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ANZSCO 1344 其他教育主管 Other Education Managers - FLYabroad


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ANZSCO 1344 其他教育主管 Other Education Managers - FLYabroad

ANZSCO 1344 其他教育主管职责概述 - FLYabroad

• 其他教育主管负责企划、组织、指导、控制和协调教育机构内员工和学生的教育政策,为他们提供教育咨询和行政管理支持。
OTHER EDUCATION MANAGERS plan, organise, direct, control and coordinate educational policy, and provide
advice and educational and administrative support to staff and students in educational institutions.

ANZSCO 1344 其他教育主管技能要求 Indicative Skill Level - FLYabroad

• 本类大多数职业都要求具有与学士学位或更高资格相当的技能水平,五年以上相关工作经验。某些情况下相关工作经验可以代替正规学历要求。(ANZSCO 1级水平) In Australia and New Zealand: Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification and at least five years of relevant experience. In some instances relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

ANZSCO 1344 其他教育主管主要职责 Tasks Include - FLYabroad

• 协调教育机构内部的教育、行政、财政事务 coordinating the educational, administrative and financial affairs of an educational institution or department within the institution
• 研究、开发、实施、审查和评估教育和行政政策 researching, developing, implementing, reviewing and evaluating educational and administrative policy
• 负责家长、社区和教育机构之间的联络 liaising between educational institutions, parents and the wider community
• 为员工和学生提供政策咨询 providing advice on policy and procedures to staff and students
• 与学术和行政人员协商教育规划 consulting with academic and administrative staff to coordinate educational programs
• 为学生和员工的发展提供条件 identifying and addressing present and future needs for student and staff development
• 研究教育制度,监测和评估新的发展方向 researching educational systems and monitoring and evaluating new developments
• 根据相关课程的执行情况,研究、汇报学生的需求 researching and reporting on students’ needs arising from curriculum implementation
• 制定教师训练计划 developing and delivering training programs for teachers

ANZSCO 1344 其他教育主管职位列表 List of occupations - FLYabroad

134411 系主任 Faculty Head

• 系主任负责为大学或其他高等教育院校内的一个部门、系或学院来企划、组织、指导、控制和协调教育或管理方面的事宜。 Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates the educational and administrative aspects of a department, faculty or school within a university or other tertiary education institution.
• 技能等级:1 Skill Level: 1
• 职业方向 Specialisations:
• 院长(大学)Dean (University)
• 班主任(继续教育学院)(澳大利亚) Head Teacher (TAFE) (Aus)

134412 地区教育管理人员 Regional Education Manager

• 地区教育管理人员负责为学前、小学、中学、高中、继续教育学院、理工学院的教师和管理员,在教育方法和政策、课程资源与发展方面提供企划、组织、指导、控制和协调。Plans, organises, directs, controls and coordinates educational approaches and policy, and curriculum resources and development for preschool, primary, middle or intermediate school, secondary, TAFE or polytechnic teachers and administrators.
• 技能等级:1 Skill Level: 1
• 职业方向: Specialisation:
• 学校主任 Schools Director

134499 教育管理人 Education Managers nec

• 本组包含其他未被分类的教育管理人 This occupation group covers Education Managers not elsewhere classified.
• 技能等级:1 Skill Level: 1
• 本组职业还包括:Occupations in this group include:
• 工艺学校注册主任(新西兰) Polytechnic Registrar (NZ)
• 项目协调员(教育) Project Coordinator (Education)
• 继续教育学院注册主任(澳大利亚) TAFE Registrar (Aus)
• 大学教务长 University Registrar

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