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9226 主管,其他机械和金属制品制造业 Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing - FLYabroad NOC


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## 9226 主管,其他机械和金属制品制造业 Supervisors, other mechanical and metal products manufacturing - FLYabroad NOC - LEVEL B


Supervisors in this unit group supervise and co-ordinate the activities of workers who fabricate, assemble and inspect mechanical and metal products, such as aircraft and aircraft parts, heavy trucks, buses, trailers, motor vehicle engines, transmissions, heating equipment, commercial refrigeration and similar metal products. They are employed by a wide variety of manufacturing companies.

## 9226 主管,其他机械和金属制品制造业 头衔范例 Example Titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 飞机装配领班/男/女 aircraft assembly foreman/woman
* 发动机装配领班/男/女(飞机除外) engine assembly foreman/woman (except aircraft)
* 领班/男/女,金属加工机床操作员 foreman/woman, metalworking machine operators
* 领班/女性,手机之家组装 foreman/woman, mobile home assembly
* 船厂画家领班/男/女 shipyard painter foreman/woman
* 主管,直升机总成 supervisor, helicopter assembly
* 主管,雪地摩托装配 supervisor, snowmobile assembly
* 卡车拖车装配领班/男/女 truck trailer assembly foreman/woman

## 9226 主管,其他机械和金属制品制造业 主要职责 Main duties - FLYabroad NOC

本单元组主管执行部分或全部下列职责:Supervisors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:

* 监督,协调和安排工人以下活动,组装和检查产品,如飞机,客车,重型卡车,变速箱,汽车发动机及制冷和加热设备
Supervise, co-ordinate and schedule activities of workers who assemble and inspect products such as aircraft, buses, heavy trucks, transmissions, automobile engines and refrigeration and heating equipment

* 建立方法,以满足工作计划并协调与其他部门的工作活动
Establish methods to meet work schedules and co-ordinate work activities with other departments

* 解决工作中的问题和建议措施,以提高生产率和产品质量
Resolve work problems and recommend measures to improve productivity and product quality

* 申报材料和用品
Requisition materials and supplies

* 培训工作人员的工作职责,安全程序和公司政策
Train staff in job duties, safety procedures and company policies

* 推荐人员行动,如聘用和晋升
Recommend personnel actions such as hirings and promotions

* 准备生产和其他报告
Prepare production and other reports

* 亦可安装机器和设备。
May set up machines and equipment.

## 9226 主管,其他机械和金属制品制造业 任职要求 Employment requirements - FLYabroad NOC

* 通常需要完成中学。
Completion of secondary school is usually required.

* 本组的一些职业可能需要中学后教育。
Post-secondary education may be required for some occupations in this group.

* 通常要求具有同一公司内装配工或督察的多年经验。
Several years of experience as an assembler or inspector in the same company are usually required.

## 9226 主管,其他机械和金属制品制造业 其他分类 Classified elsewhere - FLYabroad NOC

* 飞机发动机总装和机钳工主管( 承包商和监督员,机械行业) Aircraft engine assembly and machine fitters' supervisors (in [7301](7301) Contractors and supervisors, mechanic trades )
* 承包商和主管,机械加工,金属成型,塑造,树立行业及相关行业 Contractors and supervisors, machining, metal forming, shaping and erecting trades and related occupations [7201](7201)
* 主管,电器产品制造业 Supervisors, electrical products manufacturing [9223](9223)
* 主管,机动车组装 Supervisors, motor vehicle assembling [9221](9221)

