senior Managers - Health, Education, Social and Community Services and Membership Organizations
0015 高级经理 - 贸易,广播及其他服务 n.e.c. Senior Managers - Trade, Broadcasting and Other Services, n.e.c.
0016 高级经理 - 消费产品,公用设施,运输和建筑 Senior Managers - Goods Production, Utilities, Transportation and Construction

大类 01-09 Major Group 01-09
中层及其他管理职位Middle and Other Management Occupations

011 行政服务管理 Administrative Services Managers

0111 财务经理 Financial Managers
0112 人力资源经理 Human Resources Managers
0113 采购经理 Purchasing Managers
0114 其他行政服务经理 Other Administrative Services Managers

012 金融及商业服务经理 Managers in Financial and Business Services

0121 保险,房地产和金融经纪人经理 Insurance, Real Estate and Financial Brokerage Managers
0122 银行,信用卡及其他投资经理 Banking, Credit and Other Investment Managers
0123 其他商业服务管理 Other Business Services Managers

013 通信领域经理(广播公司除外) Managers in Communication (Except Broadcasting)

0131 电信运营商经理 Telecommunication Carriers Managers
0132 邮政快递服务经理 Postal and Courier Services Managers

021 工程,建筑,科学和信息系统经理 Managers in Engineering, Architecture, Science and Information Systems

0211 工程经理 Engineering Managers
0212 建筑和科学经理 Architecture and Science Managers
0213 计算机和信息系统经理 Computer and Information Systems Managers

031 健康,教育,社会和社团服务经理 Managers in Health, Education, Social and Community Services

0311 健康护理经理 Managers in Health Care
0312 高等教育及职业培训管理人员 Administrators - Post-Secondary Education and Vocational Training
0313 中小学校长及管理人员 School Principals and Administrators of Elementary and Secondary Education
0314 社会,社团及惩教署经理 Managers in Social, Community and Correctional Services

041 公共管理经理 Managers in Public Administration

0411 政府管理 - 健康和社会政策制定及计划经理 Government Managers - Health and Social Policy Development and Program Administration
0412 政府管理 - 经济分析,政策制定及计划经理 Government Managers - Economic Analysis, Policy Development and Program Administration
0413 政府管理 - 教育政策制定及计划经理 Government Managers - Education Policy Development and Program Administration
0414 其他公共管理经理 Other Managers in Public Administration

051 艺术,文化,娱乐及体育经理 Managers in Art, Culture, Recreation and Sport

0511 图书馆,档案室,博物馆及美术馆经理 Library, Archive, Museum and Art Gallery Managers
0512 经理 - 出版,电影,广播和表演艺术经理 Managers - Publishing, Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and Performing Arts
0513 娱乐,体育和全民健身计划和服务经理 Recreation, Sports and Fitness Program and Service Directors

061 销售,市场和广告经理 Sales, Marketing and Advertising Managers

0611 销售,市场和广告经理 Sales, Marketing and Advertising Managers

062 零售贸易经理 Managers in Retail Trade

0621 零售贸易经理 Retail Trade Managers

063 餐饮和住宿服务经理 Managers in Food Service and Accommodation

0631 饭店和食品服务经理 Restaurant and Food Service Managers
0632 住宿服务经理 Accommodation Service Managers

064 保护服务经理 Managers in Protective Service

0641 警官 Commissioned Police Officers
0642 消防官员 Fire Chiefs and Senior Firefighting Officers
0643 武装部队军官 Commissioned Officers, Armed Forces

065 其他服务经理 Managers in Other Services

0651 其他服务经理 Other Services Managers

071 建筑和运输经理 Managers in Construction and Transportation

0711 建筑经理 Construction Managers
0712 住宅建筑及装修经理 Residential Home Builders and Renovators
0713 运输经理 Transportation Managers

072 设备运行及维修经理 Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers

0721 设备运行及维修经理 Facility Operation and Maintenance Managers

081 初级生产经理(除农业) Managers in Primary Production (Except Agriculture)

0811 初级生产经理(除农业) Primary Production Managers (Except Agriculture)

091 生产及公用设施经理 Managers in Manufacturing and Utilities

0911 制造业经理 Manufacturing Managers
0912 公用设施经理 Utilities Managers

Total Unit Group Titles: 44


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