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7318 电梯制造商和修理工 Elevator constructors and mechanics - FLYabroad NOC


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## 7318 电梯制造商和修理工 Elevator constructors and mechanics - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Elevator constructors and mechanics assemble, install, maintain and repair freight and passenger elevators, escalators, moving walkways and other related equipment. They are employed by elevator construction and maintenance companies.

## 7318 电梯制造商和修理工头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 电梯制造商 elevator constructor
* 电梯修理工 elevator mechanic
* 电梯技工学徒 elevator mechanic apprentice
* 自动扶梯修理工 escalator repairer

## 7318 电梯制造商和修理工主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

电梯制造商和修理工执行部分或全部下列职责:Elevator constructors and mechanics perform some or all of the following duties:

* 阅读和阐释蓝图,以确定系统组件布局
Read and interpret blueprints to determine layout of system components

* 进行施工准备工作,包括钢结构,布线和管道
Perform preparatory construction work including steel work, wiring and piping

* 根据规格,安装电梯,自动扶梯,自动人行道,小型送货升降机及相关设备
Install elevators, escalators, moving walkways, dumbwaiters and related equipment according to specifications

* 使用电缆连接车架和平衡锤,组装电梯轿厢
Connect car frames to counterweights with cables and assemble elevator cars

* 电子及电气控制系统设备安装和接线
Install and wire electric and electronic control system devices

* 安装,测试和调整安全控制装置
Install, test and adjust safety control devices

* 新安装的设备试运行
Test operation of newly installed equipment

* 排除电气或机械系统故障
Troubleshoot electrical or mechanical systems failures

* 拆卸缺陷的部件,并修理或更换已磨损或可疑零件
Disassemble defective units and repair or replace worn or suspect parts

* 调整阀门,棘轮,密封件,刹车片和其他组件
Adjust valves, ratchets, seals, brake linings and other components

* 开展预防性维修计划,以确保公众安全。
Carry out preventative maintenance programs to ensure public safety.

* 电梯制造商和修理工专注于建设,维护或修理。
Elevator constructors and mechanics may specialize in construction, maintenance or repair.

## 7318 电梯制造商和修理工任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 通常需要完成中学学业。
Completion of secondary school is usually required.

* 完成了四到五年的学徒计划
Completion of a four- to five-year apprenticeship program

* 或者通常需要行业内四年的工作经验,以及电梯建造或修复的某高中,大学或行业课程,才有资格取得行业认证。
A combination of over four years of work experience in the trade and some high school, college or industry courses in elevator construction or repair is usually required to be eligible for trade certification.

* 在魁北克省和阿尔伯塔省电梯制造商和修理工行业认证是强制性的,但在不列颠哥伦比亚省,西北地区和努纳武特地区是自愿的。
Elevator constructor and mechanic trade certification is compulsory in Quebec and Alberta and available, but voluntary, in British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

## 7318 电梯制造商和修理工附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 随着经验积累,可能晋升为主管。
Progression to supervisory positions is possible with experience.

## 7318 电梯制造商和修理工其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 电梯检查员(工程检查员和管理人员)Elevator inspectors (in [2266](2262) Engineering inspectors and regulatory officers )
* 主管电梯的制造商和修理工(承包商及主管,机械行业)Supervisors of elevator constructors and mechanics (in [7301](7301) Contractors and supervisors, mechanic trades )

## 7318 电梯制造商和修理工职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 电梯技工学徒 apprentice elevator mechanic
* 升降机安装修理工 dumbwaiter installer-repairer
* 电梯调节员 elevator adjuster
* 电梯制造商 elevator builder
* 电梯的制造商 elevator constructor
* 电梯的制造商和机械学徒 elevator constructor and mechanic apprentice
* 电梯制造商-机械 elevator constructor-mechanic
* 电梯安装工 elevator erector
* 电梯安装工 elevator installer
* 电梯维修技工 elevator maintenance mechanic
* 电梯修理工 elevator mechanic
* 电梯技工(非建造业) elevator mechanic (non-construction)
* 电梯技工学徒 elevator mechanic apprentice
* 电梯维修技工 elevator repair mechanic
* 电梯修理工 elevator repairer
* 自动扶梯安装工 escalator installer
* 自动扶梯安装工-修理工 escalator installer-repairer
* 自动扶梯修理工(非建筑) escalator mechanic (non construction)
* 自动扶梯修理工 escalator repairer
* 自动扶梯修理工/男/女 escalator repairman/woman
* 安装,电梯 installer, elevator
* 熟练工/男/女电梯制造商 journeyman/woman elevator constructor
* 熟练工/男/女电梯修理工 journeyman/woman elevator mechanic
* 维修技工,电梯 maintenance mechanic, elevators
* 技工,电梯 mechanic, elevator
* 自动人行道安装工-修理工 moving walkway installer-repairer

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