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9212 主管,石油,天然气和化工处理和公用事业 Supervisors, petroleum, gas and chemical processing and utilities - FLYabroad NOC


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## 9212 主管,石油,天然气和化工处理和公用事业 Supervisors, petroleum, gas and chemical processing and utilities - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Supervisors in this unit group supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers in the following unit groups: Petroleum, Gas and Chemical Process Operators [9232](9232), Power Engineers and Power Systems Operators [9241](9241), Water and Waste Treatment Plant Operators [9243](9243), Chemical Plant Machine Operators [9421](9421) and Labourers in Chemical Products Processing and Utilities [9613](9613). They are employed by petroleum and natural gas processing, pipeline and petrochemical companies, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, electric power utilities, water and waste treatment utilities and in a range of other industries and institutions.

## 9212 主管,石油,天然气和化工处理和公用事业头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 化学处理主管 chemical processing supervisor
* 领班/男/女,化工 foreman/woman, chemical
* 领班/男/女,化妆品加工 foreman/woman, cosmetics processing
* 领班/男/女,天然气厂 foreman/woman, natural gas plant
* 领班/男/女,水净化厂 foreman/woman, water purification plant
* 油漆处理领班/女​​人 paint processing foreman/woman
* 生产主管,医药 production supervisor, pharmaceuticals
* 生产主管,特种化学品 production supervisor, specialty chemicals
* 蒸汽工程师总监 steam engineer leader
* 主管,石油炼制 supervisor, petroleum refining
* 主管,流水线作业; supervisor, pipeline operation
* 主管,电站 supervisor, power station
* 主管,污水处理厂 supervisor, sewage treatment plant

## 9212 主管,石油,天然气和化工处理和公用事业主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

本单元组主管执行部分或全部下列职责:Supervisors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

* 监督,协调和调度经营石油炼油厂,化工厂,水及废物处理厂和设备,管道,供热厂,电站和平衡系统的工人活动
Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of workers who operate petroleum refineries, chemical plants, water and waste treatment plants and equipment, pipelines, heating plants and power stations and systems

* 识别,调查,更正和记录潜在的环境和安全问题
Identify, investigate, correct and document potential environmental and safety problems

* 建立方法,以满足工作计划,协调与其他部门的工作活动
Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other departments

* 解决工作中的问题,建议措施,以提高生产率和产品质量
Resolve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity and product quality

* 为维护保养计划提供信息,以确保维护保养和生产目标的实现
Provide information for maintenance plans to ensure that maintenance and production objectives are met

* 申报材料和用品
Requisition materials and supplies

* 培训工作人员的工作职责,安全程序和公司政策
Train staff in job duties, safety procedures and company policy

* 推荐人事,如雇佣和晋升
Recommend personnel actions such as hirings and promotions

* 准备生产和其他报告,并开发和管理责任区的经营预算
Prepare production and other reports and develop and manage operating budget for area of responsibility

* 也可监督,统筹安排行业工人,劳工或其他工人的活动。
May also supervise, co-ordinate and schedule the activities of trades workers, labourers or other workers.

## 9212 主管,石油,天然气和化工处理和公用事业任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 必需具备中学学历。
Completion of secondary school is required.

* 本单元组的某些职位需要具备化学处理或科学的中学后教育。
Post-secondary education in chemical processing or sciences may be required for some occupations in this unit group.

* 在同一家公司或工厂的资深运营商通常需要多年的经验。
Several years of experience as a senior operator in the same company or plant are usually required.

* 本单元组某些职业可能需要专业许可或认证,如工程师执照或制冷认证。
Some occupations in this unit group may require a specific licence or certification, such as a stationary engineer`s licence or refrigeration certification.

* 固体废物,垃圾填埋场或堆肥设施经营认证是必需的。
Solid waste, landfill or compost facility operator certification may be required.

## 9212 主管,石油,天然气和化工处理和公用事业附加信息 Additional information - FLYabroad NOC

* 本组内一些具备类似的技术或许可要求的职业之间可以相互流动
There is some mobility between occupations with similar technological or licensing requirements within this group.

