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1225 采购代理和人员 Purchasing agents and officers - FLYabroad NOC


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## 1225 采购代理和人员 Purchasing agents and officers - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Purchasing agents and officers purchase general and specialized equipment, materials, land or access rights and business services for use or for further processing by their establishment. They are employed throughout the public and private sectors.

## 1225 采购代理和人员头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 合同管理人员 contract management officer
* 合同干事 contracts officer
* 能源资产的表面土地分析师 energy asset surface land analyst
* 材料管理人员 material management officer
* 采购人员 procurement officer
* 买方,家具装饰 purchaser, furniture and furnishings
* 采购代理 purchasing agent
* 供应商,政府 supply officer, government

## 1225 采购代理和人员主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

采购代理和人员执行部分或全部下列职责:Purchasing agents and officers perform some or all of the following duties:

* 购买公司要用的活进一步加工的通用和专用设备,材料,土地或访问权限,或业务服务。
Purchase general and specialized equipment, materials, land or access rights, or business services for use or for further processing by their establishment

* 评估公司需求,制定要购买设备,材料和用品的说明
Assess requirements of an establishment and develop specifications for equipment, materials and supplies to be purchased

* 邀请招标,与供应商咨询报价并评估报价
Invite tenders, consult with suppliers and review quotations

* 确定或协商合同条款和条件,向供应商提供合同或推荐合同裁定书
Determine or negotiate contract terms and conditions, award supplier contracts or recommend contract awards

* 协商征地或公共或私人用途的访问权限,并指导进行实地调查
Negotiate land acquisition or access rights for public or private use, and may conduct field investigations of properties

* 可以聘请,培训或监督采购文员。
May hire, train or supervise purchasing clerks.

* 采购代理和人员可以专注于特定的材料或业务服务,如家具或办公设备购置。
Purchasing agents and officers may specialize in the purchase of particular materials or business services such as furniture or office equipment.

## 1225 采购代理和人员任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 通常需要商业管理,商业或经济学大学本科学历或大专文凭。
A bachelor's degree or college diploma in business administration, commerce or economics is usually required.

* 采购代理和购买专用材料或业务服务的人员可能需要相关大学学位或大专文凭。例如,工业产品采购员可能需要工程学士学位或大专文凭。
Purchasing agents and officers purchasing specialized materials or business services may require a related university degree or college diploma. For example, a bachelor's degree or college diploma in engineering may be required for purchasers of industrial products.

* 可能需要加拿大采购管理协会(PMAC)的采购从业证书。
A certificate in purchasing from the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC) may be required.

* 可能需要采购文员或作为行政职员的以往经验。
Previous experience as a purchasing clerk or as an administrative clerk may be required.

* 可能需要国际权利方法协会(IRWA)的认证。
Certification from the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) may be required.

## 1225 采购代理和人员附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 随着经验积累,可能晋升为管理岗位。
Progression to managerial positions is possible with experience.

## 1225 采购代理和人员其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 采购和库存控制人员 Purchasing and inventory control workers [1524](1524)
* 采购经理人 Purchasing managers [0113](0113)
* 零售及批发买家 Retail and wholesale buyers [6222](6222)

## 1225 采购代理和人员职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 广告买家 advertising buyer
* 代理,路权即优先行驶权 agent, right-of-way
* 分析师,采购合同 analyst, purchasing contracts
* 业务服务的采购人员 business services purchasing officer
* 买家 - 生产及加工 buyer – manufacturing and processing
* 买方 - 采购 buyer – purchasing
* 买家,广告 buyer, advertising
* 买家,媒体的时间和空间 buyer, media time and space
* 合同索赔考官 contract claims examiner
* 合同管理人员 contract management officer
* 合同的谈判 contract negotiator
* 合同干事 contracts officer
* 能源资产的合资企业代表 energy asset joint venture representative
* 能源资产的表面土地分析师 energy asset surface land analyst
* 媒体估计师 estimator, media
* 家具和陈设买主 furniture and furnishings purchaser
* 政府补给干事 government supply officer
* 谷物买家 grain buyer
* 酒店采购代理 hotel purchasing agent
* 酒店采购人员 hotel purchasing officer
* 土地代理 land agent
* 土地谈判代表 land negotiator
* 石油承租人/男/女 - 石油和天然气 landman/woman – oil and gas
* 材料管理人员 material management officer
* 物资采购人员 material purchasing officer
* 材料统筹 materials co-ordinator
* 媒体买家 media buyer
* 媒体评估人 media estimator
* 媒体时间和空间的买家 media time and space buyer
* 矿产土地承包分析师 mineral land contracts analyst
* 谈判代表,采购合同 negotiator, purchasing contracts
* 办公设备采购人员 office equipment purchasing officer
* 合同管理人员, officer, contract management
* 铁矿石买家 ore buyer
* 客运和货运率分析师 passenger and freight rates analyst
* 石油土地管理员 petroleum land administrator
* 采购人员 procurement officer
* 产品管理员 products administrator
* 纸浆用木材买家 pulpwood buyer
* 购买者 purchaser
* 买方,家具装饰 purchaser, furniture and furnishings
* 采购代理 purchasing agent
* 采购合同管理员 purchasing contracts administrator
* 分析师采购合同 purchasing contracts analyst
* 采购合同管理人员 purchasing contracts management officer
* 采购合同的谈判 purchasing contracts negotiator
* 采购合同官 purchasing contracts officer
* 采购人员 purchasing officer
* 采购主管 purchasing supervisor
* 采购服务合同的谈判 purchasing-services contracts negotiator
* 无线电时间买家 radio time buyer
* 餐厅采购代理 restaurant purchasing agent
* 餐厅的采购人员 restaurant purchasing officer
* 偏右的方式代理 right-of-way agent
* 资深买家 - 采购 senior buyer – purchasing
* 服务合同的谈判 services contracts negotiator
* 管理工作人员 stewardship officer
* 储存设备的采购统筹 storage purchasing co-ordinator
* 主管,采购 supervisor, purchasing
* 供应链专家 - 采购 supply chain specialist – procurement
* 供应官,政府 supply officer, government
* 电视的时间买家 television time buyer
* 以及设施资产分析师 well and facilities asset analyst

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