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ANZSCO 23 设计、工程、科学及运输专业人士职责概述 - FLYabroad

• 设计、工程、科学及运输方面的专家:驾驶飞机并保证飞机安全操作,控制并管理轮船及船运设备的运营,设计建筑、产品、可视通讯产品,设计、计划并组织测试、结构机械设备及生产系统及工厂的建设及维护。还要对自然界、生物及环境的化学及物理特性分析。 DESIGN, ENGINEERING, SCIENCE AND TRANSPORT PROFESSIONALS fly and ensure the safe operation of aircraft, control and manage the operation of ships, boats and marine equipment, design buildings, landscapes and products for manufacture and visual communication, design, plan and organise the testing, construction and maintenance of structures, machines, production systems and plants, and perform analytical, conceptual and practical tasks in relation to the chemical and physical properties of the universe, living organisms, and the environment.

ANZSCO 23 设计、工程、科学及运输专业人士技能要求 - FLYabroad

• 此类别的大多数职业要求本科或更高学历水平,某些情况下,除学历外需要相关的工作经验或在职培训(ANZSCO 1级水平)。 Most occupations in this sub-major group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

ANZSCO 23 设计、工程、科学及运输专业人士主要职责 - FLYabroad

• 驾驶飞机并确保飞机在空中和陆地上安全飞行 flying aircraft, and ensuring the safe and efficient operation of aircraft in flight and on the ground
• 控制和操作轮船和航海设备以确保货物和乘客安全到岸 controlling and directing the operation of ships, boats and marine equipment to ensure the safe and efficient loading and transport of cargo and passengers
• 设计家具,纺织品、物体机构及工程系统等 designing products including furniture, textiles and maps, and physical structures and engineering systems
• 进行研究并实际测试以解决设计和操作问题 conducting research and practical tests to resolve design and operational problems
• 解释并分析工程和科学实验测试的数据 interpreting and analysing data from engineering and scientific experiments and tests
• 进行试验测试确定自然物质和已加工材料的化学成分和化学反应 conducting experiments and tests to determine the chemical composition and reactive properties of natural substances and processed materials
• 分析并描述有机生物及与环境的相互反应 analysing and describing living organisms and their interaction with their environment
• 提出关于自然资源的利用的建议,向个体或和群体推荐影响土地利用的可变因素 advising on the use of natural resources, and discussing and making recommendations to individuals and groups about variables affecting land use

ANZSCO 23 设计、工程、科学及运输专业人士职位列表 List of occupations - FLYabroad

231 空运海运专业人员 Air and Marine Transport Professionals
    2311 空运专业人员 Air Transport Professionals
        231111 飞机飞行员 Aeroplane Pilot
        231112 空中交通指挥员 Air Traffic Controller
        231113 飞行教练员 Flying Instructor
        231114 直升飞机飞行员 Helicopter Pilot
        231199 空中运输专业人员 Air Transport Professionals nec
    2312 海运专业人员 Marine Transport Professionals
        231211 捕鱼高手 Master Fisher
        231212 船舶工程师 Ship's Engineer
        231213 船长 Ship's Master
        231214 船务人员 Ship's Officer
        231215 轮船检验员 Ship's Surveyor
        231299 海运专业技术人员 Marine Transport Professionals nec

232 建筑师、设计师、策划师、测量员 Architects, Designers, Planners and Surveyors
    2321 建筑师和造园技师 Architects and Landscape Architects
        232111 建筑师 Architect
        232112 景观建筑师 Landscape Architect
    2322 制图员和勘测员 Cartographers and Surveyors
        232211 制图员 Cartographer
        232212 测量员 Surveyor
        232214 其他空间科学家 Other Spatial Scientist
    2323 时尚、工业及珠宝设计师 Fashion, Industrial and Jewellery Designers
        232311 时装设计师 Fashion Designer
        232312 产品设计师 Industrial Designer
        232313 珠宝设计师 Jewellery Designer
    2324 平面设计师网页设计师及图解员 Graphic and Web Designers, and Illustrators
        232411 平面设计师 Graphic Designer
        232412 图解员 Illustrator
        232413 多媒体设计师 Multimedia Designer
        232414 网页设计师 Web Designe
    2325 室内设计 Interior Designers
        232511 室内设计师 INTERIOR DESIGNE
    2326 城市区域规划师 Urban and Regional Planners
        232611 城市区域规划师 Urban and Regional Planner

