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7272 橱柜制作工 Cabinetmakers - FLYabroad NOC


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## 7272 橱柜制作工 Cabinetmakers - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Cabinetmakers use a variety of woods and laminates to construct and repair wooden cabinets, furniture, fixtures and related products. They are employed by furniture manufacturing or repair companies, construction companies and cabinetmaking contractors, or they may be self-employed.

## 7272 橱柜制作工头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 细木工 cabinetmaker
* 木匠学徒 cabinetmaker apprentice
* 定制的木家具制造商 custom wood furniture maker
* 家具木匠 furniture cabinetmaker

## 7272 橱柜制作工主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

橱柜制造商执行部分或全部下列职责:Cabinetmakers perform some or all of the following duties:

* 研究物品的计划,规格或图纸,或准备规格
Study plans, specifications or drawings of articles to be made, or prepare specifications

* 在木材上标注轮廓或部件尺寸
Mark outlines or dimensions of parts on wood

* 操作木工机器,例如电锯,开槽机,榫眼机和 牛头刨床,并使用手工具切割,塑造和成型零部件
Operate woodworking machines, such as power saws, jointers, mortisers and shapers, and use hand tools to cut, shape and form parts and components

* 修剪连接处和调试零件,并使用胶水和夹子组装在一起,形成完整的单元,使用钉子,螺钉或其他紧固件加强连接
Trim joints and fit parts and subassemblies together to form complete unit using glue and clamps and reinforce joints using nails, screws or other fasteners

* 用砂纸磨光木制品表面,给成品进行饰面,染色或抛光
Sand wooden surfaces and apply veneer, stain or polish to finished products

* 修理或重新设计木制家具,装置及相关产品
Repair or restyle wooden furniture, fixtures and related products

* 可能估计所需材料的数量,类型和成本。
May estimate amount, type and cost of materials required.

## 7272 橱柜制作工任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 通常需要完成中学学业。
Completion of secondary school is usually required.

* 完成为期四年的学徒课程。
Completion of a four-year apprenticeship program

* 或者通常需要有累计四年的行业内工作经验,以及柜子制作高中或大学课程的组合,才能取得行业认证资格。
A combination of over four years of work experience in the trade and some high school or college courses in cabinetmaking is usually required to be eligible for trade certification.

* 在所有的省份和地区行业认证都可用,但是自愿的。
Trade certification is available, but voluntary, in all provinces and territories.

* 红印章背书对于通过跨省红色钢印考试的合格橱柜制造商也适用。
Red Seal endorsement is also available to qualified cabinetmakers upon successful completion of the interprovincial Red Seal examination.

## 7272 橱柜制作工附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 红印章背书允许跨省流动。
The Red Seal endorsement allows for interprovincial mobility.

* 随着经验积累,可能晋升到主管职位。
Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

## 7272 橱柜制作工其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 木匠 Carpenters [7271](7271)
* 主管橱柜(承包商和监督员,木工行业) Supervisors of cabinetmakers (in [7204](7204) Contractors and supervisors, carpentry trades )
* 木工机床操作员 Woodworking machine operators [9437](9437)

## 7272 橱柜制作工职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 细木工 cabinetmaker
* 木匠学徒 cabinetmaker apprentice
* 定制书桌制造商,木 custom desk maker, wood
* 定制镜框和镜子安装工 custom frame and mirror assembler
* 定制钢琴箱子,制造商 custom piano case maker
* 定制的木家具制造商 custom wood furniture maker
* 定制木制办公桌厂商 custom wooden desk maker
* 家具木匠 furniture cabinetmaker
* 夹具制造商 - 木制品制造 jig builder – wood products manufacturing
* 短工/男/女木匠 journeyman/woman cabinetmaker
* 布局标记员 - 柜子 layout marker – cabinetmaking
* 模型制作者,木 model maker, wood
* 模具制造商,木材 mouldmaker, wood
* 模式修理工/男/女 - 铸造 pattern repairman/woman – foundry
* 打样师,木材 patternmaker, wood
* 行业/男/女木匠 tradesman/woman cabinetmaker
* 木家具及固定装置打样师 wood furniture and fixtures patternmaker
* 木模制造商 wood model maker
* 木模制造商 wood mould maker
* 木模督察 wood pattern inspector
* 木纹修理工/男/女 - 铸造 wood pattern repairman/woman – foundry
* 木打样师 wood patternmaker

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