## 9212 主管,石油,天然气和化工处理和公用事业其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 电信职工主管,省电实用电工和电力线工人(承包商和主管,电力行业和电信行业)Supervisors of telecommunications workers, power utility electricians and power line workers (in [7202](7202) Contractors and supervisors, electrical trades and telecommunications occupations )

## 9212 主管,石油,天然气和化工处理和公用事业职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 产品提取领班/男/女 - 化学处理 by-products extraction foreman/woman – chemical processing
* 化学处理厂领班/男/女 chemical processing plant foreman/woman
* 化学处理主管 chemical processing supervisor
* 化工单元领班/男/女 chemical unit foreman/woman
* 首席运营商,水力发电站 chief operator, hydro-electric station
* 首席运营商,水处理 chief operator, water treatment
* 首席固定工程师 chief stationary engineer
* 首席变电站操作 chief substation operator
* 氯工厂领班/男/女 chlorine plant foreman/woman
* 堆肥设施主管 compost facility supervisor
* 压缩机站领班/男/女 compressor station foreman/woman
* 持续不断的过程的领班/男/女 - 化学处理 continuous process foreman/woman – chemical processing
* 蒸馏领班/男/女 - 化学处理 distillation foreman/woman – chemical processing
* 蒸发器领班/男/女 - 化学处理 evaporator foreman/woman – chemical processing
* 领班/男/女 - 石油,天然气和化工处理 foreman/woman – petroleum, gas and chemical processing
* 领班/男/女,化工 foreman/woman, chemical
* 领班/男/女,化学处理厂 foreman/woman, chemical processing plant
* 领班/男/女,涂布和压工人 - 化学处理 foreman/woman, coating and calendering workers – chemical processing
* 领班/男/女,化妆品加工 foreman/woman, cosmetics processing
* 领班/男/女,破碎和研磨工人 - 化学品及相关材料 foreman/woman, crushing and grinding workers – chemicals and related materials
* 领班/男/女,洗涤剂和去除制造 foreman/woman, detergents and removers manufacturing
* 领班/男/女,蒸发器 - 化学处理 foreman/woman, evaporator – chemical processing
* 领班/男/女,配气 foreman/woman, gas distribution
* 领班/男/女,天然气厂 foreman/woman, gas plant
* 领班/男/女,研磨和包装 - 化学处理 foreman/woman, grinding and packing – chemical processing
* 领班/男/女,供热厂 foreman/woman, heating plant
* 领班/男/女,焚烧炉 foreman/woman, incinerator
* 领班/男/女,墨水制备 - 化学处理 foreman/woman, ink preparation – chemical processing
* 领班/男/女,天然气厂 foreman/woman, natural gas plant
* 领班/男/女,烤箱 - 化学处理 foreman/woman, oven – chemical processing
* 领班/男/女,石油加工 foreman/woman, petroleum processing
* 领班/男/女,制药复利 foreman/woman, pharmaceuticals compounding
* 领班/男/女,试点厂 foreman/woman, pilot plant
* 领班/男/女,流水线作业 foreman/woman, pipeline operations
* 领班/男/女,电源工程师 foreman/woman, power engineers
* 领班/男/女,电厂 foreman/woman, power plant
* 领班/男/女,电站运营 foreman/woman, power station operators
* 的领班/男/女,泵送和混合 - 化学处理 foreman/woman, pumping and blending – chemical processing
* 领班/男/女,泵送和管道设备经营部 foreman/woman, pumping and pipeline equipment operators
* 领班/男/女,炼油单位 foreman/woman, refinery unit
* 领班/男/女,卫生服务 foreman/woman, sanitary service
* 领班/男/女,污水处理 foreman/woman, sewage disposal
* 领班/男/女,下水道服务 foreman/woman, sewer services
* 领班/男/女,蒸汽厂 foreman/woman, steam plant
* 领班/男/女,粘胶过滤 - 化学处理 foreman/woman, viscose filtration – chemical processing
* 领班/男/女,水和卫生公用事业设备运行职业 foreman/woman, water and sanitation-utilities equipment operating occupations
* 领班/男/女,水净化厂 foreman/woman, water purification plant
* 领班/男/女,水处理厂 foreman/woman, water treatment plant
* 燃气输配领班/男/女 gas distribution foreman/woman
* 气场主管 gas field supervisor
* 天然气厂领班/男/女 gas plant foreman/woman
* 输气主管 gas transmission supervisor
* 领班/男/女的研磨和包装 - 化学处理 grinding and packing foreman/woman – chemical processing