## 9226 主管,其他机械和金属制品制造业 职称头衔 All titles - FLYabroad NOC

* 飞机装配领班/男/女 aircraft assembly foreman/woman
* 飞机装配检验领班/男/女 aircraft assembly inspection foreman/woman
* 飞机总装主管 aircraft assembly supervisor
* 飞机液压设备安装领班/男/女 aircraft hydraulic equipment installation foreman/woman
* 飞机零部件,蚀刻领班/男/女 aircraft parts etching foreman/woman
* 飞机操纵领班/男/女 aircraft rigging foreman/woman
* 装配领班/男/女,农业设备 assembly foreman/woman, agricultural equipment
* 装配领班/男/女,发动机配件(飞机除外) assembly foreman/woman, engine accessories (except aircraft)
* 装配领班/男/女,发动机(飞机除外) assembly foreman/woman, engines (except aircraft)
* 装配领班/男/女,农具 assembly foreman/woman, farm implements
* 装配领班/男/女,直升机 assembly foreman/woman, helicopters
* 装配领班/男/女,拖拉机拖车 assembly foreman/woman, tractor-trailers
* 装配检验领班/男/女,飞机 assembly inspection foreman/woman, aircraft
* 装配主管,发动机(飞机除外) assembly supervisor, engines (except aircraft)
* 装配主管,直升机 assembly supervisor, helicopters
* 装配主管,移动房屋 assembly supervisor, mobile homes
* 装配主管,小型发动机 assembly supervisor, small engines
* 组装主管,拖拉机拖车 assembly supervisor, tractor-trailers
* 球和滚子轴承装配领班/男/女 ball and roller-bearings assembly foreman/woman
* 工程机械装配领班/男/女 construction machinery assembly foreman/woman
* 柴油发动机装配领班/男/女 diesel engine assembly foreman/woman
* 电镀领班/男/女 electroplating foreman/woman
* 发动机配件组装领班/男/女(飞机除外) engine accessories assembly foreman/woman (except aircraft)
* 发动机装配领班/男/女(飞机除外) engine assembly foreman/woman (except aircraft)
* 发动机装配主管(飞机除外) engine assembly supervisor (except aircraft)
* 引擎重建店领班/女性(飞机除外) engine rebuilding shop foreman/woman (except aircraft)
* 发动机测试领班/男/女(飞机除外) engine testing foreman/woman (except aircraft)
* 农机检验领班/男/女 farm machinery inspection foreman/woman
* 领班/男/女,农业设备的组装 foreman/woman, agricultural equipment assembly
* 领班/男/女,飞机组装 foreman/woman, aircraft assembly
* 领班/男/女,飞机机身装配 foreman/woman, aircraft fuselage assembly
* 领班/男/女,飞机画家 foreman/woman, aircraft painters
* 领班/男/女,球和滚子轴承装配 foreman/woman, ball and roller-bearings assembly
* 领班/男/女,工程机械装配 foreman/woman, construction machinery assembly
* 领班/男/女,电镀 foreman/woman, electroplating
* 领班/男/女,发动机总成(飞机除外) foreman/woman, engine assembly (except aircraft)
* 领班/男/女,发动机护板总成(飞机除外) foreman/woman, engine guard assembly (except aircraft)
* 领班/男/女,发动机改造店(飞机除外) foreman/woman, engine rebuilding shop (except aircraft)
* 领班/男/女,发动机测试(飞机除外) foreman/woman, engine testing (except aircraft)
* 领班/男/女,锐意店 - 金属制品制造业 foreman/woman, forge shop – metal products manufacturing
* 领班/男/女,锻压机床操作员 foreman/woman, forging-machine operators
* 领班/男/女,镀锌 foreman/woman, galvanizing
* 领班/男/女,花园拖拉机装配 foreman/woman, garden tractor assembly
* 领班/男/女,直升机总成 foreman/woman, helicopter assembly
* 领班/男/女,工业卡车组装 foreman/woman, industrial truck assembly
* 领班/男/女,轻农业和农机设备组装 foreman/woman, light agricultural and farm equipment assembly
* 领班/男/女,光建筑机械装配 foreman/woman, light construction machinery assembly
* 领班/男/女,轻工,农用和工程机械装配 foreman/woman, light industrial, farm and construction machinery assembly
* 领班/男/女,光材料处理设备组装 foreman/woman, light material-handling equipment assembly
* 领班/男/女,金属缓冲器 foreman/woman, metal buffers
* 领班/男/女,金属抛光 foreman/woman, metal buffing
* 领班/男/女,金属制品的检验和测试 foreman/woman, metal products inspection and testing
* 领班/男/女,金属加工机床操作员 foreman/woman, metalworking machine operators
* 领班/女性,手机之家组装 foreman/woman, mobile home assembly
* 领班/男/女,涂料部门 - 飞机制造 foreman/woman, paint department – aircraft manufacturing
* 领班/男/女,涂料部门 - 重型装备制造 foreman/woman, paint department – heavy equipment manufacturing
* 领班/男/女,涂料部门 - 重型卡车,客车和挂车制造 foreman/woman, paint department – heavy truck, bus and trailer manufacturing
* 领班/男/女,涂料部门 - 机械制造业 foreman/woman, paint department – machinery manufacturing
