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ANZSCO 234 自然和物理科学专业人员职业描述 - FLYabroad

• 自然和物理科学专业人员主要是对环境因素,农业生产,自然世界化学及物理特性进行分析,对矿石进行开采和加工,对人类生理生化的生命形态,动植物及疾病预防的研究。NATURAL AND PHYSICAL SCIENCE PROFESSIONALS perform analytical, conceptual and practical tasks in relation to environmental factors and agricultural production, the chemical and physical properties of the universe, the extraction and processing of mineral ores, life forms including the physiology and biochemistry of humans, plants and animals, and disease prevention.

ANZSCO 234 自然和物理科学专业人员技能要求 - FLYabroad

• 该类别下的大多职位要求学士学位或更高学历。有些情况下,除了正规学历还要求相关工作经验或在职培训。或许要求注册证或执业证 Most occupations in this minor group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

ANZSCO 234 自然和物理科学专业人员主要职责 - FLYabroad

• 指导农民提高农作物和畜牧生产产量 advising farmers on techniques for improving crop and livestock production
• 进行实验测试掌握自然物质和已加工材料的化学成分和化学反应 conducting experiments and tests to identify the chemical composition and reactive properties of natural substances and processed materials
• 为生物资源如鱼群和森林,制定一些保护政策和管理策略,采取措施控制污染,恢复一些因采矿、伐木和过度放牧等毁坏的土地 developing conservation and management policies for biological resources, such as fish populations and forests, and establishing standards and developing approaches for the control of pollution and the rehabilitation of areas disturbed by activities such as mining, timber felling and overgrazing
• 研究矿产、自然界及地壳的构成,并开采矿产 conducting studies of minerals and the nature and formation of the earth's crust, and carrying out mineral exploration
• 通过系统观测、显微镜检查研究身体组织和器官的结构及构成 studying the forms and structures of organs and tissues of the body by systematic observation, dissection and microscopic examination
• 调查环境因素对动植物生长的影响如:降雨量、温度、阳光、土壤、地形和疾病 investigating the effects of environmental factors, such as rainfall, temperature, sunlight, soil, topography and disease, on plant and animal growth
• 分析身体组织和组织液体的样本来获取诊断并治疗疾病 的方法 analysing samples of body tissue and fluids to develop techniques to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
• 通过药物和手术治疗动物疾病,给动物敷药并开药方,镇痛药,进行局部麻醉剂 treating animals medically and surgically, and administering and prescribing drugs, analgesics, and general and local anaesthetics for animals
• 进行实验发明一些工业、医学及其他实际应用的物理现象 conducting experiments to discover and develop industrial, medical and other practical applications of physics
• 研究并采用化工和冶金技术从矿砂及其精矿提炼金属材料 studying and applying chemical and metallurgical techniques for extracting and refining metallic materials from their ores and concentrates

ANZSCO 234 自然和物理科学专业人员职位列表 - FLYabroad

2341 农林科学家 Agricultural and Forestry Scientists
     234111 农业顾问 Agricultural Consultant
     234112 农业科学家 Agricultural Scientist
     234113 护林员(澳大利亚)Forester (Aus) / 林木科学家 Forest Scientist (NZ)
2342 化学家,食品专家和酿酒专家 Chemists, and Food and Wine Scientists
     234211 化学师 Chemist
     234212 食品工艺师 Food Technologist
     234213 酿酒师 Wine Maker
2343 环境科学家 Environmental Scientists
     234311 自然保护人员 Conservation Officer
     234312 环境顾问 Environmental Consultant
     234313 环境研究学家 Environmental Research Scientist
     234314 公园管理员 Park Ranger
     234399 环境学家 Environmental Scientists nec
2344 地质学家和地理学家 Geologists and Geophysicists
     234411 地质学家 Geologist
     234412 地球物理学家 Geophysicist
2345 生命科学家 Life Scientists
     234511 生命科学家(综述)Life Scientist (General)
     234512 生理学家 Anatomist or Physiologist
     234513 生物化学家 Biochemist
     234514 生物工艺学家 Biotechnologist
     234515 植物学家 Botanist
     234516 海洋生物学家 Marine Biologist
     234517 微生物学家 Microbiologist
     234518 动物学家 Zoologist
     234599 生命科学家 Life Scientists nec
2346 医学实验专家 Medical Laboratory Scientists
     234611 医学检验学家 Medical Laboratory Scientist
2347 兽医 Veterinarians
     234711 兽医 Veterinarian
2349 自然和物理科学专业人员 Other Natural and Physical Science Professionals
     234911 自然保护者 Conservator
     234912 冶金学家 Metallurgist
     234913 气象学家 Meteorologist
     234914 物理学家 Physicist
     234999 自然和物理科学相关人士 Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec

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