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魁北克技术移民外国学历受训领域加分专业列表(2015年126新政) - FLYabroad


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魁北克技术移民126新政外国学历受训领域加分专业列表 - FLYabroad



2017年3月8日受训列表 list-training 12分受训专业 - 飞出国 flyabroad
境外受训专业名称-飞出国 PART I – Section A 主申12,副申4 - 飞出国 受训分
计算机工程(学士) Computer Engineering (Bach.) 主12副4
计算机科学 Computer Science (Bach.) 主12副4
遗传学(硕士学位) Genetics (Master's degree) 主12副4
核医学技术(DCS) Nuclear Medicine Technology (DCS) 主12副4
药品生产技术(DCS) Pharmaceutical Production Technology (DCS) 主12副4
辐射肿瘤技术(DCS) Radiation Oncology Technology (DCS) 主12副4
视觉矫正技术(DCS) Visual Orthosis Techniques (DCS) 主12副4


2017年3月8日受训列表 list-training 9分受训专业 - 飞出国 flyabroad
境外受训专业名称-飞出国 PART I – Section B 主申 9 ,副申 3 - 飞出国 受训分
会计与会计科学(学士) Accounting and Accounting Science (Bach.) 主9副3
航空航天,航天和航天工程(学士) Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering (Bach.) 主9副3
银行和金融业务(学士) Banking and Financial Operations (Bach.) 主9副3
生物和生物医学工程(学士) Biological and Biomedical Engineering (Bach.) 主9副3
生物物理学 Biophysics (Bach.) 主9副3
土木,建筑和交通工程(学士) Civil, Construction and Transportation Engineering (Bach.) 主9副3
地球科学 Earth Sciences (Bach.) 主9副3
电气,电子和通信工程(学士) Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering (Bach.) 主9副3
食品工程(学士) Food Engineering (Bach.) 主9副3
食品科学与技术 Food Sciences and Technology (Bach.) 主9副3
地质学或矿物学(学士) Geology or Mineralogy (Bach.) 主9副3
水文与水科学(硕士学位) Hydrology and Water Sciences (Master's degree) 主9副3
工业和管理工程(学士) Industrial and Administrative Engineering (Bach.) 主9副3
工业设计(学士) Industrial Design (Bach.) 主9副3
工业关系(学士) Industrial Relations (Bach.) 主9副3
信息管理(学士) Information Management (Bach.) 主9副3
图书馆科学与记录管理(硕士学位) Library Science and Records Management (Master's degree) 主9副3
营销和采购(学士) Marketing and Purchasing (Bach.) 主9副3
机械工程(学士) Mechanical Engineering (Bach.) 主9副3
核工程(学士) Nuclear Engineering (Bach.) 主9副3
护理(学士) Nursing (Bach.) 主9副3
操作研究 Operational Research (Bach.) 主9副3
物理工程(学士) Physical Engineering (Bach.) 主9副3
植物学 Phytotechnics (Bach.) 主9副3
心理学(博士) Psychology (Doctorate) 主9副3
翻译(学士) Translation (Bach.) 主9副3
动物学(学士) Zoology (Bach.) 主9副3
动物学(硕士学位) Zoology (Master's degree) 主9副3
动物饲养学(学士) Zootechnics (Bach.) 主9副3
畜牧学(硕士学位) Zootechnics (Master's degree) 主9副3
飞机结构技术(DCS) Aircraft Construction Techniques (DCS) 主9副3
飞机维修技术(DCS) Aircraft Maintenance Techniques (DCS) 主9副3
建筑技术(DCS) Architectural Technology (DCS) 主9副3
建筑系统技术(DCS) Building Systems Technology (DCS) 主9副3
化学工程技术(DCS) Chemical Engineering Techniques (DCS) 主9副3
计算机科学技术(DCS) Computer Science Techniques (DCS) 主9副3
诊断放射科技(DCS) Diagnostic Radiology Technology (DCS) 主9副3
文档技术(DCS) Documentation Techniques (DCS) 主9副3
食品加工和质量技术(DCS) Food Processing and Quality Technology (DCS) 主9副3
听力辅助(DCS) Hearing Aids (DCS) 主9副3
机械工程技术(DCS) Mechanical Engineering Techniques (DCS) 主9副3
多媒体集成技术(DCS) Multimedia Integration Techniques (DCS) 主9副3
海军建筑技术(DCS) Naval Architecture Technology (DCS) 主9副3
护理(DCS) Nursing (DCS) 主9副3
药品生产技术(ACS) Pharmaceutical Production Technology (ACS) 主9副3
塑料转换技术(DCS) Plastics Transformation Techniques (DCS) 主9副3
农业力学(DVS) Agricultural Mechanics (DVS) 主9副3
工程机械(DVS) Construction Machine Mechanics (DVS) 主9副3
健康,援助和护理(DVS) Health, Assistance, and Nursing (DVS) 主9副3
加工技术(DVS) Machining Techniques (DVS) 主9副3

SSD = Secondary School Diploma or
DSS = Diploma of Secondary Studies
The diploma issued after five years of studies at a regular secondary school.

DVS = Diploma of Vocational Studies
DVS programs range from 600 to 1,800 hours over a period of six to eighteen months and prepare students for specific jobs while also providing a general education. They are offered by school board vocational training centres.

AVS = Attestation of Vocational Specialization
These are programs designed for people who already have a diploma of vocational studies (DVS) and want to upgrade their skills. They are also offered by school board vocational training centres.

DCS = Diploma of College Studies
Technical diplomas of college studies are offered by CEGEPs. They prepare students for specific jobs that require the knowledge and application of recognized techniques.

ACS = Attestation of College Studies
These are technical college training programs that last about one year and are designed for adults returning to school.

VTT = Vocational and Technical Training
In Québec, all the DVS, AVS, technical DCS, and ACS programs make up VTT.


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