* 领班/男/女,涂料部门 - 金属制品制造业 foreman/woman, paint department – metal products manufacturing
* 领班/男/女,涂料部门 - 铁路机车车辆 foreman/woman, paint department – railway rolling stock
* 领班/男/女,涂料部门 - 造船 foreman/woman, paint department – shipbuilding
* 领班/男/女,涂料部门 - 交通运输设备制造业(汽车除外) foreman/woman, paint department – transport equipment manufacturing (except motor vehicles)
* 领班/男/女,画家 - 金属制品 foreman/woman, painters – metal products
* 领班/男/女,动力传动总成 foreman/woman, power transmission assembly
* 领班/男/女,旋耕机总成 foreman/woman, rototiller assembly
* 领班/男/女,船厂画家 foreman/woman, shipyard painters
* 领班/男/女,小型发动机总成 foreman/woman, small engine assembly
* 领班/男/女,吹雪机拖拉机装配 foreman/woman, snowblower tractor assembly
* 领班/男/女,雪地摩托总成 foreman/woman, snowmobile assembly
* 领班/男/女,拖拉机挂车装配 foreman/woman, tractor-trailer assembly
* 领班/男/女,卡车装配 foreman/woman, truck assembly
* 领班/男/女,卡车拖车总成 foreman/woman, truck trailer assembly
* 领班/男/女,自动售货机组件 foreman/woman, vending machine assembly
* 锻造车间领班/男/女 - 金属制品制造业 forge shop foreman/woman – metal products manufacturing
* 伪造工头/男/女 - 金属制品制造业 forgers foreman/woman – metal products manufacturing
* 镀锌领班/男/女 galvanizing foreman/woman
* 直升机装配领班/男/女 helicopter assembly foreman/woman
* 直升机组装主管 helicopter assembly supervisor
* 吊装,起重设备装配领班/男/女 hoisting-and-lifting equipment assembly foreman/woman
* 房子拖车装配领班/男/女 house trailer assembly foreman/woman
* 检查领班/男/女,农机具 inspection foreman/woman, farm machinery
* 光农业和农机设备组装领班/男/女 light agricultural and farm equipment assembly foreman/woman
* 轻型农用机械装配领班/男/女 light agricultural machinery assembly foreman/woman
* 轻型建筑机械装配领班/男/女 light construction machinery assembly foreman/woman
* 物料搬运设备装配领班/男/女 material-handling equipment assembly foreman/woman
* 金属缓冲区领班/男/女 metal buffers foreman/woman
* 金属抛光领班/男/女 metal buffing foreman/woman
* 金属制品的检验和测试领班/男/女 metal products inspection and testing foreman/woman
* 金属加工机床操作员领班/男/女 metalworking machine operators foreman/woman
* 手机之家装配领班/男/女 mobile home assembly foreman/woman
* 手机之家装配主管 mobile home assembly supervisor
* 住房汽车装配领班/男/女 motor home assembly foreman/woman
* 舷外马达装配领班/男/女 outboard motor assembly foreman/woman
* 油漆部门领班/男/女 - 铁路机车车辆制造 paint department foreman/woman – railway rolling stock manufacturing
* 油漆部门领班/男/女 - 造船 paint department foreman/woman – shipbuilding
* 画家领班/男/女,船厂 painter foreman/woman, shipyard
* 画家工头/男/女 - 金属制品制造业 painters foreman/woman – metal products manufacturing
* 动力传动总成领班/男/女 power transmission assembly foreman/woman
* 印刷设备组装工头/男/女 printing equipment assembly foreman/woman
* 船厂画家领班/男/女 shipyard painter foreman/woman
* 车间领班/男/女,发动机重建(飞机除外) shop foreman/woman, engine rebuilding (except aircraft)
* 小型发动机装配领班/男/女 small engine assembly foreman/woman
* 小型发动机总成主管 small engine assembly supervisor
* 雪地车装配领班/男/女 snowmobile assembly foreman/woman
* 雪地车装配主管 snowmobile assembly supervisor
* 飞船组件领班/男/女 spacecraft subassembly foreman/woman
* 主管,飞机总装 supervisor, aircraft assembly
* 主管,电镀 supervisor, electroplating
* 主管,发动机总成(飞机除外) supervisor, engine assembly (except aircraft)
* 主管,直升机总成 supervisor, helicopter assembly
* 主管,手机之家组装 supervisor, mobile home assembly
* 主管,造船 supervisor, shipbuilding
* 主管,小型发动机总成 supervisor, small engine assembly
* 主管,雪地摩托装配 supervisor, snowmobile assembly
* 主管,拖拉机挂车装配 supervisor, tractor-trailer assembly
* 主管,卡车拖车总成 supervisor, truck trailer assembly
* 拖拉机拖车装配领班/男/女 tractor-trailer assembly foreman/woman
* 拖拉机拖车装配主管 tractor-trailer assembly supervisor
* 拖车装配领班/男/女 trailer assembly foreman/woman
* 传输重建店领班/男/女 transmission-rebuilding shop foreman/woman
* 卡车组装领班/男/女 truck assembly foreman/woman
* 卡车拖车装配领班/男/女 truck trailer assembly foreman/woman
* 卡车拖车装配主管 truck trailer assembly supervisor

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