233 工程专业人员 Engineering Professionals
    2331 化学及材料工程师 Chemical and Materials Engineers
        233111 化学工程师 Chemical Engineer
        233112 材料工程师 Materials Engineer
    2332 土木工程专业人员 Civil Engineering Professionals
        233211 Civil Engineer 土木工程师
        233212 Geotechnical Engineer 土力工程师
        233213 Quantity Surveyor 工料测量师
        233214 Structural Engineer 建筑工程师
        233215 Transport Engineer 运输工程师
    2333 电气工程师 Electrical Engineers
        233311 电气工程师 Electrical Engineer
    2334 电子工程师 Electronics Engineers
        233411 电子工程师 Electronics Engineer
    2335 工业,机械以及生产工程师 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers
        233511 工业工程师 Industrial Engineer
        233512 机械工程师 Mechanical Engineer
        233513 生产或工厂工程师 Production or Plant Engineer
    2336 矿业工程师 Mining Engineers
        233611 采矿工程师 (除石油外)Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum)
        233612 石油工程师 Petroleum Engineer
    2339 其他工程专业人员 Other Engineering Professionals
        233911 航空工程师 Aeronautical Engineer
        233912 农业工程师 Agricultural Engineer
        233913 生物医学工程师 Biomedical Engineer
        233914 工程技师 Engineering Technologist
        233915 环境工程师 Environmental Engineer
        233916 造船工程师(澳洲)和造船设计师(新西兰)Naval Architect (Aus) / Marine Designer (NZ)
        233999 工程专业人才 Engineering Professionals nec

234 自然物理化学专业人员 Natural and Physical Science Professionals
    2341 农林科学家 Agricultural and Forestry Scientists
        234111 农业顾问 Agricultural Consultant
        234112 农业科学家 Agricultural Scientist
        234113 护林员(澳大利亚)Forester (Aus) / 林木科学家 Forest Scientist (NZ)
    2342 化学家,食品专家和酿酒专家 Chemists, and Food and Wine Scientists
        234211 化学师 Chemist
        234212 食品工艺师 Food Technologist
        234213 酿酒师 Wine Maker
    2343 环境科学家 Environmental Scientists
        234311 自然保护人员 Conservation Officer
        234312 环境顾问 Environmental Consultant
        234313 环境研究学家 Environmental Research Scientist
        234314 公园管理员 Park Ranger
        234399 环境学家 Environmental Scientists nec
    2344 地质学家和地理学家 Geologists and Geophysicists
        234411 地质学家 Geologist
        234412 地球物理学家 Geophysicist
    2345 生命科学家 Life Scientists
        234511 生命科学家(综述)Life Scientist (General)
        234512 生理学家 Anatomist or Physiologist
        234513 生物化学家 Biochemist
        234514 生物工艺学家 Biotechnologist
        234515 植物学家 Botanist
        234516 海洋生物学家 Marine Biologist
        234517 微生物学家 Microbiologist
        234518 动物学家 Zoologist
        234599 生命科学家 Life Scientists nec
    2346 医学实验专家 Medical Laboratory Scientists
        234611 医学检验学家 Medical Laboratory Scientist
    2347 兽医 Veterinarians
        234711 兽医 Veterinarian
    2349 自然和物理科学专业人员 Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals
        234911 自然保护者 Conservator
        234912 冶金学家 Metallurgist
        234913 气象学家 Meteorologist
        234914 物理学家 Physicist
        234999 自然和物理科学相关人士 Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec

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