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3142 物理治疗师 Physiotherapists - FLYabroad NOC


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## 3142 物理治疗师 Physiotherapists - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL A


Physiotherapists assess patients and plan and carry out individually designed treatment programs to maintain, improve or restore physical functioning, alleviate pain and prevent physical dysfunction in patients. Physiotherapists are employed in hospitals, clinics, industry, sports organizations, rehabilitation centres and extended care facilities, or they may work in private practice.

## 3142 物理治疗师头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 理疗学家 physical therapist
* 理疗医师 physiotherapist
* 注册物理治疗师 registered physiotherapist
* 研究物理治疗师 research physiotherapist

## 3142 物理治疗师主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

* 通过功能测试等评估程序评估患者的身体能力;
Assess patients' physical abilities through evaluative procedures such as functional ability tests

* 与患者在物理诊断基础上确定治疗目标;
Establish treatment goals with patients based on physical diagnoses

* 计划并实施运动疗法、手法、按摩、指导、电疗及水电疗等理疗项目;
Plan and implement programs of physiotherapy including therapeutic exercise, manipulations, massage, education, the use of electro-therapeutic and other mechanical equipment and hydro-therapy

* 评估并改写治疗计划的有效性;
Evaluate effectiveness of treatment plans and modify accordingly

* 就患者问题、需求和康复等于有关医生和其他保健人员进行交流;
Communicate with referring physician and other healthcare professionals regarding patients' problems, needs and progress

* 维护临床和统计记录,并与有关护理人员确认之;
Maintain clinical and statistical records and confer with other health care professionals

* 为患者、员工和社区开发并实施康复项目;
Develop and implement health promotion programs for patients, staff and the community

* 就物理治疗展开研究;
May conduct research in physiotherapy

* 提供咨询和指导服务。
May provide consulting or education services.


Physiotherapists may focus their practice in particular clinical areas such as neurology, oncology, rheumatology, orthopedics, obstetrics, pediatrics, geriatrics, in the treatment of patients with cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary disorders, burns or sports injuries or in the field of ergonomics.

## 3142 物理治疗师任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 需要在物理治疗方面的大学学位和实际培训方面的经验;
A university degree in physiotherapy and a period of supervised practical training are required.

* 在所有省份均需要有关管理部门的执照和注册;
A licence or registration with a regulatory body is required to practise physiotherapy in all provinces.

* 需要通过国家理疗考试并接受理疗监管董事会联盟的管制。
Completion of the Physiotherapy National Exam, administered by the Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulatory Boards, may be required.

## 3142 物理治疗师附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 需要管理岗位如理疗主任的经验和有关培训。
Progression to management positions, such as director of physiotherapy, is possible through experience and additional training.

## 3142 物理治疗师其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 理疗主任Directors of physiotherapy (in [0311](0311) Managers in health care )
* 物理康复技师Physical rehabilitation technicians (in [3237](3237) Other technical occupations in therapy and assessment )

## 3142 物理治疗师职称头衔 Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 物理疗法临床协调员 clinical co-ordinator, physical therapy
* 物理治疗临床协调员 clinical co-ordinator, physiotherapy
* 临床物理治疗师 clinical physical therapist
* 临床理疗师 clinical physiotherapist
* 物理治疗师顾问 consultant physical therapist
* 理治师顾问 consultant physiotherapist
* 物理康复治疗师 physical rehabilitation therapist
* 物理治疗家 physical therapist
* 物理研究治疗师 physical therapist, research
* 物理治疗法临床协调员 physical therapy clinical co-ordinator
* 物理治疗临床专家 physical therapy clinical specialist
* 物理治疗主管 physical therapy supervisor
* 理疗医师 physiotherapist
* 研究理疗师 physiotherapist, research
* 理疗临床协调员 physiotherapy clinical co-ordinator
* 理疗主管 physiotherapy supervisor
* 注册物理治疗师 registered physical therapist
* 注册理疗师 registered physiotherapist
* 研究物理治疗师 research physical therapist
* 研究理疗师 research physiotherapist
* 物理治疗主管 supervisor, physical therapy
* 理疗主管 supervisor, physiotherapy
* 康复治疗师 therapist, physical rehabilitation

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