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NOC 1 商业,财务及行政职位 Business, Finance and Administration Occupations


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1 商业,财务及行政职位 Business, Finance and Administration Occupations

大类 11 Major Group 11
商业及财务专家职位 Professional Occupations in Business and Finance
111 审计师,会计和投资专家 Auditors, Accountants and Investment Professionals

1111 财务设计师及会计师 Financial Auditors and Accountants
1112 财务及投资分析师 Financial and Investment Analysts
1113 证券代理,投资商及经纪人 Securities Agents, Investment Dealers and Brokers
1114 其他财务官 Other Financial Officers

112 人力资源及商务服务专家 Human Resources and Business Service Professionals

1121 人力资源专家 Specialists in Human Resources
1122 为管理提供商业服务专业人员 Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management

大类 12 Major Group 12
行政及业务技能职业 Skilled Administrative and Business Occupations
121 文书监视 Clerical Supervisors

1211 主管,办公室及行政支持职员 Supervisors, General Office and Administrative Support Clerks
1212 主管,金融及保险职员 Supervisors, Finance and Insurance Clerks
1213 主管,图书馆,函授及相关信息职员 Supervisors, Library, Correspondence and Related Information Clerks
1214 主管,邮件及信息分发 Supervisors, Mail and Message Distribution Occupations
1215 主管,记录,分发和调度 Supervisors, Recording, Distributing and Scheduling Occupations

122 行政和管理职业 Administrative and Regulatory Occupations

1221 行政干事 Administrative Officers
1222 行政助理 Executive Assistants
1223 人事及征聘干事 Personnel and Recruitment Officers
1224 物业管理 Property Administrators
1225 采购代理干事 Purchasing Agents and Officers
1226 会议及活动策划 Conference and Event Planners
1227 法官及治安法官 Court Officers and Justices of the Peace
1228 移民,就业保险及Immigration, Employment Insurance and Revenue Officers

123 财务及保险管理 Finance and Insurance Administrative Occupations

1231 簿记员 Bookkeepers
1232 信贷官员 Loan Officers
1233 保险管理员及索赔员 Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners
1234 保险业者 Insurance Underwriters
1235 评估人,估价员及鉴定会员 Assessors, Valuators and Appraisers
1236 海关,船舶和其他经纪人 Customs, Ship and Other Brokers

124 秘书,记录员和打字员 Secretaries, Recorders and Transcriptionists

1241 秘书(不包括法律及医药) Secretaries (Except Legal and Medical)
1242 法律秘书 Legal Secretaries
1243 医药秘书 Medical Secretaries
1244 法庭记录及医药打字员(体检记录员) Court Recorders and Medical Transcriptionists

大类 14 Major Group 14 (level C)
文书职业 Clerical Occupations
141 文书职位,办公室技能 Clerical Occupations, General Office Skills

1411 办公室职员 General Office Clerks
1413 记录管理及归档职员 Records Management and Filing Clerks
1414 接待员及总机接线员(前台) Receptionists and Switchboard Operators

142 办公设备操作员 Office Equipment Operators

1422 数据录入员 Data Entry Clerks
1423 桌面发布操作员和相关职业 Desktop Publishing Operators and Related Occupations
1424 电话接线员 Telephone Operators

143 金融及保险业务员 Finance and Insurance Clerks

1431 核算及相关办事员 Accounting and Related Clerks
1432 工资办事员 Payroll Clerks
1433 客户服务代表 - 金融服务 Customer Service Representatives - Financial Services
1434 银行,保险及其他金融办事员 Banking, Insurance and Other Financial Clerks
1435 收藏家 Collectors

144 行政助理办事员 Administrative Support Clerks

1441 行政办事员 Administrative Clerks
1442 人事办事员 Personnel Clerks
1443 法院书记官 Court Clerks

145 图书馆,信件及相关信息办事员 Library, Correspondence and Related Information Clerks

1451 图书馆办事员 Library Clerks
1452 通信,出版及相关办事员 Correspondence, Publication and Related Clerks
1453 客户服务,资料及相关办事员 Customer Service, Information and Related Clerks
1454 调查面试及统计办事员 Survey Interviewers and Statistical Clerks

146 邮件及消息分发 Mail and Message Distribution Occupations

1461 信件,邮递及相关办事员 Mail, Postal and Related Clerks
1462 信件运营商 Letter Carriers
1463 邮递员,信使及上门分发员 Couriers, Messengers and Door-to-Door Distributors

147 记录,调度及分发职业 Recording, Scheduling and Distributing Occupations

1471 托运及接收员 Shippers and Receivers
1472 仓库保管员 Storekeepers and Parts Clerks
1473 生产办事员 Production Clerks
1474 采购及库存办事员 Purchasing and Inventory Clerks
1475 调度员及无线报务员 Dispatchers and Radio Operators
1476 运输路线及人员调度员 Transportation Route and Crew Schedulers

Total Unit Group Titles: 56


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