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ANZSCO 312113 建筑检查员 Building Inspector - FLYabroad


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ANZSCO 312113 建筑检查员 Building Inspector - FLYabroad

312113 建筑检查员职业描述 Job description - FLYabroad

监督房屋建设保证其符合有关房屋建设的法律法规要求。可能需要注册或许可。 Inspects buildings to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and advises on building requirements.Registration or licensing may be required.

Previously referred to in ASCO as: 3121-17 Building Inspector

312113 建筑检查员职位别名 - FLYabroad

312113 房屋担保人 Building Certifier (A)
312113 房屋检验员 Building Surveyor (A)
312113 电气安装检测员 Electrical Installation Inspector (S)

312113 建筑检查员技术等级 Skill level - FLYabroad

建筑检查员的技能等级为2 (ANZSCO Skill Level 2)。

312113 建筑检查员所属职业列表 - FLYabroad

CSOL - 澳洲技术移民职业列表 Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List - FLYabroad
LSO - 新西兰技术移民职业列表 LIST OF SKILLED OCCUPATIONS - FLYabroad - Part A

312113 建筑检查员澳洲技术移民职业评估 Skills assessment authority - FLYabroad

移民澳洲时,312113 建筑检查员 Building Inspector 属于 VETASSESS Group C 类职业,需要专科以上学历(A qualification assessed at AQF Diploma/AQF Advanced Diploma/Australian Associate Degree level),如果专业高度相关则需要近五年内最少有一年毕业后相关工作经验;如果专业不是高度相关,则需要近五年内至少二年毕业后相关工作经验。毕业前的工作经验符合条件的也可以算作有效工作经验。

312113 建筑检查员州担保情况 - FLYabroad

近期担保过 312113 建筑检查员 Building Inspector 职业的州包括:

* 北领地 Northern Territory
* 堪培拉 Australian Capital Territory
* 西澳 West Australia

312113 建筑检查员新西兰技术移民紧缺职业加分要求 - FLYabroad


312113 建筑检查员执业注册要求(不代表移民要求) - FLYabroad

Registration or licensing may be required.

New South Wales - Licensing is required for all plumbing/draining/electrical/air conditioning/refrigeration work in NSW.
Victoria - Registration is compulsory.
Queensland - Licensing is compulsory in order to carry out or supervise building work over the value of AUD3300 (including Labour and materials).
Australian Capital Territory - Licensing is compulsory.

相关职业 - FLYabroad

312111 建筑绘图员 Architectural Draftsperson
312112 建筑助理 Building Associate
312114 建筑估算员 Construction Estimator
312115 管道检查员 Plumbing Inspector
312116 测量或空间科学技术员 Surveying or Spatial Science Technician
312199 建筑,建造及测量技术员NEC Architectural, Building and Surveying Technicians nec

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