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6235 金融销售代表 Financial sales representatives - FLYabroad NOC


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## 6235 金融销售代表 Financial sales representatives - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Financial sales representatives sell basic deposit, investment and loan products and services to individuals and businesses. They work in banks, credit unions, trust companies and similar financial institutions.

## 6235 金融销售代表头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 信贷人员 credit officer
* 金融服务人员 financial services officer
* 金融服务代表 financial services representative
* 信贷员 loan officer
* 按揭人员 mortgage officer
* 销售助理 - 个人银行业务 sales associate – personal banking

## 6235 金融销售代表主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

金融销售代表执行部分或全部下列职责:Financial sales representatives perform some or all of the following duties:

* 开办新的个人和非个人账户,并提供自动银行机,电话银行,网上银行服务的访问
Open new personal and non-personal accounts, and provide access to automated banking machine, telephone banking and online banking services

* 面试个人,抵押贷款,学生贷款和商业贷款的申请人
Interview applicants for personal, mortgage, student and business loans

* 促进存款,投资,信贷产品和服务的销售
Promote the sale of deposit, investment, credit and loan products and services

* 协助客户提出解决方案,以达到财务目标,如业务拓展,债务管理,投资及其他财务目标
Assist clients by proposing solutions to address financial objectives such as business expansion, debt management, investment and other financial goals

* 研究和评估贷款申请人的财务状况,推荐信,信用和偿还贷款的能力
Research and evaluate loan applicant's financial status, references, credit and ability to repay the loan

* 完成信用和贷款文件
Complete credit and loan documentation

* 将信贷和贷款申请提交到分行或信贷经理,建议批准或拒绝,或在授权范围内确保该机构的信贷标准得到尊重,批准或拒绝申请
Submit credit and loan applications to branch or credit manager with recommendations for approval or rejection; or approve or reject applications within authorized limits ensuring that credit standards of the institution are respected

* 编制拖欠帐户报表,并且为收账员推进不可调和的账户
Prepare statements on delinquent accounts and forward irreconcilable accounts for collector action

* 审查和更新信贷和贷款文件
Review and update credit and loan files

* 作为现金和证券的共同保管人。
Act as joint custodian for cash and securities.

## 6235 金融销售代表任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 通常需要完成中学并具备丰富的银行经验。
Completion of secondary school and extensive general banking experience is usually required.

* 可能需要有关商业或经济学大学本科学历或大专文凭。
A bachelor's degree or college diploma related to commerce or economics may be required.

* 通常需要共同基金许可证。
A mutual funds license is usually required.

* 通常需要在省或地区就业的证券监管机构登记。
Registration with the securities regulatory authority in the province or territory of employment is usually required.

* 通常必需完成贷款或信贷的培训课程,6到12个月不等。
Completion of a loan or credit training program, ranging from six to twelve months, is usually required.

* 雇主可能要求雇员参加由加拿大银行家协会提供的各种培训计划和课程。
Various training programs and courses are offered by the Institute of Canadian Bankers and may be required by employers.

* 销售金融产品及投资的金融服务人员必须具备适当监管机构的许可证。
Financial services officers who sell regulated financial products and investments are required to be licensed by the appropriate governing body.

## 6235 金融销售代表附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 随着经验积累,可能晋升到更高层次的财务规划和财富管理职位。
Progression to higher levels of financial planning and wealth management is possible with experience.

* 随着经验积累,可能晋升到信贷和贷款管理职位。
Progression to credit and loan management positions is possible with experience.

## 6235 金融销售代表其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 信贷和贷款经理(银行业,信贷及其他投资经理) Credit and loan managers (in [0122](0122) Banking, credit and other investment managers )
* 客户服务代表 - 金融机构 Customer services representatives - financial institutions [6551](6551)
* 银行,保险和其他财务人员 Banking, insurance and other financial clerks [1434](1434)
* 其他财务人员 Other financial officers [1114](1114)

## 6235 金融销售代表职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 顾问,贷款 adviser, loans
* 经纪人,贷款 agent, loans
* 分析师,信贷 analyst, credit
* 分析师贷款 analyst, loans
* 银行账户主任 banking accounts officer
* 商业银行账户主任 commercial banking accounts officer
* 消费信贷人员 consumer credit officer
* 消费贷款人员 consumer loans officer
* 辅导员,贷款 counsellor, loans
* 信用分析师 credit analyst
* 信贷调查人员 credit investigation officer
* 信贷调查员 credit investigator
* 信贷人员 credit officer
* 债务顾问 debt counsellor
* 金融销售和服务人员 financial sales and service officer
* 金融销售和服务主管 financial sales and service supervisor
* 金融服务人员 financial services officer
* 金融服务代表 financial services representative
* 贷款服务人员 lending services officer
* 见习贷款服务 lending services trainee
* 贷款巡视员 loan inspector
* 信贷员 loan officer
* 贷款顾问 loans adviser
* 贷款代理 loans agent
* 分析师贷款 loans analyst
* 贷款顾问 loans counsellor
* 贷款主管 loans supervisor
* 商户服务专家 - 金融 merchant services specialist – financial
* 按揭顾问 mortgage consultant
* 按揭贷款顾问 mortgage loans consultant
* 官按揭贷款 mortgage loans officer
* 按揭人员 mortgage officer
* 人员,银行账户 officer, banking accounts
* 人员,信贷 officer, credit
* 人员贷款 officer, loans
* 人员,按揭贷款 officer, mortgage loans
* 私人银行家 personal banker
* 个人银行账户主任 personal banking accounts officer
* 个人银行业务代表 personal banking representative
* 个人金融服务助理 personal financial services associate
* 个人金融服务人员 personal financial services officer
* 个人贷款人员 personal loans officer
* 销售联营公司 - 个人银行业务 sales associate – personal banking
* 销售人员 - 财务 sales officer – financial
* 高级贷款官员 senior loans officer
* 学生贷款人员 student loans officer

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