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2141 工业和制造工程师 Industrial and manufacturing engineers - FLYabroad NOC


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## 2141 工业和制造工程师 Industrial and manufacturing engineers - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL A


Industrial and manufacturing engineers conduct studies, and develop and supervise programs to achieve the best use of equipment, human resources, technology, materials and procedures to enhance efficiency and productivity. Industrial and manufacturing engineers are employed in consulting firms, manufacturing and processing companies, in government, financial, health care and other institutions, or they may be self-employed.

## 2141 工业和制造工程师头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 工程师,计算机集成制造(CIM) engineer, computer integrated manufacturing (CIM)
* 防火工程师 fire prevention engineer
* 工业工程师 industrial engineer
* 制造工程师 manufacturing engineer
* 工厂工程师 plant engineer
* 生产工程师 production engineer
* 质量控制工程师 quality control engineer
* 安全工程师 safety engineer
* 工作测量工程师 work measurement engineer

## 2141 工业和制造工程师主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

工业和制造工程师执行部分或全部下列职责:Industrial and manufacturing engineers perform some or all of the following duties:

* 规划和设计工厂布局和设施
Plan and design plant layouts and facilities

* 研究新的机械和设施,并建议或选择高效的组合
Study new machinery and facilities and recommend or select efficient combinations

* 开发灵活或集成制造系统和程序
Develop flexible or integrated manufacturing systems and procedures

* 指导研究和实施方案,以确定最佳库存水平的生产,并允许机械,材料和资源的最佳利用
Conduct studies and implement programs to determine optimum inventory levels for production and to allow optimum utilization of machinery, materials and resources

* 分析生产成本
Analyze costs of production

* 设计,开发和指导时间研究和简化工作程序
Design, develop and conduct time studies and work simplification programs

* 确定人力资源和技能要求,制定培训计划
Determine human resource and skill requirements and develop training programs

* 制定性能标准,评价制度和工资及奖励计划
Develop performance standards, evaluation systems and wage and incentive programs

* 进行厂房设施及生产或行政系统的可靠性和性能研究
Conduct studies of the reliability and performance of plant facilities and production or administrative systems

* 制定维修标准,时间表和方案
Develop maintenance standards, schedules and programs

* 制定方案,并进行研究,以提高工业健康和安全或识别和纠正火灾和其他危险
Establish programs and conduct studies to enhance industrial health and safety or to identify and correct fire and other hazards

* 评价或评估工业设施
Evaluate or assess industrial facilities

* 监督技工,技师,分析师,管理人员和其他工程师。
Supervise technicians, technologists, analysts, administrative staff and other engineers.

任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 要求具备工业工程或相关工程学科大学本科学历。
A bachelor's degree in industrial engineering or in a related engineering discipline is required.

* 可能需要相关工程学科硕士学位或博士学位。
A master's degree or doctorate in a related engineering discipline may be required.

* 取得省级或区域专业工程师协会的许可,才可以批准工程图纸和报告,并作为专业工程师(专业工程师)进行实践活动。
Licensing by a provincial or territorial association of professional engineers is required to approve engineering drawings and reports and to practise as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.).

* 从认可的教育项目毕业后,同时三年或四年的工程行业受监督工作经验,并通过专业实践检验,才可以取得工程师资格注册。
Engineers are eligible for registration following graduation from an accredited educational program, and after three or four years of supervised work experience in engineering and passing a professional practice examination.

## 2141 工业和制造工程师附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 工业工程师制定和实施组织和管理系统,以及制造工程师设计的生产流程。
Industrial engineers develop and implement organizational and management systems, and manufacturing engineers design production processes.

* 一般水平的工业工程专业之间有相当大的流动性,。
There is considerable mobility between industrial engineering specializations at the less senior levels.

* 本单元组的主管和高级职务要求具有经验。
Supervisory and senior positions in this unit group require experience.

* 工程师们经常在多学科环境工作,并通过工作经验获取知识和技能,这使得他们在科学,工程,销售,市场营销或管理相关领域进行实践。
Engineers often work in a multidisciplinary environment and acquire knowledge and skills through work experience that may allow them to practise in associated areas of science, engineering, sales, marketing or management.

## 2141 工业和制造工程师其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 电脑工程师(软件工程师和设计师除外) Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)[2147](2147)
* 工程经理 Engineering managers [0211](0211)
* 机械工程师 Mechanical engineers [2132](2132)
* 冶金与材料工程师 Metallurgical and materials engineers [2142](2142)
* 组织分析员(企业管理咨询的专业职业) Organizational analysts (in [1122](1122) Professional occupations in business management consulting )

## 2141 工业和制造工程师职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* CIM(计算机集成制造)工程师 CIM (computer integrated manufacturing) engineer
* 计算机集成制造(CIM)工程师 computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) engineer
* 咨询工业工程师 consulting industrial engineer
* 造价工程师 cost engineer
* 效率工程师 efficiency engineer
* 工程师,计算机集成制造(CIM) engineer, computer integrated manufacturing (CIM)
* 工程师,制造 engineer, manufacturing
* 防火工程师 fire prevention engineer
* 工业效益工程师 industrial efficiency engineer
* 工业工程师 industrial engineer
* 工业安全工程师 industrial safety engineer
* 制造工程师 manufacturing engineer
* 方法工程师 methods engineer
* 工厂工程师 plant engineer
* 生产工程师 production engineer
* QA(质量保证)工程师 QA (quality assurance) engineer
* 质量保证(QA)工程师 quality assurance (QA) engineer
* 质量控制工程师 quality control engineer
* 安全工程师 safety engineer
* 系统工程师 - 制造业 systems engineer – manufacturing
* 时间研究工程师 time-study engineer
* 工作测量工程师 work measurement engineer

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