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ANZSCO 2621 数据库和系统管理员,信息与通信技术安全专家 Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists - FLYabroad


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ANZSCO 2621 数据库和系统管理员,信息与通信技术安全专家 Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists - FLYabroad

ANZSCO 2621 数据库和系统管理员,信息与通信技术安全专家职责概述 - FLYabroad

• 数据库和系统管理员,以及信息与通信技术安全专家设计开发、维护、管理组织机构的数据库管理系统、操作系统和安全政策和程序系统,以确保数据库的最优性和系统的完整性、安全性、可靠性,且做好数据库备份。 DATABASE AND SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATORS, AND ICT SECURITY SPECIALISTS plan, develop, maintain, manage and administer organisations‘ database management systems, operating systems and security policies and procedures to ensure optimal database and system integrity, security, backup, reliability and performance.

ANZSCO 2621 数据库和系统管理员,信息与通信技术安全专家技能要求 Indicative Skill Level - FLYabroad

• 本组中大多数职业都要求具有与学士学位或更高资格相当的技能水平。五年以上相关工作经验和/或公司认证可以代替正规资格要求。某些情况下,除了要求有正规资格还要求有相关经验和在职培训经历(ANZSCO 1级水平)。 Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. At least five years of relevant experience and/or relevant vendor certification may substitute for the formal qualification. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

ANZSCO 2621 数据库和系统管理员,信息与通信技术安全专家主要职责 Tasks Include - FLYabroad

• 设计并维护数据库结构、数据结构、表格、辞典以及命名约定以确保所有数据文件的准确性和完整性 designing and maintaining database architecture, data structures, tables, dictionaries and naming conventions to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all data master files
• 执行备份、恢复程序以及安全性和完整性控制的预防性维护 performing the operational establishment and preventive maintenance of backups, recovery procedures, and enforcing security and integrity controls
• 贯彻执行数据库文档的指导方针、工作准则和工作规程 implementing and administering database documentation, guidelines, policies and procedures
• 根据经批准的质检脚本和程序,测试并更新数据库系统,如调试,追踪,复制,记录以及解决所有已识别的问题 testing database systems and upgrades, such as debugging, tracking, reproduction, logging and resolving all identified problems, according to approved quality testing scripts, procedures and processes
• 负责相关系统安全和灾难性复原计划的程序管理 accepting responsibility for the processes, procedures and operational management associated with system security and disaster recovery planning
• 联络安全供应商,服务供应商及其他外部资源;分析、推荐、安装、维护软件,并监督履行合同、保证服务水平 liaising with security vendors, suppliers, service providers and external resources; analysing, recommending, installing and maintaining software security applications; and monitoring contractual obligations, performance delivery and service level agreements
• 发现并排除故障,并提供包括工作站和通讯基础设施在内的服务器软硬件的诊断、解决方案 troubleshooting and providing service support in diagnosing, resolving and repairing server-related hardware and software malfunctions, encompassing workstations and communication infrastructure
• 维护相关文档、政策和指令并详细记录操作程序和系统日志 preparing and maintaining documentation, policies and instructions, and recording and detailing operational procedures and system logs
• 确保设计的网站能够正常运作,并监督、调整网络的运营情况 ensuring that the design of computer sites allows all components to fit together and work properly, and monitoring and adjusting the performance of networks
• 不断考察现有的网站以确定未来网络的需求,并为未来的服务器和网络功能的增强提供意见 continually surveying the current computer site to determine future network needs and making recommendations for enhancements in the implementation of future servers and networks

ANZSCO 2621 数据库和系统管理员,信息与通信技术安全专家职位列表 List of occupations - FLYabroad

• 262111 数据库管理员 Database Administrator
• 262112 信息和通信技术安全专家 ICT Security Specialist
• 262113 系统管理员 Systems Administrator

262111 数据库管理员 Database Administrator

• 替代职位 Alternative Titles:
• 数据库操作员 Database Operator
• 数据库专家 Database Specialist
• 数据库支持 Database Support
• 数据库管理员 DBA
• 根据用户需求设计开发、安装、维护并支持组织机构的数据库系统,以确保数据库的最优性和系统的完整性、安全性、可靠性,且做好数据库备份。 Plans, develops, configures, maintains and supports an organisation’s database management system in accordance with user requirements ensuring optimal database integrity, security, backup, reliability and performance.
• 技能等级:1 Skill Level: 1
• 职业方向: Specialisation:
• 数据库分析员 Database Analyst

262112 信息和通信技术安全专家 ICT Security Specialist

• 替代职位 Alternative Titles:
• 安全管理员 Security Administrator
• 建立,管理并执行机构的信息与通信技术安全策略与程序,使用正确的预防与补救方法将安全威胁风险降到最低值 Establishes, manages and administers an organisation‘s ICT security policy and procedures to ensure preventive and recovery strategies are in place, and minimise the risk of internal and external security threats.
• 技能水平:1级 Skill Level: 1
• 专业化 Specialisation:
• 信息技术安全经理 Information Technology Security Manager

262113 系统管理员 Systems Administrator

• 替代职位 Alternative Titles:
• 系统经理 Systems Manager
• 设计开发、安装、排除故障、维护并支持操作系统以及相关服务器硬件、软件及数据库,以确保数据库的最优性和系统的完整性、安全性、可靠性,且做好数据库备份。 Plans, develops, installs, troubleshoots, maintains and supports an operating system and associated server hardware, software and databases ensuring optimum system integrity, security, backup and performance.
• 技能水平:1级 Skill Level: 1

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