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ANZSCO 34 电工职责概述 - FLYabroad

• 设计、安装、测试、运行、确定、维护和修理工业用、商用和家用的电气网络、系统、电路、设备和部件,检修电梯、扶梯和相关设备。ELECTRICIANS design, assemble, install, test, commission, diagnose, maintain and repair
electrical networks, systems, circuits, equipment, components, appliances and facilities for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes,
and service and repair lifts, escalators and related equipment

ANZSCO 34 电工技能要求 Indicative 技术等级 Skill Level - FLYabroad

• 本单元的大多数职位需要具有与下述资质和经验相当的技术层次。Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with the qualifications and experience outlined below
• 在澳洲:AQF证书3级,包括至少2年的在职培训或AQF证书IV级(ANZSCO技术3级)In Australia: AQF Certificate III including at least two years of on-the-job training, or AQF Certificate IV (ANZSCO Skill Level 3)
• 在新西兰:NNZ资格证4级(ANZSCO技术3级)In New Zealand: NZ Register Level 4 qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 3)
• 至少3年的工作经验可以代替上述的资格证。At least three years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualifications listed above.
• 有时除了资格证外,还需要相关的工作经验和/或在职培训。In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification

ANZSCO 34 电工主要职责 Tasks Include - FLYabroad

• 检查模板、电路图和说明书来确定操作的顺序和方法。examining blueprints, wiring diagrams and specifications to determine sequences and methods of operation
• 测试以定位、确定和修复电器故障。testing for, locating, diagnosing and repairing electrical malfunctions
• 切割和连接电缆和电线。cutting and connecting wiring and cables
• 装配、制作和安装电器和电子系统、网络、部件和电器。assembling, fabricating and installing electrical and electronic systems, networks, components and appliances
• 安装、测试和调节电梯的电子和机械部件。installing, testing and adjusting electrical and mechanical parts of lifts
• 安装和维护空调和制冷设备,为电气系统通电。installing and maintaining refrigeration and airconditioning equipment, and connecting electrical systems and appliances to power supplies
• 安装、维护和修理电信和数据传输设备。installing, maintaining and repairing telecommunications and data transmission equipment
• 传送和接受广播信息。transmitting and receiving radio messages

ANZSCO 34 电工职位列表 List of occupations - FLYabroad

341 电工 Electricians
    3411 电工 Electricians
        341111 电工(普通)electrician (General)
        341112 电工(特级)electrician (Special Class)
        341113 电梯技工 Lift Mechanic

342 电子和电信行业技工 Electronics and Telecommunications Trades Workers
    3421 空调和制冷技工Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanics
        342111 空调和制冷技工 Airconditioning And Refrigeration Mechanic
    3422 配电行业技工Electrical Distribution Trades Workers
        342211 电气接线员(AUS)/电气线路技工(nz)electrical Linesworker (AUS) / Electrical Line Mechanic (NZ)
        342212 电缆接线工 Technical Cable Jointer
    3423 电子行业技工Electronics Trades Workers
        342311 商业机器技术员 Business Machine Mechanic
        342313 电子设备技术员 Electronic Equipment Trades Worker
        342314 电子仪器技术员(普通)electronic Instrument Trades Worker (General)
        342315 电子仪器技术员(特级)electronic Instrument Trades Worker (Special Class)
    3424 电信行业技工 Telecommunications Trades Workers
        342413 电信接线员(AUS)/电信线路技工(NZ) Telecommunications Linesworker (AUS) / Telecommunications Line Mechanic (NZ)
        342414 电信技术员 Telecommunications Technician

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