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8262 渔民/男/女 Fishermen/women - FLYabroad NOC


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## 8262 渔民/男/女 Fishermen/women - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Fishermen/women operate fishing vessels to pursue and land fish and other marine life. They are usually self-employed owner-operators of fishing vessels.

## 8262 渔民/男/女头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 渔夫/男/女 fisherman/woman
* 渔船船长 fishing vessel skipper
* 近岸渔民/男/女 inshore fisherman/woman
* 龙虾渔夫/男/女 lobster fisherman/woman
* 延绳钓渔民/男/女 longliner fisherman/woman
* 围网渔船渔民/男/女 seiner fisherman/woman

## 8262 渔民/男/女主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

渔民/男/女执行部分或全部下列职责:Fishermen/women perform some or all of the following duties:

* 操作渔船追赶和捕捉鱼类和其他海洋生物
Operate fishing vessel to pursue and catch fish and other marine life

* 使用圆规和图表或电子捕鱼辅助工具,选择捕鱼区域​​,设计路线并计算导航位置
Select area for fishing, plot courses and compute navigational positions using compasses and charts or electronic fishing aids

* 驾驶船舶和操作导航仪器
Steer vessel and operate navigational instruments

* 操作渔具,指导捕捞操作和监督渔船船员
Operate fishing gear, direct fishing operation and supervise fishing crew members

* 维护发动机,渔具及其他船体设备
Maintain engine, fishing gear and other on-board equipment

* 记录捕捞活动,天气和海况
Record fishing activities, weather and sea conditions

* 估算经营成本并计划每个捕捞季节的预算
Estimate costs of operations and plan budget for each fishing season

* 设立鱼营销计划,并记录所有的金融交易
Establish fish marketing plan and keep records of all financial transactions

* 可将鱼类输送到加工厂或鱼买家。
May transport fish to processing plants or fish buyers.

## 8262 渔民/男/女任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 通常需要多年渔船船员或助手的经验。
Several years of experience as fishing vessel crew member or helper are usually required.

* 必需具有商业捕捞许可证。
A commercial fishing licence is required.

* 捕获每个品种的鱼都要求具有执照。
Licences are required for each species of fish pursued.

* 鱼类收获者行业认证是可用的,但在纽芬兰和拉布拉多是自愿的。
Trade certification for fish harvesters is available, but voluntary, in Newfoundland and Labrador.

## 8262 渔民/男/女附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 经过额外的培训,许可和经验积累,可能晋升到超过100总吨的渔船船长或大副。
Progression to master or mate on fishing vessels over 100 gross tonnes is possible with additional training, licensing and experience.

## 8262 渔民/男/女其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 渔船船长和高级船员 Fishing masters and officers [8261](8261)
* 渔船渔工 Fishing vessel deckhands [8441](8441)

## 8262 渔民/男/女职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 桁拖网渔民/男/女 beam trawl fisherman/woman
* 蛤疏通运营商 clam dredge operator
* 蛤渔夫/男/女 clam fisherman/woman
* 蟹渔夫/男/女 crab fisherman/woman
* 丹麦围网渔民/男/女 Danish seine fisherman/woman
* 渔夫/男/女 fisherman/woman
* 渔船船长 fishing vessel skipper
* 刺网渔民/男/女 gill net fisherman/woman
* 用刺网捕鱼队长 gillnetter skipper
* 无竿钓丝渔夫/男/女 handliner fisherman/woman
* 鱼叉渔夫/男/女 harpoon fisherman/woman
* 罾渔夫/男/女 hoop net fisherman/woman
* 近岸渔民/男/女 inshore fisherman/woman
* 线渔夫/男/女 line fisherman/woman
* 龙虾渔夫/男/女 lobster fisherman/woman
* 延绳钓渔民/男/女 longline fisherman/woman
* 延绳钓渔民/男/女 longliner fisherman/woman
* 拖网渔民/男/女 otter trawl fisherman/woman
* 锅渔夫/男/女 pot fisherman/woman
* 一斤净渔夫/男/女 pound net fisherman/woman
* 虾渔民/男/女 prawn fisherman/woman
* 围网渔民/男/女 purse seine fisherman/woman
* 扇贝式挖泥船 scallop dredger
* 海藻拖拽者 seaweed dragger
* 紫菜收获机操作者 seaweed harvesting machine operator
* 围网渔船渔民/男/女 seiner fisherman/woman
* 贝类渔夫/男/女 shellfish fisherman/woman
* 贝类收割机操作者 shellfish harvester operator
* 岸上渔夫/男/女 shore fisherman/woman
* 船长,渔船 skipper, fishing vessel
* 队长, 用刺网捕 skipper, gillnetter
* 箭鱼渔夫/男/女 swordfish fisherman/woman
* 诱捕老板 - 钓鱼 trap boss – fishing
* 诱捕渔夫/男/女 trap fisherman/woman
* 小调船渔夫/男/女 troller fisherman/woman
* 堰渔夫/男/女 weir fisherman/woman

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