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4163 商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问 Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants - FLYabroad NOC


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## 4163 商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问 Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL A


Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants conduct research, formulate policies and manage programs to stimulate industrial and commercial business investment or tourism in urban and rural areas, or to promote commercial or industrial products and services. They are employed by government departments, international organizations, marketing firms and business associations or may be self-employed.

## 4163 商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 业务发展主任 business development officer
* 社区经济发展顾问 community economic development consultant
* 经济发展官 economic development officer
* 工业发展官 industrial development officer
* 市场研究人员 market researcher
* 市场分析师 marketing analyst
* 营销顾问 - 市场调研 marketing consultant – market research
* 区域发展分析师 regional development analyst
* 旅游开发官 tourism development officer
* 旅游业顾问 tourism industry consultant

## 4163 商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问执行部分或全部下列职责:Business development officers and marketing researchers and consultants perform some or all of the following duties:

* 制定政策和管理方案,以促进城市和农村地区的工业和商业企业投资
Develop policies and administer programs to promote industrial and commercial business investment in urban and rural areas

* 设计市场调研问卷
Design market research questionnaires

* 在地方,区域或国家地区进行社会或经济调查,评估发展潜力和未来的发展趋势
Conduct social or economic surveys on local, regional or national areas to assess development potential and future trends

* 计划开发项目,并与各种各样的工业和商业企业,社区和商业协会和政府机构的代表进行活动协调
Plan development projects and co-ordinate activities with representatives of a wide variety of industrial and commercial enterprises, community and business associations and government agencies

* 评估业务机会和发展战略,以吸引风险资本
Assess business opportunities and develop strategies to attract venture capital

* 对于商业界和一般公众对发展机遇的查询给予回应
Respond to enquiries from members of the business community and general public concerning development opportunities

* 审查和评估商业或工业的发展方案,并就政府审批程序和要求提供建议
Review and evaluate commercial or industrial development proposals and provide advice on procedures and requirements for government approval

* 针对批发或零售消费者的购买习惯和偏好,进行调查和数据分析
Conduct surveys and analyze data on the buying habits and preferences of wholesale or retail consumers

* 评估客户服务和存储环境
Evaluate customer service and store environments

* 比较研究工业及商业产品的营销策略
Conduct comparative research on marketing strategies for industrial and commercial products

* 制定城市和农村地区的社会和经济概况,鼓励工商业投资和发展。
Develop social and economic profiles of urban and rural areas to encourage industrial and commercial investment and development.

* 准备报告,研究论文,教育文本或文章
Prepare reports, research papers, educational texts or articles

* 规划和发展电子商务策略
Plan and develop E-commerce strategies

* 提供有关规划和启动新业务的咨询。
Provide consultation on planning and starting of new businesses.

## 4163 商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 必需是经济,商业,工商管理或公共管理大学本科学历。
A bachelor's degree in economics, commerce, business administration or public administration is required.

* 可能需要认证经济开发商证书(Ec.D.)。
Certification as a certified economic developer (Ec.D.) may be required.

## 4163 商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 随着经验积累,可能晋升到管理职位。
Progression to managerial positions is possible with experience.

## 4163 商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 经济发展管理者(政府管理者 - 经济分析,政策制定和计划管理) Economic development managers (in [0412](0412) Government managers - economic analysis, policy development and program administration )
* 经济学家和经济政策研究人员和分析师 Economists and economic policy researchers and analysts [4162](4162)
* 财务及投资分析员 Financial and investment analysts [1112](1112)
* 国际发展援助人员(社会政策研究人员,顾问和项目官员) International development or aid officers (in [4164](4164) Social policy researchers, consultants and program officers )
* 市场营销经理(广告,市场营销和公共关系经理) Marketing managers (in [0124](0124) Advertising, marketing and public relations managers )
* 其他财务人员 Other financial officers [1114](1114)
* 城市规划和土地使用规划人员 Urban and land use planners [2153](2153)

## 4163 商业发展主任及营销研究人员和顾问职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 原住民经济发展人员 Aboriginal economic development officer
* 广告分析师 advertising analyst
* 农业和粮食部门发展顾问 agriculture and food sector development consultant
* 农业和粮食部门营销顾问 agriculture and food sector marketing consultant
* 农业食品部门发展顾问 agri-food sector development consultant
* 农业食品行业营销顾问 agri-food sector marketing consultant
* 分析师 - 市场调研 analyst – market research
* 分析师制造商协会 analyst, manufacturers' association
* 分析师,市场营销 analyst, marketing
* 景区开发人员 - 政府 area development officer – government
* 业务发展主任 business development officer
* 业务问题游说 business issues lobbyist
* 工商人员 commerce officer
* 商业开发人员 - 政府 commercial development officer – government
* 商业研究分析师 commercial research analyst
* 社区发展顾问 community development consultant
* 社区经济发展顾问 community economic development consultant
* 社区经济发展官 community economic development officer
* 顾问,市场营销 - 市场调研 consultant, marketing – market research
* 旅游 - 政府顾问 consultant, tourism – government
* 统筹,旅游服务 - 政府 co-ordinator, tourism services – government
* 经济发展顾问 economic development consultant
* 经济发展官 economic development officer
* 经济开发人员 - 原住民社区 economic development officer – Aboriginal communities
* 经济预测 economic forecaster
* 经济研究人员 economic research officer
* 工业专员 industrial commissioner
* 工业发展官 industrial development officer
* 工业发展代表 industrial development representative
* 国际发展和援助研究员 international development and assistance researcher
* 国际市场营销专家 international marketing specialist
* 游说,业务问题 lobbyist, business issues
* 制造商协会分析师 manufacturers' association analyst
* 市场分析师 - 非金融 market analyst – non-financial
* 市场研究分析师 market research analyst
* 市场研究专家 market research specialist
* 市场研究 market researcher
* 市场分析专家 marketing analysis specialist
* 市场分析师 marketing analyst
* 市场分析师 - 非金融 marketing analyst – non-financial
* 营销顾问 - 市场调研 marketing consultant – market research
* 营销顾问 - 批发 marketing consultant – wholesale
* 营销项目官员 marketing project officer
* 营销研究专家 marketing research specialist
* 市场研究员 marketing researcher
* 采矿业发展顾问 mining industry development consultant
* 人员,商业开发 - 政府 officer, commercial development – government
* 官,经济发展 - 政府 officer, economic development – government
* 主任,工业发展 - 政府 officer, industrial development – government
* 官,区域经济发展机构 officer, regional economic development agency
* 官,旅游业的发展 - 政府 officer, tourism development – government
* 方案交付人员 - 业务发展 program delivery officer – business development
* 项目官员 - 国际发展机构 program officer – international development agency
* 项目人员,市场营销 project officer, marketing
* 区域发展分析师 regional development analyst
* 区域发展官 regional development officer
* 区域经济发展机构人员 regional economic development agency officer
* 区域工业发展官 regional industrial development officer
* 区域主任,工业发展 regional officer, industrial development
* 研究员,市场 researcher, market
* 研究员,市场营销 researcher, marketing
* 农村发展官 rural development officer
* 小经商参赞 small business counsellor
* 旅游顾问-政府 tourism consultant – government
* 旅游开发官 tourism development officer
* 旅游业的开发人员 - 政府 tourism development officer – government
* 旅游业顾问 tourism industry consultant
* 旅游业专家 tourism industry specialist
* 旅游服务统筹 - 政府 tourism services co-ordinator – government
* 贸易推广主任 trade promotion officer
* 游客口译服务统筹 - 政府 visitor interpretation services co-ordinator – government

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