* 头制冷工程师 head refrigerating engineer
* 水力发电站的首席运营商 hydro-electric station chief operator
* 焚烧炉领班/男/女 incinerator foreman/woman
* 垃圾填埋场主管 landfill supervisor
* 领先的收藏运营商 - 水处理 lead collections operator – water treatment
* 导致运营商,集合 - 水处理 lead operator, collections – water treatment
* 牵头操作,水处理 lead operator, water treatment
* 烤箱领班/男/女 - 化学处理 oven foreman/woman – chemical processing
* 油漆领班/男/女 paint making foreman/woman
* 油漆处理领班/女​​人 paint processing foreman/woman
* 石油加工领班/男/女 petroleum processing foreman/woman
* 石油加工值班主管 petroleum processing shift supervisor
* 石油炼制主管 petroleum refining supervisor
* 药物配制领班/男/女 pharmaceutical compounding foreman/woman
* 药品生产主管 pharmaceuticals production supervisor
* 试验工厂的领班/男/女 - 化学处理 pilot plant foreman/woman – chemical processing
* 管道领班/男/女 pipeline foreman/woman
* 管道运营主管 pipeline operations supervisor
* 工厂领班/男/女,化学处理 plant foreman/woman, chemical processing
* 水处理厂管理者, plant superintendent, water treatment
* 工厂主管,水处理 plant supervisor, water treatment
* 电力工程师领班/男/女 power engineer foreman/woman
* 电厂首席变电站操作 power plant chief substation operator
* 电厂领班/男/女 power plant foreman/woman
* 电站运营领班/男/女 power station operators foreman/woman
* 电站值班主管 power station shift supervisor
* 电站主管 power station supervisor
* 生产主管,医药 production supervisor, pharmaceuticals
* 生产主管,特种化学品 production supervisor, specialty chemicals
* 泵送和混合领班/男/女 - 化学处理 pumping and blending foreman/woman – chemical processing
* 抽水和管道设备经营部领班/男/女 pumping and pipeline equipment operators foreman/woman
* 抽水站领班/男/女 pumping station foreman/woman
* 炼油单位领班/男/女 refinery unit foreman/woman
* 制冷设备厂领班/男/女 refrigeration plant foreman/woman
* 污水处理领班/女​​人 sewage disposal foreman/woman
* 污水处理厂的主管 sewage treatment plant supervisor
* 下水道服务领班/男/女 sewer services foreman/woman
* 值班主管,石油加工 shift supervisor, petroleum processing
* 值班主管,电站 shift supervisor, power station
* 特种化学品生产主管 specialty chemicals production supervisor
* 固定工程师领班/男/女 stationary engineer foreman/woman
* 固定工程师主管 stationary engineers supervisor
* 蒸汽工程师的领导者 steam engineer leader
* 蒸汽工程师领班/男/女 steam engineers foreman/woman
* 蒸汽厂工程师领班/男/女 steam plant engineers foreman/woman
* 蒸汽厂领班/男/女 steam plant foreman/woman
* 管理者,污水处理厂 superintendent, water treatment plant
* 主管,化学处理 supervisor, chemical processing
* 主管,气场 supervisor, gas field
* 主管,输气 supervisor, gas transmission
* 主管,石油炼制 supervisor, petroleum refining
* 主管,药品生产 supervisor, pharmaceuticals production
* 主管,流水线作业; supervisor, pipeline operation
* 主管,电站 supervisor, power station
* 主管,污水处理厂 supervisor, sewage treatment plant
* 主管,特种化学品生产 supervisor, specialty chemicals production
* 主管,固定工程师 supervisor, stationary engineers
* 主管,污水处理厂 supervisor, water treatment plant
* 粘胶纤维的过滤的领班/男/女 - 化学处理 viscose filtration foreman/woman – chemical processing
* 废物处理主管 waste treatment supervisor
* 水和下水道领班/男/女 water and sewer foreman/woman
* 水过滤厂监督员 water filtration plant supervisor
* 水污染防治领班/男/女 water pollution control foreman/woman
* 自来水厂领班/男/女 water purification plant foreman/woman
* 水处理首席运营 water treatment chief operator
* 水处理牵头操作 water treatment lead operator
* 水处理业务主管 water treatment operations supervisor
* 污水处理厂领班/男/女 water treatment plant foreman/woman
* 污水处理厂的管理者 water treatment plant superintendent
* 污水处理厂主管 water treatment plant supervisor

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