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1221 行政人员 Administrative officers - FLYabroad NOC


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## 1221 行政人员 Administrative officers - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Administrative officers oversee and implement administrative procedures, establish work priorities, conduct analyses of administrative operations and co-ordinate acquisition of administrative services such as office space, supplies and security services. They are employed throughout the private and public sectors. Administrative officers who are supervisors are included in this group.

## 1221 行政人员头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 获取信息和隐私官员 access to information and privacy officer
* 行政人员 administrative officer
* 行政服务协调员 administrative services co-ordinator
* 协调员,办公服务 co-ordinator, office services
* 表单管理人员 forms management officer
* 联络官 liaison officer
* 办公室管理员 office administrator
* 办公室经理 office manager
* 策划主任 planning officer
* 分析师 - 获取信息 records analyst – access to information
* 剩余资产人员 surplus assets officer
* 大学招生人员 university admissions officer

## 1221 行政人员主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

行政人员执行部分或全部下列职责:Administrative officers perform some or all of the following duties:

* 监督和协调办公室行政程序,审查,评估和实施新程序
Oversee and co-ordinate office administrative procedures and review, evaluate and implement new procedures

* 建立工作重点,向办公室支持人员委派工作,确保按期完成并遵守程序
Establish work priorities, delegate work to office support staff, and ensure deadlines are met and procedures are followed

* 开展与中学后教育机构招生相关的行政活动
Carry out administrative activities associated with admissions to post-secondary educational institutions

* 执行与处理政府请求访问信息和隐私立法记录的发布相关的政策和程序
Administer policies and procedures related to the release of records in processing requests under government access to information and privacy legislation

* 办公服务,如住宿,搬迁,设备,物资,形式,出售资产,停车,维修和安全服务的协调和规划
Co-ordinate and plan for office services, such as accommodation, relocations, equipment, supplies, forms, disposal of assets, parking, maintenance and security services

* 分析和监督与预算,承包和项目规划和管理过程相关的行政业务
Conduct analyses and oversee administrative operations related to budgeting, contracting and project planning and management processes

* 协助编制经营预算,并维持库存和预算控制
Assist in preparation of operating budget and maintain inventory and budgetary controls

* 收集数据,并定期准备特别报告,手册和信件
Assemble data and prepare periodic and special reports, manuals and correspondence

* 可以监督记录管理技术人员及相关人员。
May supervise records management technicians and related staff.

## 1221 行政人员任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 必需完成中学学业。
Completion of secondary school is required.

* 可能需要企业或公共管理大学学位或大专文凭。
A university degree or college diploma in business or public administration may be required.

* 通常需要与行政管理相关的高级文书或行政秘书的经验。
Experience in a senior clerical or executive secretarial position related to office administration is usually required.

* 有些雇主可能要求具有项目管理认证。
Project management certification may be required by some employers.

## 1221 行政人员附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 随着经验积累,可能晋升到行政服务管理职位。
Progression to administrative service management positions is possible with experience.

## 1221 行政人员其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 行政服务经理(其他行政服务经理) Administrative services managers (in [0114](0114) Other administrative services managers )
* 会议和活动策划 Conference and event planners [1226](1226)
* 行政助理 Executive assistants [1222](1222)
* 物业管理员 Property administrators [1224](1224)

## 1221 行政人员职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 获取信息和隐私人员 access to information and privacy officer
* 信息访问员 access to information officer
* 管理分析师 administration analyst
* 管理人员 administration officer
* 管理服务协调员 administration services co-ordinator
* 管理分析师 administrative analyst
* 行政协调员 administrative co-ordinator
* 行政人员 administrative officer
* 行政规划人员 administrative planning officer
* 行政服务协调员 administrative services co-ordinator
* 行政服务人员 administrative services officer
* 行政支持人员 administrative support officer
* 行政技师 administrative technician
* 管理员,储备 administrator, reserve
* 招生人员,中学后教育机构 admissions officer, post-secondary educational institution
* 乐队管理员 band administrator
* 双语服务协调员 bilingual services co-ordinator
* 预算分析师 budget analyst
* 业务代表 - 俱乐部,小屋或社会 business representative – club, lodge or society
* 商业服务人员 business services officer
* 首席监考 chief invigilator
* 民间应急措施主任 civil emergency measures officer
* 理赔人员 claims officer
* 通信服务协调员 communications service co-ordinator
* 协调员,中英双语服务 co-ordinator, bilingual services
* 协调员,办公服务 co-ordinator, office services
* 皇冠资产分发干事 Crown assets distribution officer
* 文档和项目分析师 documentation and projects analyst
* 考试监考老师,中学后机构 exam invigilator, post-secondary institution
* 考试监考官,专科院校 exam proctor, post-secondary institution
* 考试监事,大专机构 exam supervisor, post-secondary institution
* 财政援助人员 financial aid officer
* 协调员财政援助 - 大专或大学 financial assistance co-ordinator – college or university
* 财政援助人员 financial assistance officer
* 表单管理人员 forms management officer
* 自由信息人员 freedom of information officer
* 投资移民计划协调员 immigrant investors program co-ordinator
* 执行官员 implementation officer
* 租赁管理主管 lease administration supervisor
* 联络官 liaison officer
* 管理规划人员 management planning officer
* 本土乐队管理员 Native band administrator
* 本地储备管理员 Native reserve administrator
* 非技术项目经理 non-technical project manager
* 办公室行政技师 office administrative technician
* 办公室管理员 office administrator
* 办公自动化管理​​员 office automation administrator
* 办公自动化协调员 office automation co-ordinator
* 办公自动化技术员 office automation technician
* 办公室协调员 office co-ordinator
* 办公室经理 office manager
* 办公服务协调员 office services co-ordinator
* 人员,获得信息和隐私 officer, access to information and privacy
* 官员,民间应急措施 officer, civil emergency measures
* 官方语言协调员 official languages co-ordinator
* 申诉专员主任 ombudsman officer
* 工作人员 - 管理 operating officer – administration
* 营运总监 - 管理 operational officer – administration
* 操作人员 - 管理 operations officer – administration
* 组织和生产力项目经理 organization and productivity project manager
* 组织和生产力项目官员 organization and productivity project officer
* 停车场协调员 parking co-ordinator
* 策划主任 planning officer
* 初步按规划师 preliminary press planner
* 印前策划人 - 出版 prepress planner – publishing
* 隐私官 privacy officer
* 项目管理人员 project administration officer
* 项目经理 - 非技术 project manager – non-technical
* 公共受托人 public trustee
* 分析师 - 获取信息 records analyst – access to information
* 区域服务主任 regional services chief
* 搬迁专员 relocation commissioner
* 储备管理员 reserve administrator
* 学生援助人员 student aid officer
* 学生援助人员 student assistance officer
* 剩余资产人员 surplus assets officer
* 技术助理 - 办公室支持 technical assistant – office support
* 测试管理员 test administrator
* 测试协调员 testing co-ordinator
* 测试主管 testing supervisor
* 大学招生人员 university admissions officer

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